So I have tried the Pacifist Karma in game...

I absolutely love Karma and have been a Karma main for years. I love her old lore but it doesn't matter because Riot had recently drastically changed her into a pacifist spiritual leader of Ionia. To conform to the new lore, I tried to adjust my playstyle today. I decided not to kill a single minion or harm any of my opponents. "_Killing would always be easy, but came at the cost of true enlightenment. _" Karma's voice echoed in my heart. I entered a game as support, with Kai' Sa as my ad carry in the Taiwan server. In the first five minutes, Kai' Sa asked why I didn't use a single ability (even though I actually shielded her). I told her I only leveled up my shield since I didn't want to harm others. She died in a duo fight in bot lane and then gone afk, blaming me for not using my Q. "Dude, are you Taiwanese? It's impossible to be a vegetarian here, " my jungler said. "No, I am Ionian," I averred. My top laner said it's stupid for me to play a game and don't want to kill anyone. I replied to him that my spirit told me not to do any harm since I was the soul of Ionia. He said I was crazy and announced to the opponents that he gave up. My mid laner (Yasuo) and jungler (Cho Gath) also seemed to hate this idea no matter how hard I tried to protect them with my shield. They asked the opponent team to end the game quickly. "Gangplank, you don't understand how valuable and vulnerable peace is," I told the top laner. "We got a dumbass thinking she's a spirit of Ionia," Gangplank told the opponent team. We lost the match in around 18 minutes. I wasn't mad because it's just that they didn't understand my ideology as a traditional Ionia spirit. I also realized how lucky Karma was that Irelia and the others who were fighting for Ionia didn't give up the fight and finally won the war against the invaders. Guess I wasn't as lucky as Karam. EDIT: Match history can be found here: (Sorry for no available English version) EDIT: adding conversation
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