Voidborn stories and updates.

Its Swerve your local Void Fan back at it again to ask the question, when was the last time the void champs were touched in the form of lore? I don't mean kai'sa because she barely counts and is new, but rek'sai, kog'ma, cho'gath, and my baby boy kha'zix haven't been mentioned or heaven forbid starred in any stories to my knowledge. The void is unfortunately extremely stagnated. Updating the void means updating literally everything it touches, and it touches everything. But despite being so integral to the lore of Runeterra, It has had no updates and feels extremely disconnected. I understand WHY its like this, riot can't very well have the void kill everything / have the void be wiped out, but I think little things can go a long way. So, stories! Riot loves giving us stories for their champion, and I honestly think (my bias as #1 kha'zix enjoyer NA aside) the Voidborn would be such a well deserved recipient of some Some ideas! **Kog'maw nature vs Nurture** : He's a baby, its a perfect fit. **Kha'zix and Rengar meeting/interacting** : Im just a sucker for enemies just, talking to each other. I think they would have cool conversations. **Rek'sai's tunnels being used for good** : Instead of crossing the hot dessert, Rek'sai's many tunnels across Shurima would be great passageways when she's not using them. You could set a whole story inside of them easily. **Cho'gath being smart** : It's hinted in his bio that Cho'gath could very well be very intelligent. That would be fun to see, this huge scary (or handsome) monster not being a nonsentient killing machine. You maybe noticed all of these ideas don't paint the void in a %100 percent bad light. Because things being %100 bad and evil with no good qualities are boring. It's done well with Demacia vs Noxus. You'd think Demacia would be a bastion of good, because Noxus is dark and scary looking. No, Demacia is good, but also commits atrocities to mages. The Voidborn seem to mostly be creatures of instinct. With the exception of maybe Vel'koz but I mean who know's maybe even Vel'koz (but probably not Vel'koz), could have good in them, or at least not-evilness in them. Those stories are so interesting to me, and because the Void has so little, I like to imagine it's true until its canon its not. Long story short, Voidborn stories please! (or a whole dang cinematic oh my gosh that would be so cool) *edit because i forgot : its been 10 months Scathlocke https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/Bq60WTRU-will-we-get-new-stories-for-the-void-creatures?comment=0003
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