Sum of attractive Champions - Female

I was running out of things to do that weren't studying for my final exams, so I decided to count the amount of attractive lol characters compared to the amount of unattractive ones. I divided them based on gender because I was curious as to what the difference in spread was. Ideally this is more than a 'Would I Bone?' list, and my method is anything but scientific, but I hope someone out there enjoys it. I also included the lazy jokes I made to myself as I went to make the whole thing a bit less tedious. The categories in order are: Attractive human| Unattractive Human| Attractive Monstrous Humanoid| Unattractive Monstrous Humanoid| Other (Monstrous Humanoid is here anything physically between human and animal/object) (I tried to avoid making judgements on underage characters, but some might have slipped through the cracks) Here. We. GO! **AH|UH|AM|UM|O** **01**|00|00|00|00 {{champion:103}} Ahri (Maybe belongs in Monstrous) **02**|00|00|00|00 {{champion:84}} Akali 02|00|00|00|**01** {{champion:34}} Anivia (Hello birb) 02|00|00|00|01 {{champion:1}} Annie (No) **03**|00|00|00|01 {{champion:22}} Ashe **04**|00|00|00|01 {{champion:51}} Caitlyn **05**|00|00|00|01 {{champion:164}} Camille (Prosthetics do not a monster make) (Thicc thighs save lives) 05|00|**01**|00|01 {{champion:69}} Cassiopeia (Her champ code here on the boards is 69, Nice.) **06**|00|01|00|01 {{champion:131}} Diana (My favorite lunatic) 06|00|**02**|00|01 {{champion:60}} Elise 06|00|**03**|00|01 {{champion:28}} Evelynn **07**|00|03|00|01 {{champion:114}} Fiora 07|**01**|03|00|01 {{champion:420}} Illaoi (While I do believe she's attractive, I don't think her design is meant to be attractive) **08**|01|03|00|01 {{champion:39}} Irelia **09**|01|03|00|01 {{champion:40}} Janna ($2.95 is all I'll need) **10**|01|03|00|01 {{champion:222}} Jinx **11**|01|03|00|01 {{champion:145}} Kai'Sa (Wanted to put her in Monstrous but all the skins disagreed 11|01|**04**|00|01 {{champion:429}} Kalista (Spoopy) **12**|01|04|00|01 {{champion:43}} Karma **13**|01|04|00|01 {{champion:55}} Katarina **14**|01|04|00|01 {{champion:10}} Kayle (Post-Rework) (Weird how they changed the gender in a rework) 14|01|04|00|**02** {{champion:203}} Kindred (Maybe belongs in Monstrous, but please let me keep some measure of dignity) **15**|01|04|00|02 {{champion:7}} LeBlanc **16**|01|04|00|02 {{champion:89}} Leona 16|01|**05**|00|02 {{champion:127}} Lissandra (*Insert witty 'Let it Go' joke here*) (Witty? There's a change.) 16|01|05|**01**|02 {{champion:117}} Lulu (Ravioli Ravioli) **17**|01|05|01|02 {{champion:99}} Lux (If laughs were taken into account, then she'd add two to the Un column) **18**|01|05|01|02 {{champion:21}} Miss Fortune 18|01|**06**|01|02 {{champion:25}} Morgana 18|01|**07**|01|02 {{champion:267}} Nami (Still waiting for the sushi skin) 18|01|**08**|01|02 {{champion:518}} Neeko (Might be underage, Googling was inconclusive) **19**|01|08|01|02 {{champion:76}} Nidalee 19|01|**09**|01|02 {{champion:61}} Orianna 19|01|**10**|01|02 {{champion:78}} Poppy (Lollipoppy should give Un an extra point) **20**|01|10|01|02 {{champion:246}} Qiyana **21**|01|10|01|02 {{champion:133}} Quinn 21|01|10|01|**03** {{champion:421}} Rek'Sai **22**|01|10|01|03 {{champion:92}} Riven (Despite Boxbox's cosplay making a convincing arguement, she does belong on this list) **23**|01|10|01|03 {{champion:113}} Sejuani (I'm a pig, does that mean there's a chance she'll ride me?) **24**|01|10|01|03 Senna 24|01|**11**|01|03 {{champion:102}} Shyvana **25**|01|11|01|03 {{champion:15}} Sivir **26**|01|11|01|03 {{champion:37}} Sona 26|01|**12**|01|03 {{champion:16}} Soraka **27**|01|12|01|03 {{champion:134}} Syndra 27|01|12|01|03 {{champion:163}} Taliyah (Googling suggests she's underage) 27|01|**13**|01|03 {{champion:18}} Tristana (Same deal as Neeko, inconclusive) **28**|01|13|01|03 {{champion:67}} Vayne **29**|01|13|01|03 {{champion:254}} Vi 29|01|**14**|01|03 {{champion:498}} Xayah 29|01|14|01|**04** {{champion:350}} Yuumi 29|01|14|01|04 {{champion:142}} Zoe (Nice try, but no.) 29|01|**15**|01|04 {{champion:143}} Zyra A lazy 'graph' summary **|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||** Attractive Human **|**Unattractive Human **|||||||||||||||** Attractive Monstrous **|** Unattractive Monstrous **||||** Other While I'd like to say this result is striking, it's also very possible that I just have low standards. Let me know if you disagree with any of my judgements. Male version - [Here]( Also, let me know if this belongs somewhere else Edit: Bolded increments and pulled out my addition textbook, because apparently I was having trouble with that.
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