| How Jax can be "The Master at Arms" and still keep his infamous lamp post for his VGU |

As some of you know, {{champion:24}} is eventually going to get a VGU. He looks like an eggplant cosplaying as an umbrella to be honest. In addition his gameplay can be statchecky, hard to balance, and doesn't at all live up to his theme. I don't think I need to go over his gameplay. Its not much. In my opinion the only ability that should stay is his E, which should be updated like Warwick's blood hunt was, but that doesn't mean forget everything else. You can still give him an auto attack empowerment and a jump, but they don't really need to be based off his current Q and W. For his lore, it looks like Riot has something in mind but we still know very little about Jax. Not much to say here. But what is important that we can discuss is what will happen to Jax's lampost. Jax is supposed to be able to wield all the weapons. Yet he only uses a lamp post. I am not suggesting give him a bunch of swords and knives and bows and his lamp because that takes away from his incredbily iconic, but instead have him use his lamp post in a variety of ways. http://img10.deviantart.net/7382/i/2017/191/3/4/battle_mage_by_jasontn-dbftxma.jpg Look at this drawing by [JasonTN](http://jasontn.deviantart.com/). Particularly the images on the right and his lamp post tool. You can see the flame explodes and takes shapes of different weapons and tools. https://images6.alphacoders.com/525/525136.png Take a look at this image of modern looking Jax with his lamp post. The flames are growing bigger and it isn't very hard to picture them taking shape. It might/could be quite fitting and would likely be very cool for Jax's lamp-post's flame to ignite and grow and form the edge of a weapon out of the flame. This lets him keep his lamp post as _his weapon_ but let him use many aspects and forms of fighting. It also explains in the new lore why a grandmaster fighter who can use every weapon only uses one. Now imagine Jax's slams his battle-staff-lamp into, smashing you back. Then the flames glow and suddenly he swipes forward, hooking you with his halberd like tool. Then as he turns and brings down his staff the flames bloom again and generate a big ass hammer, slam dunking you into the ground. One concern of mine is whether utilizing different aspects of his lamp fits Jax. Switching around _how_ he is going to fight you is not something current Jax does. It is something someone like Jinx or Udyr do, but Jax doesn't play much like a stance switcher/dancer. However I do think that in order to realistically let Jax use a lamp post, his lamp post has to be a unique weapon with some special properties. Please tell me what you think, I don't play enough Jax to personally be able to decide if this would be a good idea for Jax. It might disrupt his play style, but I can't imagine too much of his kit is going to remain the same once his inevitable VGU does arrive. Comment below your thoughts, maybe the idea is bad but it could fixed?
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