Ixtal created Shurima, Buhru, Helia, and the ascetics of Targon?

Hey guys! A very urgent question, in the lore it describes: > In truth, Ixtali culture is much older—part of the great westward diaspora that gave rise to civilizations including the Buhru, magnificent Helia, and the ascetics of Targon—and it is likely they played a significant role in the creation of the first Ascended In my opinion, it means: "Ixtali culture is just one of the civilizations originated from the great westward diaspora". So, other civilizations and Ixtali civilization are parallel, right? But the problem is, in Chinese version of LOL lore, this part is translated as > Ixtali culture is part of the great westward diaspora, and Ixtali also created the Buhru, magnificent Helia, and the ascetics of Targon Since I know Spanish and a little Japanese, I switched to their language versions. Both of them express the same meaning as what I think - Ixtal is just one of the civilization created by the Great Westward Diaspora. Only the Chinese version is different. I am not a English Native Speakr, so anyone can explain it to me , thanks!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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