How it can be that we STILL have no further information regarding the upcoming comics?

Back in October we lore nerds got some fantastic news – Riot collaborates with Marvel and which will result in a handful multiparted comic series. These were excellent news, people got excited. More important, we actually got all information almost instantly how it would work. 4 Issues, all free to read on the Universe website, however if you wanted to support the narrative you could buy them via Comixology or Marvel Online, which also included paid Bonus Content. So far, so great. Now, with the recent [The League Universe /Dev Diary Video]( we got the information which other two comics are planned for this year: One about Lux and Garen and one about Zed. Also, we got exciting news: Novellas are planned for this year! Now, 2 months later - Ashe: Warmother is finished and we know… nothing more. Yes, we know that the Lux comic is the next one, but we have neither release date nor synopses about it. You can preorder the [physical copy on Amazon]( but not on any digital comic sites. You can preorder the physical edition of[ Ashe: Warmother](, but I had to ask a Rioter via Twitter to get the information that the physical release includes a bonus short story. We haven’t heard a single word about the novellas since then. Listen, I will buy the physical release even without bonus content since I wanna support the narrative team but tell me, how in the hell you are expect any good sell numbers without any communication? You don’t have to convince the local lore fans which follow you since the beginning, you have to convince the players which have no idea about the lore, which only play the game and maybe the people who will see the comic in their favorite comic store. And we all know that no one wants to buy a pig in a poke, so you have to convince them your work is worth their money. And quite frankly, you are doing an awful job at selling your own work. Even if we would get these information regarding the physical edition of Ashe: Warmother and the Lux Comic two minutes after I posted this theard, it would be too late. There is literally no reason to keep these information hidden. If I go on the amazon page, I should know that the comic includes, the moment Warmother was finished, you should have announced the date and the synopses of the Lux comic. So tell me, why should anyone buy or preorder any of comic if you are doing such a bad job at selling them?

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