@ZenonTheStoic: Congratulations on Taliyah

While everyone keeps talking about dem eyebrows, I just want to talk about the beauty that is her Q. THIS is how you design a spell. The past few champions have been a bit hit-or-miss as far as adherence to their theme, but oh boy does Taliyah's Q *hit*. See, Taliyah's an earth mage, so she should seek to control, you know, the *earth*. As in the ground; not just throwing rocks, but the actual terrain and landscape. "Working" the earth does two things; it establishes her home turf, where she gets great mobility; fantastic for a control mage to have a powerful zone. But sure, you could say the same thing about Heimerdinger, or Zyra. Here's where the magic happens though. It's not all benefits in her home turf; her Q becomes weaker from a damage standpoint, which encourages players to go out and "work" other ground, expanding her zone of control. To the rest of the earth. Taliyah's Q, instead of encouraging her to bunker down and hold an area, encourage her to venture out and control the rest of the map (read: the rest of the ground on the map), like a proper earth mage. And let's not forget about the symbolic ties to her lore; the dichotomy of a wanderer, exploring new lands, but also on a journey home. She's so freaking cool EDIT: You can push it further with how you can "work" the earth once you step off your previously worked earth, instead of having to "work" completely new ground so there's no overlap in your zones. This goes to her personality, how she's a bit tentative to venture out and lacks full confidence in her abilities. EDIT2: For anyone interested, I discuss my thoughts on her gameplay over [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/2GJ1F0mw-zenonthestoic-congrats-on-taliyah-pt-2-gameplay-design).
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