You know, with the latest Ivern skin revealed, I can't help but show sympathy to his mains

Look, even though I or you may not play the champion, you can't help but feel like Ivern mains are getting the short stick when it comes to their champs latest and second skin release. Out of all the concepts Riot could of pulled from fan art (Voidbringer, Iron Heart, Gentlemen, Hippie) they decide to release a sports skin for him. Now, I will somewhat say that I think the concept is interesting enough and that he could use this skin, BUT NOT AS HIS FIRST SKIN AFTER LAUNCH! It honestly baffles me that Riot decided "You know, we should come up with a concept for Ivern nobody was asking for and give that to them." Who honestly asked for this to be his first post launch skin? It's just a damn shame that the mains get this as their next skin. As a future skin, sure maybe, but as his second skin? Just...doesn't feel right.
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