Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?

{{champion:111}} Hello Nautilus friends! {{champion:111}} [Thermal Kitten]( and I are the lead writer and editor for Narrative at Riot, and we'd like your help in updating some of the lore for Bilgewater. Looking at the list of champions whose bios are feeling a little dated, we've realized that [Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths](, deserves a backstory that better fits the modern world of Runeterra. We talked a lot about why and when we might choose to do this sort of update in our recent [Nexus article](, if you would like more context there. Back when we added all the champion short bios to the League client in November, some of you expressed strong feelings or concerns that a retcon was approaching. We saw the pain that some Varus mains felt with his backstory changes at that time, so now we've taken on stewardship of the lore and we are trying to give more visibility on the process, to make sure we get Nautilus right. We don't just want to make changes. We want to make _improvements_. And that's where you come in. As players, we really value your thoughts and feedback when it comes to his narrative. **We need you to tell us, what's most core to Nautilus as a character? What's most important to you about his story?** We're going to read every single response, and we're going to let you guide our efforts. Don't get me wrong, some elements of his story _are_ going to change... but we want to make sure he's still the same champion that Nautilus mains love to play in League, and that the big guy's heart and soul still come through in the lore. While we've done behind-the-scenes surveys in the past, we want to try a more visible (at the cost of maybe being more narrow/limited) poll. We won't necessarily do this every time... and even if we did, it would likely be done differently so it's not just NA Boards-goers answering... That being said - what the heck, let's give this a shot! We want to do right by your champion - so, thank you for taking a few minutes to point us in the right direction :-)
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