Why are skin borders more expensive than damn ultimate skins?

In project wave 1 all you need to do was buy the skin at full price to get them (the good old days of skins being discounted on release) Then later you could craft them via hextech (with no actual events) it was freely given to you wave 2 of project gave you 1 and wave 3 gave you all 3.....FOR FREE Later (like last damn year...) we could buy borders individually in border bundles or the full bundles with everything, we had choice at least How did we get here where the only option is paying ludicrous amounts of money for it? like its not even called the all in 1 bundle, these are specifically addressed as the one and only border bundle with no other options if you want them.....what happened to riot https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/615594133247098931/617731271245955083/unknown.png
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