Why some people still complain about Lux getting a new skin ?

I understand many other champions need skins but , why people are complaining about Lux to be exact ? Nasus got a world breaker skin in November 2016 , the same month Elementalist Lux was released so what's wrong ? even if Lux got an ultimate skin that day , a skin is still a skin so people should complain about Nasus too , besides , Lux only got 2 decent skins , and this is the 3rd , her other skins aren't attractive to play for me and most of players. did people forget that {{champion:11}} and {{champion:202}} got 2 skins in 2017 ? and {{champion:202}} got 3 skins to be exact but one of the skins was for skt , but after all it is a skin .
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