So Vastaya seem to be similar to yordles, some are more human looking than others. But why does Ahri have human feet when the other two Vastaya we know of have...talons? Paws? Does it maybe have to do with the "tribe" Ahri was from (that she obvs didn't know about, because abandoned orphan or whatev raised by wolves, or was that only her old lore?), Xayah and Rakan are from the same tribe and have similar features (tho the ears, is it sexual dimorphism that their ears are different sizes or just a them thing?) so maybe Ahri is from a tribe that look more human except for their ears and tails. Or maybe it has to do with her consuming human souls? Or from how she was raised? Vastaya are a magical species, can their looks change/can they change their looks based off the environment they're in, or in an attempt to blend in? I have _**questions**_. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Also Soraka is a celestial but is she maybe the...base for Vastaya? Or the OG Vastaya? What with the animal features on a humanoid body thing.
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