So...what is the purpose of this Ultimate skin?

Like seriously, weren't these supposted to showcase Riot's tech and be somewhat experimental? MF can transform her suit into 4 chromas. I'm going to assume they'll have separate animations? But you've already pretty much done this to a greater extent with Lux. Where's the 'wow' factor here? Sona could change the in-game music, Lux had her chroma set and Ezreal had unique evolving visuals. Udyr had 4 visually appealing stances on the fly and MF has...4 chromas. Did you just want to give her a new skin? This skin has simply no meaning as far as i can tell. EDIT: Yes, i know it will be priced lower but 5 bucks off is not justifiable. It's essentially a Legendary skin with chroma sets that have minor variations in animations. Hell, Illaoi's actual chromas change her abilities' colours. This skin should be 2400 RP at best for it's lack of originality and i haven't even mentioned the massive clarity issues in-game. Blitzcrank lost his walking animation and i forgot i was watching a MF Special Interactions video mid-way through wondering to myself what this champion's abilities are like.
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