Give us more access to the awesome art and music you make

I'm such a big fan of Riots art and music teams. I really love everything you guys do, there is no equal to you guys, you are priceless really. But I still cant find the login themes on spotify. And I would love to have more content looking into the creation of all this art. You has a series about the music of league of legends and I really loved it, I want more!(I'm not kidding I had that series on repeat for a week) Also I have to put the request in here even though I see its a long shot. You should have concerts with orchestras around the world. There are so many people out there that love all the epic orchestral music that comes out of games and movies, but nobody performs. This needs to become a thing and you can help do that. You make some of the best music in the game industry and you should demonstrate to the world that there is a demand for it! One time in my entire life I had the chance to go to such a concert, it was just luck that made it possible because the two concerts they had set up was completely sold out in minutes. both of them had standing ovations for up to 30 minutes. Social media and traditional media could not praise them enough. people from ages 15 to 80 came to see, and grown men where sitting on the front row crying. My point is, there is a demand, and you should try to meet that demand. I think it could be a big thing in the future. I would literally pay anything to go to a live concert with the music of league of legends. I dont expect my post here to actually change much, but maybe enough people ask for it that it comes up. Promote your music, show the rest of the world that this is a viable thing to do, and that there is a real demand. Also you need to have more orchestras performing at esport events. It ups the hype so much more than a remix playing over the speakers. The remixes are good, but the orchestral music is just on another level. Anyway this is just my opinion on it and I love anything played by an orchestra, so it might be pretty skewed. Again, I cannot thank you guys enough for all the awesome art you create. It is what I live for. I dont look forward to the day I buy my first house as much as I look forward to the day I can go to a concert with a big orchestra playing your music. It really brings so much extra happiness to my life.
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