The real reason people are getting twitchy about Blood Moon Elise.

It's happening! **BIG TOP OF POST EDIT: I think this needs saying before the rest of the post since this is picking up momentum. The skin itself is NOT bad. It is actually very good, it just fails to be a good Blood Moon skin. Right now, most of the community seems to agree that a rename would be optimal (Masquerade, Heartseeker, Marquis, or Order of the Lotus all seem like good fits)** **Such a change would take minimal work on Riot's part, make lots of community members happy, lets Elise have a quality skin, and offer a comfortable time cushion to design a better Blood Moon Jungler skin in the future.** The remainder of the posts analyzes why the skin not cohesive with the Blood Moon theme, and proposes lots of suggestions for why and what could help improve it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've noticed a lot of discussion on Blood Moon Elise lately. I am quite a fan of the blood moon skin line, and was happy to see Elise added. Lots of people don't like the pink, but I agree with what riot has said about her skins: her base skin does have a lot of red, and for her first new purchasable skin, pink is a good direction to take it. There is still something that makes me jittery though...and I think I finally put my finger on it. Elise is the final member of the blood moon team...and she breaks the aesthetic badly. Compare these images: Not a huge difference. Doesn't seem that significant to me. Now compare these: There it is! Most of the blood moon skins take advantage of reds, whites, and blacks. Right now Blood Moon Elise is pink, Blue, and Gold. It sticks out badly, and ruins the aesthetic. To be cohesive, she needs, reds and whites. I agree with the idea of straying from lots of black, but she NEEDS red and white, at least for her mask, if nothing else. I do agree that it is quite possible for the skin to look too much like base, like so: But in my opinion this is still better for the team than what is there now. Now that you can look at comparisons, what are your thoughts? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: another point that bears mentioning is that her mask doesn't fit the blood moon theme very well. I don't think it is bad, but a horn or two and some white paint could go a long way. This post for reference: > > All blood moon masks are thick, with a red and white palate, cover the mouth, and have horns of some fashion. Elise's is Pink and gold, and is mostly dainty filigree, and is only a half mask. It's like comparing these: > > > > > > Both are good, they just don't belong together. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT2: There have been suggestions that a rename may be better. Compare her to masquerade Evelynn. They share way more visual ques than the Blood Moon Team, in mask shape, colors, attire, and shadow isles ladies. Look at this: Other good suggestions are order of the lotus and heartseeker. Check it out: This way, Elise could have a full quality skin (no repetitive colors etc) and still leave one Jungler spot open for the Blood Moon team that fits the aesthetic better. Plus, they can make an event of the final blood moon release, and have time for a ward skin and icon for skin theme enthusiasts. For more discussion, who do you think would make a good blood moon jungler in Elise's place? EDIT3: Now that I think about it, imagine what a spectacular Oni Nocturne would make. He has a humanoid upper half and a spectral lower half. He does have red, black, and white already, but I feel he would make a much more suitable companion on the team than Elise at the moment. It has been ages since he has had a skin too. I mean look at this face: {{champion:56}} Doesn't it just beg for a Blood Moon Mask? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR Blood Moon Elise is fine standing alone, but looks bad when paired with her team.
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