These comics are designed to make us hate Demacian politics, right?

Let's see so far what things they do that are outright reprehensible. - Mages are either put to the sword or locked up in cages simply for being _born_. They don't even get the option to leave the country. I don't call that simple prejudice; I call it genocidal eugenics. - Naysayers or free-minded people are outright forbidden in the country, more-or-less. Lux's attempts to try to be more open-minded seem to make Garen think that the Mageseekers will harm her for being a "mage-lover", so to speak. - Even when they have evidence that their Petricite isn't actually anti-magic, they squelch the truth and would probably kill those who figure it out. It's like Diana's case only much worse. - Arranged marriages where the daughter has absolutely no say. I've never been a fan of this. Why, oh why, does Lux defend this way of life? Sylas might be too extreme in wanting to kill just about everybody in said society, but I don't think I'd shed any tears if Noxus were to wipe Demacia off the map (as long as Lux stayed out of the crossfire). And I sincerely hope that by the end of the comic, Lux basically leaves Demacia to more-or-less destroy itself. #rant

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