Annie Visual Effects Feedback!

This is a forum in regards to my feedback on her new Visuals hitting soon! My personal opinions, Gothic Annie is and will be the only Annie skin I will ever play probably because the purples are just so perfect! Annie in Wonderland is awesome, though I wish there was maybe some more Wonderland affects, like... A cheshire grin when she uses W in her flames! (Aside from Visuals, would be cool to hear her have a awesome cynical laugh when she ults since it is Legendary tier.) Frost Annie... when you stun or Q someone, I’d like a snowflake to appear (sorta like Karma’s Q) under the enemy, I think it would make it more wintery! Lots of snowflakes needed but you guys already know! All her other skins are fairly detailed, no further work needed except her Halloween skin. Though, would be nice if Prom Annie had like sparkles in her flames. Sparkles sparkles sparkles haha. Anyways, 10/10 guys!
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