I actually really love the new Aatrox @Riot

I personally love the new aatrox rework, I can see all the opinions and where they are coming from, and I can understand people who were dedicated to the old character being upset, But we all know he really needed it. I personally also adore his new VO, I like the theme of the darkin being these kind of "Cocky, Smartass, Super Demons" even though they show a bit of infancy with real emotions and I actually do care for all of them! I cant wait to see more darkin! Not only that but from a gameplay perspective Aatrox went from, "That dude who auto attacks super fast and heals a bunch" To THIS BADASS DEMONIC (Transylvanian?) ACCENTED GREATSWORD BLADE DANCER! I also appreciate riot trying their best to not make everything "Edgy", Old aatrox did have cool lines, but that is because most of his lines were some thing a dark war leader/general would say in a cliché anime.... Im not saying they were bad, but they were much much edgier and I love the direction they put into these Darkin. I know not everyone will agree, but I love it overall, can wait to play him, also love his new look (when he walks he don't give a fuck)! =D
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