Mordekaiser rework idea

Hey there friends :D! So with Evelynns rework hitting PBE in a few days i was thinking about a champion pretty much everyone agrees needs a rework. Ofc im talking about The Iron Revenant himself and spectal doggo lover. MORDEKAISER So here is the rework i thought of coming out of a shower(dont not ask i just felt like sharing this detail :D) So here it is my oh so flawed rework of Sauronkaiser. PASSIVE - Cursed Armor Mordekaiser doesnt use mana instead he generates a resource called **Curse** everytime he deals or takes dmg. Curse generates faster the lower Hp Mordekaiser is. When the Curse bar fills up Mord enters into **Revenants Wrath** or RW which i will be calling it from now on. While RW is active Mordekaisers armour now burns up which means DANGER ZONE. Each time Mord hits an enemy with an ability while RW is active he heals for a % of his max HP. RW also grants Mord **Tenacity** (scaling with lvl). RW grants bonus effects to Mords abilites. Q - Nightfall Mordekaiser swings his mace in an arc twice and finishes with a crushing overhead slam Q1 - Mord swings his mace in an arc from right to left Q2 - Mord swings his mace in an arc from left to right Q3 - Mord slams his mace in front of him dealing % max Hp dmg to all enemies struck While RW is active Q strikes knock aside enemies and stun them very briefly W - Soul Leach Upon activation Mord gains a % of Curse and the CD of Soul Leach is halfed If RW is active Mordekaiser expands the pulse range of Witchfire. Mordekaiser may choose to end this effect early to cast Soul Slam slaming his fist down and heavily slowing all enemies struck. Mordekaiser gains **Shield** for every champion struck. Casting Soul Slam ends the expanded Witchfire range and puts W on CD E - Revenants March Mordekaiser gains MS and can pass through units. If RW is active Revenants March is apllied to Nightfall(Q) letting Mordekaiser march forward while still casting his Q THEY BREAK SO EASILY! R - The Dread Legions PASSIVE - Mordekaiser may select a corpse of an enemy or **Allied** champion raising them into a **Wraith**. Mordkaiser needs to be next to the corpse of enemy or allied champion and this effect is put on a long CD ACTIVE - Mordekaiser channels and slows himself down(E can negate some of this self-slow) After the channel he slams his mace down unleshing a giant wave of black magic in an area around him. All **Allied** and **Enemy** champions struch are marked with **Eternal Service**. If a champion dies while under this effect they become a **Wraith** and grant Mordekaiser % increased Armor and MR. Mordekaiser can have as many as 9 Wraith up at any time( if he has 8 DO NOT FIGHT HIM YOU FOOL) becoming near unkillable. Wraiths can damage enemies for a considerable amount(and they give Mord the RW healing if it is active). For every Wraith raised all the Wraiths lose both a portion of their Hp and Dmg(the more Wraiths up the weaker each one is but Mord becomes a true Raid Boss). Killing a Wraith eliminates the bonuses they give Mordekaiser. Ty for reading thorough my ramblings Love ya all {{sticker:vlad-salute}} (this took me waaaay to long :DD)
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