Riven's Lore Change [The original Quilletta Varn exiled to Ionia]

> Once a leader in the warhosts of Noxus, Riven is an expatriate in a land she previously tried to conquer. She rose through the ranks on the strength of her conviction and her brutal efficiency, and was rewarded with a legendary runic blade—however, on the Ionian front, Riven's faith in her homeland was tested and ultimately broken. Having severed all ties to the empire, she now wanders with her shattered sword, seeking atonement for a past she cannot forgive. I'm glad that, at least on the surface, my favorite Exile seems to be more or less the same person she has always been. However, the more reading between the lines I do, the more I'm worried about what this might mean for her character and development. **Things that seem the same:** * She was a leader of troops (Might not actually be Fury Company anymore since that's been called out as flavor text) * She rose through the ranks based on her steadfast beliefs in the Noxian way, and through her conviction. * Everything changed in Ionia (She was the original Quilletta Varn, basically) * Broke her sword, wanders around. **Things that seem different:** * Her sword being a legendary runic weapon seems to undermine her strength being her own, as suggested by her creator. * This makes it sound like all her power is really the sword's power, which weakens her in my opinion. * She severed all ties to the Empire, where before she still loved and cared about Noxus, and desired to "fix what was broken" about it. * She seeks atonement, but her seeking to "Save/Serve" the pure Noxian vision she believed in seems absent. * This section clearly calls her out as wandering in Ionia. **What I think this says about the full rewrite:** Firstly, this rewrite seems to severely downplay Riven's strength and popularity in Noxus from what her old lore stated. There's no mention of her being a poster-child of the Noxian spirit or an inspiration to anyone anymore. Instead, she gets her blade by being a good soldier, which admittedly is more or less how she got it previously, but the summary gives very little insight into her popularity. She feels no more special in this introduction than any other nameless commander in Noxus rewarded for their service. Secondly, this summary seems to suggest that Riven doesn't care about Noxus anymore, if at all, and that she now only wanders in Ionia looking for atonement and a way to be forgiven. This isn't meshing with the Riven I came to know and understand. This isn't a Riven that is going to rise up and be able to make sweeping changes within Noxus based on her charisma and inner strength of will. This also goes against what Xypherous had originally stated was his biggest hope for Riven, where she'd lead a revolution of some kind to change Noxus for the better. That was something impossible before the lore change, but now, in the present state of things, it's perfect. But... Basically, Narrative seems to have taken the wind out of Riven's Broken Wings, and put it on Quilletta Varn instead. > > Quilletta was a respected commander of troops in the warhosts of Noxus (Familiar) > Quilletta went to Ionia and had her views changed and questioned. (Familiar again) > Quilletta lost something dear to her in Noxus/Ionia and broke her confidence in it. (Ditto) > Quilletta rose up against Noxus to try and make a change. (What Riven was perfectly designed to do) > Quilletta's rebellion was put down, and order restored. (Meanwhile Riven wanders in exile) So, why is it that Quilletta, a character who didn't exist prior to the Medarda Map's release, and probably a little before that, gets to do these things, while someone like Riven has been, at least in some ways, pulled out of the spotlight and placed in Ionia where she's as far away from the Noxian Empire as possible, in a land that hates her guts, being invaded by people that will also probably hate her guts for "deserting them"? In my honest opinion, I believe that Riven as a character deserves more than this apparent treatment. I'm willing to bet that there's more to the story that we're not getting in that snippet, just like with Varus and the like. But based off of this little preview, I'm worried about what this means for this strong, determined, steadfast woman that has overcome so much strife and survived, even reforged herself, to become stronger. Wandering endlessly in exile in Ionia and feeling sorry for herself is perhaps the worst thing a character like Riven could be made to do, especially with how important she could be to the full picture of the Noxian Empire as a whole. I want to believe that the Narrative team has more in store here, I really do. I want to believe that this character, who was an ill fit in the old days of the League of Legends existing in the world, can live, breathe, and thrive in this new setting where she can finally fight for something more than herself, or more than just for what her superiors say. I want to believe she'll have the chance to** fight for those that were lost** in Ionia, both her troops, and those Ionians killed wrongly by Noxus and their underhanded salt-the-earth, total-war tactics. And I want to believe that she can and will fight to reforge the broken version of Noxus into something greater than before. But this little snippet does nothing but suggest to me that she'll be nothing more than a broken woman, sitting on the sidelines, trying to find herself a way to be forgiven, exiled far from any place she could actually make a difference. And that, honestly, would be the biggest let-down I could imagine for someone like Riven. I hope Narrative understands that when they release the full story...

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