Which Region Are You Ready to See Develop Further?

We have seen a lot of growth with a plethora of regions and, frankly, I want more... I absolutely love what I see with Demacia and the only person that appears to be left out is (correct me if I'm wrong) Shyvana. Further progress has been sighted with Frejlord and with the Volibear re-work just around the corner we can all expect more. (Don't forget that the Shadow Isles is going to be elaborated on too pretty soon as well.) Even before these updates, there were regions still moving forward. I wanna hear it from you guys. Are you ready to see another region move further (Bilgewater, Noxus, Ionia, etc.) or are you looking for a little more substance in other regions that could use a little more love (Ixtal, Bandle, Shurima, etc.) If you don't mind, I'd also like to read why you picked the choice you did. Thanks!
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