Sexualization of a video game character, if not widely misplaced, is almost never a bad thing.

In this episode of "OP talks to himself to bastardize and criticize currently popular main-page post" we delve deep into the miserable and sad consciousness of people who can't look at virtual breasts without feeling anxious and uncanny. Please downvote and report to your heart's content **"B-but they all look like strippers!"** Broken argument and massive generalization. If visuals of a champion hinder your ability to enjoy their gameplay/gameplay-fantasy you have different issues. **"B-but it's current year!"** Good meme. **"B-but unrealistic body proportions!"** Literally why not? Because it takes you out of the experience? Again, you must have different, worldview related issues if something like that bothers you. **"B-but it doesnt fit the character!"** Good job you've made a fool out of yourself by not understanding archetypes on which league champions are based off. Next you will tell me that kai'sa can't have big breasts and a low-cut v-neck because she's from void as if that has any correlation to her body proportions. V-neck argument was always miserable anyway. I'll add more later when im not dead tired.
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