[POLL] Do you prefer Varus' old lore, or new lore?

Simple question with a simple answer. I ask this, because I am seeing plenty of debate on his new lore right now, and, as usual, those who oppose it seem louder than those who approve of it. I would like to see if the majority of people actually do not like his lore, or, if it is just another case of those who oppose are the loud ones. While I do realize that this is frowned upon, I would like to ask for upvotes in order for more people to see this thread, and vote on it. A poll's results are more refined the more people it has to vote on it. Thank you in advance! ---------- EDIT: Apparently, there are a good number of people that are either torn between the 2, or have no preference whatsoever. So, me putting such straightforward answers is somewhat detrimental. Since I cannot change the poll itself, especially since it already has votes on it, I am going to suggest something unique. If you are of the party that is torn between the old lore, and the new lore, please scroll down and upvote Blood Magicks' comment. If you are of the party that does not have a preference, please scroll down and upvote Ralanr's comment. Hopefully, this works as a suitable alternative.
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