Perhaps I'm bitter...

... But waiting for more than a month for the rest of Jhin's lore, but at the same time getting Targon lore and Aurelion's teaser out BEFORE THAT is starting to bug me. I understand that not every website, design, or story is perfect, and that things sometimes have to be delayed. I also understand that Riot has a lot on their plate, and that huge companies don't like putting all of their eggs in one basket. But it seems as though there's almost every excuse in the book as to why Jhin's lore hasn't come out. He was wonderfully teased and hyped, and then died out; and from those ashes came Targon lore and a few celestial teasers. I mean, Shen's lore JUST popped in unannounced, and I wouldn't have known if I wasn't reading the story boards today! I'm not the kind of player that would figuratively stand and picket at Riot as a company over something like this, but people are starting to think that Riot just... Stopped caring about Jhin's story, as an example. (Don't get me started on anything else that people say Riot stopped caring about. I'm still patiently waiting for Swain to be dusted off and paid attention to! {{item:3070}} ) But the fact that Jhin seems (keyword SEEMS) to be put to the back burner like that makes me a bit sad, not because I play him, which I do... But because I actually like seeing the community happy! It seems as though people have to pry JUST to post a vague-as-hell statement about "Eventually it'll be released." People don't expect timelines and exact time frames, but... This is getting old.
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