Riot, if you're not going to put all the effort into updating old skins to match their price...

Either delay the VGUs until the work is fully completed, or lower the price of those skins to match your lower quality of work. It's unacceptable for you to release half-baked work, especially when there are standards you yourself has set in regards to what special things certain skin price tiers bestow upon skin, and still expect us to want to buy or be happy with having a clearly underdeveloped skin that's not worth it's price. Notably, there are Kayle and Morgana's Battleborn, Exiled, Transcended, and Sinful Succulence skins. All are 975 RP. This means they should at bare minimum get new VFX and a new recall. None have new recalls. Exiled got recolored VFX (after public outcry), and Battleborn ONLY got recolored VFX because you could piggyback it on the recolored VFX you gave to Judgment (again, after public outcry). These skins were especially problematic because you gave the full treatment to Morgana's other two 975 RP skins - Ghost Bride and Bewitching, and it's frankly insulting to us as customers to see you guys do this. Now we're seeing it again with Mordekaiser, notably Lord, using the base skin's VFX. This is unacceptable. You set standards. Stick to them. Don't sell us or remodel expensive products, and leave them at a tier of standards that is LOWER than the price you've set. So again, either reduce the price of these skins, or do better work.

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