New Ashe "Was that Me" Icon question...

Trying to figure out the meaning on this one. I am guessing Ashe just ulted an her team lit up the enemy, and she is telling the enemy "Was that Me?" but they prob wont see her since she fired from off screen. OR she could be telling her team the same thing "'Was that me' that set up that kill?" Again, no one around to see it. To me, the expression seems like something you would see on a supp lux face after she lasers 3 enemies that could have easily been the adcs. Idk. Just wondering on this early Sat morn. {{sticker:sg-poppy}} edit: on a side note, the Lux "Nice Try." has a similar feeling for me. I get the point, but being the cheery, bubbly Lux and the big smile, it almost seems like she is telling her own team "Good work!". I use it for w/e, myself.
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