What was the setting of the most recent SG cinematic? And other questions

So one of the things that struck me as very interesting in the most recent SG cinematic, aside from how gorgeous it was, was the setting. Very specifically, there was a shot of a statue in the ruined building that immediately reminded me of one Champion in particular: Morgana. (can't post a picture, unfortunately) So what do you think? Is this a hint for Morgana and possibly Kayle to be in the SG universe? Is it connected to First Star? What purpose does the building serve? Does it even mean anything or is it just a cool easter egg? And then expanding upon that more broadly: What is up with Zoe, Rakan and Xayah anyways? Are they connected to the void or just a different breed of darkness? Now that Ahri arrived at the end, how is the story going to continue? Will we pretty pretty PLEASE get more content about this? I'm losing my mind right now and I need more...

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