Seeing what became of Karma reminded me of something ...

I remember loving the movie Lilo and Stitch. You know that Disney movie, with the lovable yet insane experiment which a family on Hawaii ended up adopting? Even the animated series stayed true with the movie, and kept hammering the audience with the message "Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind." Later down the line, Disney discontinued the show and an anime studio in Japan took over the series, renaming it Stitch! They even made it where Stitch left Lilo after a small misunderstanding and left his family behind to be with a new one. So what does that have to do anything with Karma? Well she and my childhood show have the same thing in common: _They were stripped of their identity, leaving the fans betrayed_. Riot destroyed the very thing people liked about Karma, and turned her character into a boring mess that sits around with nothing to do, and her lore / story has no ties now to her in game kit. Riot, you guys will very likely not read this (hell i'm not even a Karma main) but seeing this was disgusting. Don't do this to the people who love her, please have future plans for Karma. Work on her eventually **please**.
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