Varus' Voice Lines Vs. Lore

Varus' new lore doesn't match his voice lines at all. Offending lines: >"Beware a man with nothing to lose." "My purpose is clear." "My work is not done." "I'm on borrowed time." "I do what I must." "No forgiveness." "They will know regret." "No turning back." - Varus now *has* something to lose. Val and Kai have eachother, and Varus (the bow) can lose control. - Varus' purpose is unclear (Varus (The Bow)'s conflict with Val/Kai, meaning that the conflicted purpose - is unclear.) - What work does Varus need to do? At the end of his comic he left Pallas to go somewhere else. Does he have a 9-5 he needs to tend to between being a darkin gestalt? - I'm on borrowed time line is kind of weird. Is the bow saying this? Does the bow know he will lose to Val/Kai eventually? Is he talking about his borrowed body? He's no longer got fatal bow-cancer as in his old lore, so what gives? - The rest of the lines are just particularly violent and kind of contra to the idea of a gestalt and Varus/Kai/Val being able to speak on their own, as depicted in the comics? No forgiveness even while Val and Kai are actively fighting against hatred of Noxians? Who is actually in control here? In the comics it's depicted that Val and Kai have some amount of control, while in game it's all Varus all the time. If you were going to re-work his lore at least pay the expenses to cover his voice lines with a new/expanded voice that works with the character, such as you've done with Lux (even if I personally think her new voice lines are awful and have to mute her whenever I play her, lest I get a headache.) Riot games could have easily known that such a major change would bring controversy, and they could have easily done more to smooth the transition to new Varus with proper new voice lines, instead of a character with disjointed lore and voice lines.
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