Popular Champions Getting Skins: They aren't Riot's favorites.

Lunar Empress Lux, Pajama Party Guardians, Battle Academia Lux and Ezreal,... well I guess just about all the recent Lux and Ezreal skins. Yeah, all those. I know the common argument out of frustration is that these champs are "Riot's favorites," and that's why they always get so many skins. Except they aren't. Think about it. If Riot actually had favorites, then they would make the skin for whatever it was. They wouldn't care if that skin made money or not (which is the common counter to said favoritism argument), because they are doing it out of favoritism. No, the reason that champs like Lux, Ezreal, and Ahri receive skins more often is not because of *Riot's* favoritism, but rather the *player base's*. Yes, the primary reason Riot makes skins is to make money. No one denies that. Riot is a company that needs to turn a profit in order to actually function. So they make skins that they know are going to sell. What skins are those going to be? Well the ones for the champions that the players most want to play. Ezreal has been in the top 3 picked ADCs for the past *14* patches. Ahri has been in the top 10 picked mids for 11 out of the past 14 (and still in the top 20 for those other 3). Sure, there may be some cause and effect going on where "champ is popular because they have skins, popular champ gets more skins, repeat ad infinitum", but that's not going to account for much. *People like playing these champions*. That's why Riot chooses them, because they want the most members of the community to want what is for sale. If all of a sudden champs like Aurelion Sol, Skarner, and Singed started having play rates like Ahri, Ezreal, Lux, and others, then those champs would be who Riot makes skins for. So yes, I understand the frustration for not getting a skin for your main (My main champs are Quinn and Xerath. Trust me, I know how you feel). But can we please stop this argument of "Riot plays favorites"? The only ones playing favorites here are the ones playing the game.
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