Where do the Project Skins fit into the lore?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB1XvMyEBNA If this is the future of Valoran, I am actually a little intimidated. ------------------------------------------------------------------ http://i.imgur.com/A82HOkG.png I am curious to ask Riot where the Project skins fit into the lore similarly to the Battlecast and Mech skins. The Battlecast skins, in the lore, were created by Victor in his attempts to take the most deadly beings in Runeterra and "evolve" them into something greater. https://solidsocietygaming.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/viktor_splash_3.jpg The Mecha series, I am lead to believe, were developed by Yordels as can be seen in Mecha Malphite and Aatrox. Rumble, Ziggs and Heimerdinger can be seen. These could possibly been created to capture their rouge design of Kha'zix or to protect the Yordel people. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JntFlvSSB3E/U78wvIPu3uI/AAAAAAAATtA/VeDS8CRTv4Q/s1600/Aatrox_Splash_2.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-HyP__vSOqhY/U78wvLqGa5I/AAAAAAAATtE/SaQrdN7OZDk/s1600/Malphite_Splash_6.jpg So with the Project Page announced, who made them? By who's will are these champions being upgraded to enhance their skills? http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/skins-project/ -------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, maybe i need to clarify. I know plain well that the game is just a mess of random A vs Some B. Im sure that Zac, an amorphous blob, and Lissandra, an Iceborn demi-god, would team up to punch Corki in the face. I'm asking about the Project line. Who made the Project suits? Does that make sense? I'm not one of those "OH THE RETCON RUNED ALL LOL" I am just curious as to what Riot came up with. Just like Battlecast and Victor. ------------------------------------------------------------- More clarity: #lore: Noun A body of traditions and **knowledge on a subject** or held by a particular group, **typically passed from person to person by word of mouth.** In relation to the "Lore" I am asking, it is the SKINS LORE. Just like how Viktor created the Battlecast versions of the champions to evolve them. ------------------------------- https://imgflip.com/s/meme/Captain-Picard-Facepalm.jpg Arcade Hecarim - This skin sees Hec as a colourful robot. It's LORE is that this is him in a sort of arcade world along with Sona, Riven, Veiger, EVERYBODY! The LORE behind the Battlecast skins is that Viktor created them to take over the world. The Bloodmoon skins LORE is of the myths and legends of powerful godlike beings from a different cultures point of view. i.e Ionia. The Waring Kingdoms LORE is again a different cultures take on these great warriors. Does that clarify more? ---------------- 2018 Discussion Where do you think the Pulsefire Crew fit in too? Are they trying to top the PROJECT timeline from ever happening? https://am-a.akamaihd.net/image?f=https://news-a.akamaihd.net/public/images/pages/2017/may/pulsefire/img/pulsefire-caitlyn.jpg ---------------- > [{quoted}](name=SunRyu EON,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=s9A6LXFK,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2016-08-06T16:10:28.662+0000) > > First I would like to say that The PROJECT skins are not Hex - Tech. Hex-Tech is like an equivalent of steampunk in the League of Legends universe. Also Super Galaxy Rumble wouldn't be apart of the Battlecast timeline due to the fact the Super Galaxy skins are like a equivalent of The Power Rangers, hence why there isn't any actual evil characters within their skin set and if anything they would most likely be fighting against either the normal void creatures or the Eternum skin line. Also I believe that RIOT, needs to make an actual Lore page or something regarding this Grim Dark Future and if has anything to do with the Battlecast, PROJECT, Mecha, Full Metal skin line ups and also connection to the Omega Squad Teemo and PulseFire Ezreal skins. > > Also i believe that the it would go more like this: > > Battlecast, created by {{champion:112}} , in order to proceed with his dreams of a mechanical revolution / evolution / take over the world. > > Full Metal, created by {{champion:126}} , supposedly to fight off the Battlecast created by Victor. (resistance group) <---- not sure about this so much.... > > Mecha, created by {{champion:42}} , {{champion:74}} , and {{champion:68}} , to fight of the Battlecast ( The first ever created Mecha is {{champion:14}} , then {{champion:121}} ,{{champion:54}} , {{champion:266}} . > > PROJECT, created by ??? in order to deal Battlecast i would believe... now within PROJECT there are two factions there are {{champion:238}} and {{champion:55}} in a faction that seems to embrace the robotic side of themselves even though they show their human characteristics and then we have {{champion:89}} , {{champion:236}} , {{champion:22}} , {{champion:114}} , {{champion:157}} , {{champion:11}} , {{champion:245}} who are apart of some type of resistance that even though they were enhanced they believe that as long as they don't obey they are human. > > Resistance Group, is made up of various champions like : {{champion:51}} , {{champion:18}} , {{champion:17}} , {{champion:81}} and those are the few of the many other Champions that possibly comprise of the resistance. > > A Grim Dark Future is referenced in two skins Omega Squad Teemo and PulseFire Ezreal and is clear that they were fighting against some type of opposition. > > Now the only "people" or nation i could think of that has the technology that could possibly create PROJECT are Piltover and Zaun. My reasoning behind this is because both Demacia and Noxus are more into Magic and Might, and Ionia is basically annihilated and Piltover and Zaun both rival each other technological advancements. > > Update* > > {{champion:161}} is seen in the background of PROJECT {{champion:55}} splash art, so there is a very very high possibility that Battlecast and PROJECT are in the same Universe. > > Also Upvote this! > > Thanks!
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