(do i need to spam post ?) can u make the "missing ping" louder or let me customize ping sounds?

i have posted it a while ago, but no one watched the post, so most probably riot dev team would not notice. i have decided to repost it daily until riot dev team notice this problem. so sorry forum Moderator, i don't wanna do this, but riot support says the only way to draw dev team notice is by making a noice in the forum. i need to fix this problem, & i can't fix it by myself. i have hearing problem. i can't hear sounds that are small. the danger & attention pings are loud enough for me to hear. but i always don't notice the missing ping because the sound is so small. i died & my allies always go toxic as i am not noticing the missing ping. can u remake the missing ping to sound louder? or if u could let me customize the ping sound? i can't fix this problem on my own. could riot do something to help me? thx.

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