Mordekaiser and his cape

Ok so I've been looking at a bit of the discussion surrounding our Lord of Metal's rework, and while most of it is positive, there is a bit of negative as well. Most people however are in agreement that Mordekaiser's new model update is great! That is a sentiment I share, but there has been something that's been bugging me about new Mordekaiser. Specifically his cape or rather his lack thereof has really kinda annoyed me. Now I've provided a couple examples of how I think Mordekaiser could look with a properly lengthed cape, and I think they help establish him as the Lord of Metal that he is and look pretty good, if I do say so myself :p But of course I think they look better, what say you? Do you agree that Morde needs his long cape back or would you prefer he wallow in short cape misery? Is there something else you think he needs either in place of, or including a longer cape?
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