@Riot Keep Pyke's Emote the Same

After changing Pyke's bandana to more closely match the one in his teaser and splash, I gotta say **Thanks Riot**. I shouldn't have to but the community doesn't like to always acknowledge the fact that ya'll do listen to us. However this isn't what I'm here for. In regards to the new Pyke emote "You Look Familiar" https://4.bp.blogspot.com/-lVtwE7bRGTE/Wv3aBYt3EGI/AAAAAAAA_2k/ECsQlFrws0IVkovAPR5N8yHzvtrY5WUwACLcBGAs/s1600/f5b9c13e84da6e21.png I think it should be left the same as a reference to old Pyke just like how Zoe's emote is a reference to the time she got nerfed. Also, given the fact that emotes are a little more cutesy/cartoony i think the old bandana fits.
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