The Star Guardian formula

As we're on the verge of the third SG season, I am without any questions expecting yet another team of 5. But what if we got something different? In the magical girl genre, while teams of 5 have become a staple, there's much more than this. Some of the most prominent and influential titles were magical girls acting solo (ie Cutie Honey, CSS, Princess Tutu...), and duos (Futari wa Precure, Panty & Stocking, Futagohime...). Sometimes even trios, with Mermaid Melody or Mahou Tsukai Precure for example. Or teams of 4, of 6... You get my point. I think it'd be cool if diversity was introduced in the SG universe, by releasing a duo with a trio that aren't necessarily tied together as a team, or a team of 4 with a solo on the side... Or releasing only 4 skins, or as much as 6 skins.
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