Plus size characters please riot?

Pretty much what the title says. For real there is a lack in some what chubbier or even well built women characters. We have so many odd shaped men, christ we have Gargas for crying out loud. But the only odd woman type champion who isn't sexualized in some form is Illaoi as a normal human and Rek. Even champions like Tristana are somewhat played down but thats because they run off the cute ascetic, so its either cute or sexy ascetic that characters are played into on creation. Which is fine i guess, but can we play a little more into sexy plus size then? Men and women characters too not just women. I am okay with more representation of ethnicity too while we are at it. As a white guy i feel weird that nearly every freaking character is white to some extent, and there is no Asian characters at all except yas? But he seems white like a weeb.(unless we count taliyah/irelia as one? it is hard to tell). Not to sound all SJW like, because i hate that too but for real i could go for some more variety in the characters when it comes to body types. Because when i see its a female its always some super sexy or cute champion, and for monsters its normally just a male monster of some sort, or super buff guy with a weapon. More champions like Cam, or Illaoi would be nice when it comes to art style. Sorry for the rant. Just would love to see more real choices in shapes, ethnicities and so on in champion creation! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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