RIOT, please postpone Blood Moon Diana and make it into a Legendary skin.

I'm just saying, please, make it grand. The Blood Moon line should be her skinline to own. Make me spend a couple of extra dollars for it? Sure. Since my soul is already at ease to know that Blood Moon Diana is actually coming, I wouldn't mind waiting a couple of patches to get a hold of it, especially if it gets upgraded into something even more amazing! I've been in love with Diana's character and her lores, the previous and the current, since her release. She should be the Star Guardian Jinx to this set, you know? If you guys decide to postpone the skin you can take the time to implement what some of us are asking, maybe even begging, for. The potential that this skin has is **immense**! Please, don't let it go to waste. • Make the mask a toggle, please, I beg you. She already removes her mask on her recall, but will you only let us recall to do so? Even in her splash art she shows her face and her Lunari brand with pride. I say since her face is already with the model, make the mask a toggle and get the best of both worlds. Maybe make her "laugh" emote the toggle to do it, since it's short and she just scoffs with a quick jerking motion with her head. Personally, and I hope people back me up on this, is that the Lunari brand on her forehead is one of the most iconic features from the champion pool in League of Legends. Allow us to show it off, please. • Touch up on her clothing because it looks to bright and cartoony. The mask is also a bit too... bright? The white part of the mask looks plastic and doesn't seem to match the one on her splash art. Maybe shade it a slight shade of gray? • The dark gray fur on her left shoulder seems really out of place. In the splash art, it is the same color as her hair even being under the same moonlit lighting and it looks great. • The black part of the blade is pretty apparent on the splash art but not on the current in-game model. If you tweak the brightness in the official splash art just a bit you can clearly see the black/red contrast in the splash art. This picture has also been brought to my attention and I wholeheartedly agree. • There's a flute or an instrument missing. I know it. I swear she grabs it from her waist during the recall animation with her left hand while she grabs her mask with the right... But it's not there? ā€¢ A loading screen border, maybe? Maybe something not too distracting like Elementalist Lux's and have something subtle like the PROJECT skins. Maybe just a small ornate border with the Blood Moon symbol at the center bottom? ā€¢ A more vivid Moonfall (E) particles? Personally I think the Blood Moon symbol outline during the split second of her Moonfall animation is too thin and pale that it almost just looks like a circle. I'm not too bothered about this one though. Now that I'm done saying my opinions on what should be done, let's talk about the amazing things the skin already offers! • 9,999/100 splash art. My favorite in the entire game so far. • The claws! Hello?! She's Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada. • Her wrist bangles! • The one sided sleeve! That's the HBIC look. • The clothing is A++ for the title of Blood Priestess. I don't understand why people want her clad in armor. I really hope you won't "cover" her up more (you already covered Santa Braum enough lol). When I look at the splash art, I see her as a spirit. I see her walking through the streets of a village wrapped in a light mist. She needs to be in light, airy, whispy clothing for this to work, guys. She's not even "revealing". She's only showing some skin to compliment her elegance. • Those "tattoos" are gorgeous! Amazing color and the small trails of it shown on her thighs really compliments the one on her arm! • She becomes the spirit of her mask when she ults. OH MY GOD!!!! YES!! ā€¢ The hair! The hair is messy and flowy and it's just... Perfect! ā€¢ **And the best thing about this skin is**... It's actually Diana! Literally! It's not just some "skin" for the champion, it is the champion! In the splash art the symbol on her forehead is the actual Lunari brand that classic Diana actually adorns, probably glowing a pale red due to the Blood Moon event for god knows what and her connection to it... AND I JUST LOVE IT. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS FROM IT.

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