I actually like the new Aatrox

Idk why everyone has only been complaining, from what I have seen. Yes he talks a lot, what did you expect? Riot is expanding his lore and developing the character. He was boring when he was just a silent stiff who had no lines. He is an apocalyptic monster, able and hell bent on killing almost everything. They gave him some cool interactions and made him fit to be a league incarnation of War, the horsemen( though they aren't horsemen lol) His new model is way cooler. His old one made him look like a tall transvestite(no offense to anyone) with flags for wings. He is a bloodthirsty demonish monster and his old model didn't fit that well. The old wings were so ugly and one of the reasons I hated playing him. The new wings are probably inspired by samuel from darksiders. https://cdnb.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/000/125/853/large/tohan-kim-01-04-samael04-copy.jpg?1443929051 and I am so happy they are taking notes from darksiders, it was a great game. Overall I love the expansion of Darkin and I hope we get lore and a full on apocalyptic event going on. Varus = Pestilence AAtrox = War Kayn = Death We need one more rider. It's building up to a targon vs void vs darkin (possible vs other world aka kayle/morgana theme too?) beat down and i would love to see that happen in the form of a new even game mode with a world ending theme.
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