Kai'Sa Legendary Skin Ideas

I'm serious. I want more kaisa skins. The KDA thing was okay but it's a unit and I don't like unit skins. Also, I think she could use a VO in a different theme. Too many peaches, too many Dad issues, and too many depressing voice lines in her current iteration. So here's my 4 ideas ....and I am AVOIDING : Sci-Fi, Edgy shit, Anything to do with Daddy issues/Peaches/Emo/Being abducted as a kid/sad shit. That's her existing VO, so NONE of that. 1) Elderwood Kai'Sa - Have her living armor be like bramble bark/wood/moss. Have her fire off pixies and stuff. W can be a spirit bird sorta thing. R can be a whimsical force field. You know, LOTR fantasy shit. 2) Arcade Kai Sa - There isn't a legendary Arcade skin last time I checked - So have her be like some NPC stuck inside a game and do the VO around that. No dad issues, no emo stuff, no peaches. Just fun stuff and funny lines. No edgy shit. please. Something along the lines of "Ready Player 1" but nothing depressing. 3) Pool Party Kai'Sa - Make her a full on valley girl from the Bay area. Why not. Make her R a giant splash dive. She can throw pineapple juice cocktails for W. The stuff on her back can be surf boards or flotation devices 4) Kai'Sa The Rogue - (The DND/RPG Theme) - Have her be a rogue and spot on some dorky ass VO. I don't know. She can throw daggers as her attack, W can be a crossbow or something. Counters can be cash/gold symbols. R can be some rogue smoke crap. I dunno. Doesn't have to be a rogue, there's tons of D&D classes that fit KAi'SA's bill. 5) Coven Kai'Sa? Make it super disney epic fantasy VO. I don't know. But Coven is dark/depressing. I want something cheerful/happy/high colors and contrasts for a Legendary KaiSa Skin {{champion:145}} EDIT : Ok maybe peaches.... {{champion:145}}
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