| I think Riot is largely to blame for the unpopularity of monster designs |

Does anyone ever get the implication that monster designs aren’t unpopular simply just because they aren’t relatable humans? I mean there are so many other faults from Riot that create a vicious cycle of champion is played less so they don't get content and then people play them less because they don't get content. I’m going to define monster characters as inhuman in shape, so not like Nami but like Anivia or Rammus. -------------------------------------- #####**_~~Riot really discourages you from getting attached to a monster character when:~~_** > - Most monster characters are old designs with outdated lore, gameplay, and art. - Most monster characters don’t get skins. - Most monster characters don’t get attention in cinematics, art, promotional stuff, etc. - Lots of monster characters aren’t stable/reliable gameplay wise (Skarner, Cho’Gath, Fiddlesticks Urgot) and often disregarded when it comes to improving their design or viability. - Many monster characters are just flat out worse than other options (Bard, Skarner, Rammus) - Most monster characters have lore that is limited to run or fight to the death (Rek’Sai) or are simply plot devices (Anivia) or if they ever actually do anything significant in the lore an equally powerful foe would be necessary to nullify it and put them back at point 0 (Cho'Gath). - Monster characters in general do not receive attention in general such as in the comics like Academy, Olaf vs the World or w/e its called, and the new canon lore comics. ---------------------------------------- Overall I think its more Riot’s fault that monster champions aren’t popular. When humanoid champions already have an advantage in popularity due to being relatable, Riot fails to give players much reason to play anything but the humanoids. Why would I play Skarner when he will never get skins, got multiple failed gameplay reworks, has been largely forgotten balance wise with nothing in the foreseeable future, is unlikely to show up in any promotional material or lore, and overall will get no new content around my champion? Meanwhile I can play Kayn whose new, already got a legendary, showed up in a cinematic, has significant and modern lore, is a likely candidate for future promotional material, and will certainly remain a viable and consistent character because I know Riot will keep him playable. Sure, I might play Skarner just because I like his gameplay more. Thats what I personally do, I like Bard so I play Bard even though there are stronger and more reliable options. But Riot really shouldn’t be surprised when they actively do everything in their power to encourage you to play Miss Fortune, read her comic, read her multiple short stories and updated bio, buy her numerous skins one of which is techinically an ultimate, and assures you that you will get consistent content. If Miss Fortune was nerfed and bad for a patch too, you know she isn’t going to stay out of playability for very long at all meanwhile there are a plethora of trash champions who will stay there. And Riot has explicitly said they won’t even update a champions VO, much less their gameplay, if they are popular and people like the character the way they are regardless of need for change (MF VO, Le Blanc kit). Its worse when you realize that it becomes Skarner is played less --> No skins, content, or gameplay fixes ---> Skarner is played less because who wants to play an old broken champion who will only collect dust ---> Skarner is played less ---> No skins, content, or gameplay fixes. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/322045075700056064/530495969293369355/unknown.png ######edit: I'm not saying its _all_ Riots fault. It probably doesn't help that Rammus isn't as relatable compared to Riven. But it is incorrect for Riot to simply dismiss it as monsters aren't relatable or interesting. Monsters have been included in stories and media since basically all of recorded human history. At the very least monster characters wouldn't be _as_ unpopular with the playerbase if Riot hadn't starved them of quality gameplay, art, story, and promotional material.
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