Mordekaiser Interaction that HAVE to be in his VGU

{{champion:50}} This is the biggest one for me even bigger than {{champion:7}} for me. As an avid Swain player and all-around fan of his character in universe. Swain has to be Mordekaisers rival going forward. He's the usurper to Mordekaisers' Empire and Immortal Bastion. Mordekaiser could serve as a way for Swain and Noxus to have their stories pushed out of its' eternal stasis kinda like Sylas is doing in Demacia {{champion:7}} Much more obvious, LeBlanc betrayed Mordekaiser so now he swears his undying revenge etc etc {{champion:45}} One of Mordekaisers playthings, as a seemingly final ironic twist Mordes last act of torment has twisted Veigar into a reflection of himself {{champion:429}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:120}} The lesser thralls of The Black Mist, in his bio Mordekaiser looks down on them as slaves while he alone retains his autonomy {{champion:203}} Kindred is a manifestation of death and Morde seeks to create his own death realm. Whatever that entails it means that there is more to any interaction between these characters than any noirmal Shadow Isles champ would have {{champion:83}} In a way Yorick also commands the Black Mist but not to the extent Morde can obviously. Yorick also is trying to life the Ruination from the Shadow Isles something that may end up leaving Mordekaiser without his army, even if it doesn't mean an end to Morde himself. Clearly that makes them foes. Anything I miss?
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