Tl;DR Lore 2016 Hey everyone! Snowdown is upon us, and as the year draws to a close I'm here to wrap up this year's lore related happenings, detailing as much as I conceivably can for your reading and viewing pleasure. For those of you who are new to this, this will effectively be a huge chronicling post of anything and everything lore related that I remembered to jot down from 2016, going from champions to nations to the universe and so on. This year was a pretty great year for content because holy shite there was so much. We explored the intricacies of just about every nation to some degree, got a glimpse at the earliest days of the universe's existence, and dived in to yordles. Sodding yordles. I've been logging all lore related stuff from this year since the year began, and by the time we got to Shurima we'd already gotten more overall lore stuff to talk about and just as much actual lore development as we did in the entirety of 2015. SO THERE'S A LOT TO GET THROUGH. I'll be structuring this thread as follows: there'll be a section at the start with references to every major lore outlet that exists, incase you don't care for my diatribe and would rather read it yourself. The Universe site itself is great for that but I'll be linking to specifics both there and in other areas, such as champion Q&As. After that I'll be detailing the story progression we've seen for League this year, which of course is major spoiler territory so be warned it's gonna be one of the first things you see, and then I'll get in to the nitty gritty, which'll take up the majority of this thread. It's gonna be mostly 100% chronological but I switched around a thing or two just because I thought it made some degree of sense (You'll see what I mean when you get to Ryze and Ivern), but hey what do I know. Also I'll be sure to put up pretty pictures to help define the sections, break up the text and just show you how awesome Runeterra is. Anyway, let's get right in to it! But before we do... --- #The 2015 Tl;DR# For your reading pleasure if you wanna catch up on lore from 2015: - --- #REFERENCES# ##*Champion Content*## - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ##*Microsites*## - - - - ##*Q&As*## - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ##*League Community Podcasts*## - - - - - - - - - - - - --- #STORY PROGRESSION# _**BEWARE THERE BE SPOILERS AHEAD**_ - Jhin, following his release from incarceration, has been sent to do a job in Zaun. He left a goodbye present for Shen and Zed on the way out. For the sake of trying to beat an old enemy Zed and Shen willingly worked together, but Jhin’s not in Ionia anymore. - With freedom on the horizon for Aurelion Sol he’s returned to Runeterra, believing it to be the key to Targon’s undoing. What this means for Targon and Runeterra is anyone’s guess. - Targon’s pretty worried about the Aurelion Sol situation and with the instability in their own empire, and so more Aspects than ever have come down to Runeterra to find worthy humans to inhabit, and now things are getting crazy on the mountain. - Pantheon has inhabited the body of a Rakkoran man named Atreus and has totally taken control of his body, taking matters in to his own hands. He knows that Aurelion Sol’s on his way and is moving to meet him. They don’t have the best relationship so we’ll see how well that goes. Things seem pretty bleak for Atreus considering just about everyone thinks he’s essentially dead, but people have come back from worse so who knows? - Leona and Diana, two Targonians have been inhabited by Aspects but have different knowledge. Diana’s busy looking towards finding the truth of Targon’s history and fighting encroaching void beasts while Leona’s hell bent on finding Diana, and protecting Mount Targon, but why we don’t know whether she seeks to fight alongside or against Diana yet. - The Protector has inhabited a Demacian man called Taric, and Taric’s fully on board with the whole destroy the Void thing, although he’s all about protecting beauty. Last time we saw Taric he was protecting a single, nearly extinct flower from a conflict between Demacians and Noxians. - Following his resurrection and subsequent Ascension Azir’s been busy not only with building up the empire again, but also fixing the landscape of Shurima. Using his sand shaping abilities he’s been terraforming the land, and thanks to the magic within the capital old waterways that once led right in to the heart of the capital have been restored, with water flowing inland towards the great city. - Last we saw of Renekton he had managed to pull himself together enough to properly discern that he wanted to kill Nasus. In canon that’s over a year ago now though so where he is now is anyone’s guess. - Skarner’s latest story development was actually a few centuries ago, where he recovered the first of many stolen lifestones stolen from the backs of his kin. He left one of the thieves alive, sharing his thoughts with her, thoughts which she shared far and wide. While this may have been a while ago it’s none the less Skarner making tangible progress in his goal of saving his people. --- - A huge showdown between Ascended beings, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in millennia, occurred in the Shuriman city of Vekaura. Here’s the break down: - Sivir, after being attacked and brutally wounded, is saved by Taliyah as she makes her way in to the desert to find her family. The young girl manages to patch Sivir up but she’s still not doing too hot. - Nasus, on the trail of Azir’s bloodline after having discovered Xerath’s plots, arrives in Vekaura. He’s generally offended by the people having built a new civilisation atop the ruined city in the style of ancient Shurima, but he’s here for a job. - Xerath, also on the trail of Azir’s bloodline, arrives at Vekaura with an army under his magical control and decimates it. In the chaos Nasus finds Sivir, he converses with her and Taliyah, gives Sivir a pendant to hide herself and escape while he holds off Xerath. - The two Ascended clash but even though Nasus gets some good hits in, he was never going to have a good time, but Xerath’s not one for ruining his moment, and rather than kill Nasus, he buries him alive, knowing it won’t kill the mighty warrior, but also knowing that Renekton will eventually find him. - Thanks to the efforts of Taliyah, not all of Verauka’s people are killed in the attack, and Nasus manages an easy escape from his early grave. The city is lost while Sivir, Taliyah and Nasus all leave the city behind. - In terms of timelines, Bloodline (the story I described above) is set roughly year after Burning Tides, if that helps you in any way. --- - What Xerath went to do after raising Vekaura is unknown, but he’s probably still building up the resources of his own empire while also hunting Sivir down and plotting Azir’s destruction and stuff. - We don’t know what Sivir’s up to at the moment following Bloodline, but she’s probably gonna return to mercenary work for the time being. - Nasus is looking towards his inevitable confrontation with Renekton, and hoping that perhaps he can save him. Xerath’s also keenly on his mind. - Following all the stuff in Vekaura Taliyah parts ways with Sivir somewhere along the road and heads to Shurima (the city), hoping to find her family there. She’s plunged headlong in to the city, with her only companion being the dying screams of the ancient Shurimans who died at the capital’s fall that have soaked in to the stone surrounding her. What comes next is anyone’s guess. - On his seemingly never ending quest to find all the World Runes, Ryze ended up having a not so pleasant encounter with an old friend of his; a Freljordian mage named Lago. Unwilling to part with the Rune Ryze was forced to kill Lago, and so an entire village was doomed to death by either a Troll raid or the harsh Freljordian elements. Not the most pleasant decision for Ryze to make, but also not a new one for him. - Yorick’s not really sure what he needs to do to fix the Isles right now; he has a goal and a plan but no idea how to proceed. He’s been sending Mist Walkers to the heart of the Isles in the hopes of uncovering some answers, but as of yet the Black Mist is telling sod all. - Maokai’s making very slow, incremental progress towards his goal of restoring the Blessed Isles, with his most recent efforts being put towards protecting a Nightbloom that appeared on the Isles. He succeeded and the flower died its natural death, and with its death comes hopes since that means the land’s fertile and more plants can follow, even if it’s only in this one tiny area. - Elise’s making sure she’s retaining her youth as she usually is, and recently just sacrificed a bunch of foolish folks to Vilemaw. One was named Marcus and he had it REAL bad. - Evelynn was recently contracted by a Chem Baron of Zaun named Saito Tekada as part of an assassination contract to kill a Baron named Artega Holt. He was not prepared for how intense she is! - Last we saw of Ivern he chased off some hunters from killing an eight-tusked shagyak in the depths of the Aulderwood. One of them, a girl named Risbell, came to meet Ivern directly, and he not only helped her recover from a fatal snake bite, but also helped her remember to respect life and nature, changing the course of her own life in the process. - Ezreal recently made a narrow escape from a ruined temple in the jungles and claimed the Elixir of Uloa. Folks want it badly, but Ez kinda just wanted the glory. - We’ve come to see Ekko having dinner with his family, but this isn’t technically story progression in a direct sense, since the events of the story here happened after already transpired events: Chronobreak and Seconds. - Lee Sin’s doing his thing, killing with very little effort a band of petty criminals who were looking to strip down an Ionian temple of everything it was worth. - Jax was last seen in Demacia, beating up silly soldiers. Fiora popped up to challenge him, and while we have yet to see the outcome, Jax sure seemed excited about the prospect! - Fiddlesticks recently went and killed some trespassers in his field, murdering them horribly with a murder of crows. Just a typical day for Fiddlesticks I suppose. - Tristana, on a mission in Ionia, had to put up a fight against some bandits, but she’s Tristana, so there was never anything to worry about. - Cassiopeia’s still getting used to her new form and powers, and has been exercising them through murder. The murder of child killing soldiers. - Last we saw of Rek’Sai she was chasing down children in the Sai Khaleek, leaving but one survivor. She’s also been working on what seems to be a portal to the Void, to the Xer’Sai’s lair within the Void itself, powered by the life essence of those she’s killed. The implications are scary. - Camille recently came to blows with her brother as his desire to survive put the entire Ferros Clan at risk. She killed him and instated her grand niece as clan head, but whether she’ll be appropriate for the job remains to be seen. - Jayce had a visit from a little girl wanting her toy fixed and a host of augmented thugs under the service of Viktor who wanted to wipe the floor with him. He bested them easily and even got to fixing up the girl’s toy to boot. - Orianna’s latest developments were her visit to Sir Feisterly’s Fantastical Fair, where she encountered a mechanical construct by the name of Fieram. Initially suspecting he was sentient like her she tried to bring him on a journey, but quickly realised she was wrong and fixed Fieram up before disappearing back in to the bowels of Zaun. Oh and the ball kicked some major butt against some of the faire’s staff. - Caitlyn was recently embroiled in an investigation pertaining to Noxian spies. She apprehended an augmented Zaunite named Devaki, whom had been stealing supplies to create an illegal weapon. Knowing of its illegality she suspected Devaki had been payed off by Noxians to steal the necessary parts, and eventually came to confront a Noxian warmason named Tamara, whom she promptly and discreetly sent packing on a boat bound for Bel’zhun. Caitlyn is currently unaware of Tamara’s partner Colette, who has infiltrated the ranks of Clan Medarda as an artificer. - Fortunately for Caitlyn, Vi might be able to come through for her as last we saw of her she was giving Devaki a brutal interrogation, though that’s brutal by our standards, not Vi’s. Devaki said he’d spill the beans so, providing he knew about Colette, she may be in trouble soon. There’s no guarantees though. ---- #Odds and Sods# _Consider this the "it doesn't fit anywhere else so it's going here" category of stuff. Figure it's best to hit this before going in to the more structured lore._ ##IMPORTANT SECTION - CONTINENTS OF RUNETERRA. READ THIS YOU SOD.## Runeterra has at least three continents. As of right now they work as follows: - The northern continent of Valoran has Demacia, Noxus and the Freljord as a part of it. - The Southern Continent has Shurima and Icathia as a part of it. Currently it has no given name. - Ionia is a continent of its own divided in to provinces. It’s smaller than Valoran. - Piltover and Zaun are situated right on the connecting point between Valoran and the Southern Continent. This area used to be land, but Piltover blew it out to create an oceanic route between east and west Valoran. - Mount Targon's exact location isn't known, though hints from Taliyah point towards it being on the Southern Continent. ##Locations of Runeterra## - Runeterra has a spirit realm that serves as the origin point of demons, spirits, wraiths, imps and other spiritual entities. How beings like Kindred and Bard relate to this realm is unknown, but given they’re spirits there’s likely a big connecting factor here. It’s likely that this was Tahm Kench’s place of origin. - Krexor is a state situated in south western Valoran which operates independently of Noxus despite many of its major neighbours being under the empire’s control. They have trade connecting to Piltover and has some kind of connection to the Minotaurs, who seem to operate in some kind of good relations with the humans found here. It takes five days to travel by sea between Krexor and Piltover. - Holdrum is a state located in south western Valoran, due east of Piltover, which operates independently of the Noxian Empire. They trade in pearls and fish sauce, do regular trade with Piltover via sea routes and are a mostly coastal state. It takes two days to travel by sea between Piltover and Holdrum. - Kumangra is located on the northern side of the Southern Continent, due south east of Piltover. It borders on an as of yet unnamed jungle found on the north east of the Southern Continent, which only ends when the immense delta found within opens up in to the eastern sea. It has good trade with Piltover and only takes a day to travel by sea between the two cities. - Mudtown is an independent state located in the north eastern corner of the Southern Continent, and has regular trade with Piltover. By boat it takes 5 days to travel between Mudtown and Piltover. - Stonewall is an independent state located in Southern Valoran, with its northern borders being right next to Noxian territory. It trades well with Piltover, taking four days to travel to by sea, and is well known for producing Dunpor milk. - Palclyff is an independent state located in Southern Valoran, and is the closest trade route for Piltover to Demacia, which they cannot trade with at all for as of yet unrevealed reasons. Palclyff trades in Honeyfruit, is actively buying weapons and armour, has what has been described as a “strange local sport”, and will not accept Noxians, turning away vessels with Noxians aboard. Trading with Piltover is infrequent, as such it is unknown how long travel between the two states would take beyond it taking more than twelve days, as to sail this way you’re going through the trade routes for Aurma. - There’s a place in Demacia known as the Alabastor Library. It contains the poetry of Tung, who is a guy who wrote poetry. It was probably some pretty great poetry since Taric was willing to dive in to a burning Library to save it, even if he didn’t realise it was a vision and not a real scenario. - High Silvermere is a city found in the North East of Demacia’s borders, built in to a large cliff face surrounded by a verdant lake. The city has huge dams and is built to match the varied elevation of the rocky foothills. - The place where Jarvan III, the current king of Demacia resides is called “The Citadel of Dawn”. Presumably his predecessors ruled from this palace and Jarvan IV will do the same if/when he claims the throne. - The Hall of Valor, which has an appearance reminiscent of a throne room, is in fact a place for the fallen, where great heroes of the past are remembered for their sacrifices in the name of Demacia. - For those of you who remember the Lightbringer item, you’ll now understand where it comes from, as there’s a whole temple dedicated to these “Lightbringers”. - Demacia has a huge plaza simply known as the Grand Plaza, and it is here that rulers are appointed before thousands of Demacian citizens. - Glaserport is a harbour in the Freljord that’s seemingly permanently ice-locked, with its many Wolfships being chained up, standing almost vertically atop the statues of warriors. It is an irregular trade partner with Piltover. The Avarosan get grain from Drakengate here via Piltover, and are willing to pay double what it is usually priced at. - Beneath the mighty Frosthorn Peak lies the Vaults of the Iceborn, which were probably claimed long ago by Lissandra and her Frostguard. ##General Lore## - Tribes in the Freljord are generally ruled by a Warmother. Under them are their bloodkin, steelskins, clawleaders, sisters, icewalkers, thralls, champions and other ranks. - Champions are usually husbands to the warmother, and are the biggest bastards in the tribe. - Freljord has a place called the Black Steppes. Dunno what they’re like but some skin eaters came from there, and apparently Shen did ‘em in. - True Ice that’s been corrupted in some way is known as Dark Ice. This is almost certainly the kind of ice that Lissandra has uses for. --- - Demacia’s lands are rich in resources of every kind, with the exception of magic. It’s pretty dry in that regard. This has had a major effect on how their culture has formed over the years. - Demacia is a pretty insular nation, taking care of itself and not pursuing much beyond its own borders. They’re pretty stuck in their ways, and while whether they can adapt or die in an ever changing world is debatable, right now they stand as one of Runeterra’s most powerful nations. - Demacia has a smaller army compared to just about every other major nation that exists, to the point of often being outnumbered in conflicts, but theirs is the most well trained and structured army in Runeterra, which helps to make up for that. - In Demacia there’s a criminal sentence known as “The Crown of Stone”, where a person is sent to climb Mount Targon. Because of the physical impossibility of such a feat it’s treated more like a banishment by everyone, including the judiciary of Demacia, along the lines of “Leave Demacia forever and die beyond our walls” since Demacia’s high view of itself means they think that’s a pretty good punishment. No one really expects you to go climb Mount Targon and most who get sentenced to this even go near it, choosing to live their lives in exile. --- - Currently, Noxus and Demacia don’t have access to runes capable of causing the level of destruction seen in the Rune Wars. This may change in the future as these two nations push for greater power. - Ancient texts and the like speak of how the Voidborn were created as weapons to fight in a long since ended conflict. It is said that the Void is filled with all manner of horrific, organic machines that churn out there horrendous creatures, with the cycle of consumption being the fuel which allows this engine of creation to burn. While the legitimacy of such claims cannot be discerned, but at the very least what little information exists is somewhat consistent from its varying sources. - Where the Void and Runeterra bleed together things don’t seem as bad at first; the landscape becomes a wash with strange phenomenon like rivers changing colours and living beings experiencing psychedelic visions, but after that things go sideways real fast. ##Flora and Fauna## - Creatures of the Void are pale and virtually colourless, which makes sense for creatures living in a dark environment. They gain the purple colouration we know through exposure to Runeterra’s atmosphere. - Dragons have various elemental powers, with infernal dragons, mountain dragons, ocean dragons and cloud dragons counting among the various species of dragons. Infernal dragons have fire literally radiating out from beneath their skin, mountain dragons are made of stone, ocean dragons are suited for aquatic life with webbed toes and cloud dragons are feathered. - Elder Dragons exist, and the one on Summoner’s Rift is black with a white main and immense green coloured magical breath attacks. How they relate to elemental dragons via biology and evolution is beyond me. - Krugs can apparently divided in to smaller krugs when killed, up to a certain size. - Elmarks are a thing. They’re herbivorous things that live in herds and count themselves as fairly bloodthirsty. Can’t tell ya more than that beyond you can find them within some lands conquered by Noxus and in the Aulderwood, wherever the sod that is. - The Light Vindoran are a new breed of horse bred for use as desert mounts in the Noxian Empire. They originate from Vindor, a state under Noxian occupation. - Ivern gave us insight in to various kinds of flora and fauna of Runeterra, so I’ma list them here: - Eight-Tusked Shagyaks are a thing, and presumably Shagyaks with fewer or greater tusks are also a thing. - Stone-scaled vipers are a thing. - Stingsalve Fungus is a thing. Eating one quickly cures being bitten by a stone-scaled viper. - Lippertick apples are a thing. - Nirpooti are plants native to the lands around Mudtown that are predatory, eating any meat they can find, though it's recommended that you shouldn't feed them fish. I dunno, Jago didn't explain why! - Dreamstags are a thing. Dreamstags. The more you know. Wish I knew more. ##Final Point about Jax## - Turns out Jax is an Icathian or was at least involved with ancient Icathia before it got all void warped and stuff. While he’s not really aware of what he looks like beneath his robes now his purple skin and odd hands and feet make some sense. He also might legitimately have as many eyes as the holes in his helmet, which would be awesome. --- #Ryze is here at the start because he's the equivalent of an odds and sods section for an individual champion, and he's the only champion like this in 2016.# - Before getting in to the nitty gritty about his history, know that before he became blue, he appeared as he does in his “Young Ryze” (Formerly Human Ryze) skin, making that incredibly rare and basically unobtainable skin one of the few ones that’s canon in the prime lore. - When Ryze was a young man he worked under a mage known as Tyrus who served as a diplomat between nations. Tyrus bore a magical scroll he never allowed anyone to read, which would prove valuable in the future. When World Runes were discovered nations were very worried about what would happen, and Tyrus spent a lot of time trying to calm people about the Runes and prevent catastrophe. It didn’t go well. - Eventually a full blown conflict between nations occurred and two World Runes were set against each other. Tyrus and Ryze managed to escape the devastation after realizing that they couldn’t stop the war, but bore witness to reality warping, the skies being torn apart, and the entire land, complete with the armies, nations and everything else around it, being completely destroyed. All that was left was a huge gaping hole in the world that was quickly filled by the sea that, before this calamity, had been a days walk away from where the duo stood. The devastation had also claimed Ryze’s old home town Khom. - Following this catastrophe war erupted across Runeterra. Tyrus tried his best to appeal for sanity and tried to claim the World Runes from nations who bore them. Some agreed and handed them over, others didn't. Regardless the Rune Wars were well underway. - Conflict erupted in Icathia and Ryze went to see what had happened, having been sent away by Tyrus previously to deal with other matters. To his horror he had found that Tyrus had used two World Runes and brought calamity to Icathia himself. Realizing that his master had been corrupted by the sheer power of the Runes, Ryze killed Tyrus, and ended up taking on his master’s quest of dealing with the threat of World Runes. - By looking in to Tyrus’s scroll, Ryze learned how to deal with the World Runes, as it gave him the means to hide them away beyond the reach of humans. He’s been doing the best to seal away the Runes wherever he can find them over the long years since his quest began, but in the modern era these World Runes have begun to re-emerge despite his best efforts. Not only that but with eons having passed since the Rune Wars, none of Runeterra’s modern nations remember what the World Runes are, or known of the devastation using them could bring. Ryze’s job just got a whole lot harder, but he’s a hardy man. He’ll get the job done or die trying. - The most recent exploits of Ryze involve claiming a World Rune from an old friend of his in the Freljord. It didn’t really have a happy ending for anyone there but y’know, greater good and all that. - Ryze is a storied and well travelled man, and as such has had interactions with a colourful array of people, such as Nasus, Malzahar, Miss Fortune and Sona. He gets around a bit with that whole teleportation thing. - Ryze is incredibly well versed in magic, and has found time to refine and hone his abilities such that he can use the powers of the arcane for a wide variety of situations. This includes being able to simply wield it as a weapon, to imprison people, and to teleport around the world. - World Runes are essentially that; runes of immense magical power. While their origins aren’t clear many scholars from ancient times believed that they were fundamental to the forging of Runeterra, and some even put forward the theory that some “Makers” were responsible for creating Runeterra with these runes being what remained of that process. Either way people were very touchy about those runes back in the days when Ryze was less blue, and for good reason; they had the power to completely change the face of the entire planet. - Power corrupts absolutely and all that but don’t think about these Runes as all corrupting evil; they’re just super powerful to the point of changing a man just by holding them in their hands. - Ryze’s magic comes from within, though it didn’t always; he’s been magically radiated by the World Runes over the years, which is also the reason why he’s blue and has tattoos. --- #Ionia, ancient, magical and awesome# - Ionia is a place of great natural magic where the boundaries between the spirit realm and the physical realm are so blurred they can be easily traversed. Ionia’s magic is much more powerful and simultaneously less dangerous than magic found in other parts of Runeterra, with Ionia’s culture having developed around the usage of this kind of power. - Ionia, being a full fledged continent in its own right, has a great diversity of people's, belief systems and environments. It’s also the furthest removed landmass from the rest of the currently known areas of Runeterra, being much further away from other lands, be they continents or islands than pretty much anywhere else. - Ionia’s territories are divided in to provinces with their own ruling councils, though how they work within the scope of Ionia’s ruling council is currently unknown. - Within the south of Ionia is the province of Zhyun, which was terrorised by Jhin when he was known as the Golden Demon. Zhyun has its own unique dialect of the Ionian language. - There is a prison called the Tuula prison, presumably located in Tuula. Whether Tuula is a province, town, city or otherwise is unknown, though it is likely within the Zhyun province since it makes sense to incarcerate Jhin in the same land he terrorized. - The Noxian invasion of Ionia caused radical shifts within the cultural and political landscape of Ionia, with new voices being heard that are calling out for great change in their culture, and darker elements have started to appear. Within the context of the new lore it’s unknown when or even if the invasion had ended, though the most likely answer is that it has been resolved, but much more recently in the timeline considering Taliyah was conscripted to fight for Noxus in Ionia, and that couldn’t have been more than two or three years ago at most. - Wuju blademaster was a major profession in Ionia, and they had great sway within Ionian government. Of course now there is only one blademaster left, so it is unknown if Master Yi’s word hold sway in politics. - The ninja order of the Kinkou also held great sway in the government. How this works in the modern day is unknown, but what I like most is the potential being there that both the Order of Shadows and the Kinkou engage in political battle as much as they do physical battle. Sounds kinda awesome to me. - The Kashuri Armories were known for ages to build bows and traditional weaponry, but with the changes in Ionian culture recently they’re now working towards creating hextech. This started during the invasion when they (and potentially other armories) started creating makeshift hextech devices based on the technology Noxus brought from overseas, but now with some extra funding from a specific (though unnamed) cabal, the Kashuri are pumping out some real high grade stuff. Jhin’s gun Whisper comes from the here, so you know they’re getting there. There’s more to talk about with hextech but that’s got enough to have its own section so it’ll be further down from here. - A festival exists called the New Blossom festival. The nature of this is unknown but it is presumably to do with spring or the coming of a new year. - The Worax is a large herd animal found in Ionia. It’s best described as a goat like buffalo. - Ionian snow lions are a thing. They apparently have stocky legs but are absolutely huge sods. --- ##Jhin, Mr. Masked Murder## - While Jhin’s personal life and actual history remains very much a mystery, one thing we do know is that his father ran a martial arts school which ultimately was dwarfed when the Wuju school began to expand in popularity. It was here that Jhin learned to use bladed weapons, which were his first tools of murder and ones he favoured for many years. - The first time Jhin became known as a killer was before the Noxian invasion of Ionia, where people called him the Golden Demon. The people of the Zhyun province called him this because they simply couldn’t believe that a human could perform the acts that Jhin had, and thought it was a rampant demon or something similar committing these murders. - The reason behind this thought process was because Jhin himself was born with innate magical power. He has always imbued his weapons of choice (which in his early days were blades) with magic and in doing so they affect his victims, altering their bodies as they die. He imbues his bullets with magic that causes people to have flowers grow from their bodies, have their skin turn gold, and contort the corpse itself, so you can imagine what kind of horrific stuff being cut by Jhin’s blades did. It doesn’t help that this stuff is actually beautiful to look at too, which makes for very colourful reactions from the folks who bear witness to Jhin’s artistry. - When people still thought Jhin’s work was that of a demon the people of Zhyun called upon the Kinkou to deal with the issue, and its leader, Kusho, along with his birth and adopted sons Shen and Zed, arrived to deal with it. They initially said no to investigating but it was a ruse; they returned in disguise to find the Golden Demon in secret. - Their investigation took four years and had profound effects on all three men, but eventually Kusho realised that the murderer could be human, and pinpointed the perpetrator as an Ionian man going by the stage name Khada Jhin, which means “Golden Excellence” in Ionian. They caught him and Kusho decided that, rather than kill him, he should be incarcerated. - Jhin spent the next period of his life in Tuula Prison, where they tried to rehabilitate him (humanely of course, Ionian prisons are probably the nicest in Runeterra), but every attempt was met with failure, and Jhin remained a disturbed man. - In recent times Jhin has been released by some dark elements working within Ionia’s ruling council; a cabal who wants a skilled assassin to help them deal with the political influence of the Wuju Blademasters and the Ninjas. They are the ones who have provided Jhin with his current attire and equipment. - Jhin suffers from very distinct and noticeable mental illness, with symptoms ranging from auditory hallucinations to obsessive compulsive disorder, and I mean the actual, crippling disorder that keeps people from functioning in everyday life. - Jhin has a very specific focus on the number four and this is where his OCD comes through; a man’s life is in three acts, and the fourth, death, is what Jhin believes he can improve and make beautiful. Jhin likes everything to be in fours and can’t actually do things if they’re not in fours, as seen when cleaning his gun, where he simply has to have it clean to use and he can’t know it’s clean until he’s wiped it down four times. - Personality wise Jhin is highly charismatic and well spoken, like an actual crazy person; you’d never expect Jhin to be a serial killer if you saw his face. He actually has a poor opinion of his own looks, believing he looks horrifically ugly and holds himself to very high standards. A part of him certainly recognises that his actions are reprehensible, but he can’t stop himself from killing people. As Jhin says himself “Until they stop me, I will keep going”. - Coming from the Kashuri armouries, which have begun creating the first Ionian hextech weapons in history, Whisper is now Jhin’s main choice of weapon and comes in three parts; a hand gun, barrel and hextech mass accelerator positioned on to his shoulder. When all three parts are combined they become a massive artillery cannon that can deal devastating damage. Because it is Ionian made it’s made to suit having access to large quantities of magic, so while Whisper’s not a highly advanced weapon by hextech standards, it is immensely powerful, potentially the MOST powerful hextech weapon ever created. Here's a picture of it fully assembled: - While the original teasers for Jhin showed him killing Zed, Sona, Garen and Vi, Jhin only really cares about killing Zed and Sona, Zed because of the whole imprisonment deal, and Sona because she’s a virtuoso in her own right, an extremely famous one at that, and Jhin’s a guy who likes to “murder the competition”. I mean she’s basically Runeterra’s Beethoven so that’s fair competition. - Of all of Ionia’s champions beyond Shen and Zed, Jhin’s also got a passing interesting in killing Master Yi. If you were paying attention before I’m sure you’ve already picked up on why. - Despite appearances, Jhin does not have prosthetics. His arm and legs are armoured to protect him from the recoil of Whisper when it’s fully loaded. He’s also not missing an eye; it’s just covered up because of the bodysuit he wears. He’s not disfigured or anything despite his own low opinions about his appearance, and yes the mask is magical, but beyond that we know sod all about it. - Jhin’s about four years older than Shen and Zed, who are of a similar age. Take this for what you will because there aren’t specific numbers beyond this I’m afraid. --- ##Shen, Mr. Ninja Witcher## - Shen is the Eye of Twilight; the leader of a secret order of warriors known as the Kinkou. These ninjas go around enforcing order and equilibrium in the world, with Shen being the guy who walks the edge of balance itself, keeping both the sides of the physical and the spiritual in check. - Shen is well versed in the ways of spirits and men, and uses his powers to traverse the boundaries between the physical and spirit realms. To enforce balance he is more than willing to kill both humans and demons, and looks at both with an unbiased view; he was willing to kill a holy man who actively trapped and tortured spirits over killing a rampaging demon because the potential harm the holy man would cause was greater than the actual harm the demon did or would do if it was left to its own devices. - Shen is a storied man with many tales and legends told about him. While the legitimacy of these could possibly be questioned, here’s a few of the stories they tell about Shen: - Shen once travelled to the Black Steppes of Freljord and rid it of some wretched skin devourers. Yikes. - He has constant battles with a force known as the “Seven Demon Clan” that presides in Ionia. - During the course of the Noxian invasion of Ionia he appeared in the middle of the capital of Noxus to battle a horrific monster that was going to destroy the area and potentially bring Noxus to its knees. This is one of the most famous tales about Shen as he actively tried to prevent the destruction of the people invading his homeland, indicating how important his job is and how dedicated he is to it. - Shen’s father, Kusho, was the former Eye of Twilight and was a storied man just like his son. He had red hair and was famed for seven great feats, the last of which was capturing Khada Jhin. - During the course of their investigation of Khada Jhin, Kusho, Shen and Zed were all radically changed by the experience. Kusho’s red hair went white, Shen’s jokey, wisecracking attitude was quickly brought in line to be incredibly somber and serious, and Zed, a prodigy of the Kinkou, came to struggle with his studies, a struggle that eventually led him down a dark road. - Zed’s murdering of Kusho and the establishment of the Order of Shadow came before the Noxian invasion, so it’s likely that Shen spent time before and perhaps during the invasion rebuilding the Kinkou Order. In comparison Zed spent the time doing reprehensible stuff to repel Noxus. - Kennen is substantially older than Shen, and potentially joined the Kinkou before Shen was even born. Akali on the other hand is much younger than Shen, to the point of him deliberately preventing her from viewing Khada Jhin’s work as even he wasn’t ready when he was Akali’s age. - Shen was recently made aware of Jhin’s release thanks to Zed, and has worked with Zed to try and find him despite the difficulties between them. The two ninjas have a lot of work to do to try and finally bring Jhin to justice. - You ever wonder how Shen’s ult works? He transcends the physical realm to come to your help. The dude transcends physicality for your sake you ungrateful sod, now go thank him. - Shen wields two swords; one Ionian steel sabre for killing men, and a blade of pure arcane energy for killing spirits. This is why I call him Mr. Witcher Ninja. --- ##Ivern, Mr. Swell Nature Guy## - Ivern the Green Father used to be known as Ivern the Cruel, a Freljordian warrior renowned for his strength. He was born in ancient times to the Frostguard tribe, and was pretty renowned for his skill and cruelty during the time when the Frozen Watchers appeared in the Freljord. Ivern lived in a precarious time as the Iceborn descended upon the Freljord, looking down upon the mortal humans in their wake. Things weren’t looking good. - Ivern took his fellow warriors on an expedition across the sea, to the land where supposedly all magic originated from, hoping to find the power to best the Iceborn’s masters. He and his crew never returned to the Freljord, and their legends were eventually lost to history all together, but they did reach their destination: Ionia. - Ivern led his forces to scour the native population, and they quickly surrendered, choosing to lead them to the sacred grove of Omikayalan, also known as “The Heart of the World”. There Ivern’s forces were set upon by chimeric creatures; half man, half beast, and all aside from Ivern were slaughtered. - Ivern found his way to the grove’s heart and there was the God-Willow, an immensely magical tree. Ivern saw it was a means to shatter the will of his enemies, and slammed his axe in to the tree. As the tree was felled its essence poured in to Ivern, transforming him in to the half tree, half man entity we see today. - Ivern was infused with nature’s power and a voice called to him, showing him how the world around him saw what he did. He saw his men return to the soil, beholding how all things in nature were connected, and heard the cries of thousands of beings, animals, plants, lichens, mushrooms, all grieving over the God-Willow. Ivern was filled with immense sadness for his deeds, both at home and here in this new land, but nature was there to console him, as the plants grew their roots to meet his, and the animals offered their reassurance. He had been forgiven. - When next Ivern moved it had been over a hundred years, and he wondered as to why it was he who was in this position. The voice spoke to him again, telling him “Grow”, and Ivern wondered as to what it meant. Eventually he settled on it meaning two things; to grow himself in to a God-Willow himself, and to help the world grow as well. He set out to introduce himself to everyone and everything, learning the ways of the animals, plants, lichens, mushrooms and even the earth itself. Everywhere he went nature prospered and life felt pretty swell. - Along the way he occasionally intervened in the affairs of the natural world, saving creatures harmed by inconsiderate predators. Once he found a wounded stone-golem and saved her from death by crafting her a new heart from a river pebble. As per the traditions of all mineral beings the golem would forever follow Ivern as his friend, and he named her Daisy after the daisy growing from her body. She’s followed him every since, and for those who didn’t know (I don’t know how you wouldn’t), Ivern summons her in game as his ultimate. - Eventually he came to meet humans. They came to remember him as a great benevolent being; Bramblefoot, the Green Father, all names for the same being. Many of these humans were peaceful, but others were cruel and unforgiving, and almost all of them took more than they gave. The voice spoke to Ivern again, telling him to “Show”. Ivern resolved to help humanity grow, to remember their connection to the natural world, and to teach them once again to give back for whatever they took. This would be Ivern’s new goal, one he still carries on doing to this day. - Ivern’s ultimate goal is to become the God-Willow, which in itself is a font of natural energies. It was sentient and was vitally important to both Ionia and the whole of Runeterra, so you can imagine the ramifications for Runeterra when Ivern chopped it down. Through the power found within it Ivern not only has tremendous power, but also incredible knowledge. Beings such as Bard and Aurelion Sol are well known to Ivern. - Ivern’s very close to his goal, though he could technically fail personally if he dies, though in this case the powers that he bears would transfer to his killer, so in a way he wouldn’t really fail. Nature finds a way and all that. - Ivern has many powers, but perhaps his most impressive is the ability to bring about life wherever he goes. From the bodies of the dead he can bring forth flowers, mushrooms and lichens, he can grow grass to extraordinary heights, and of course everywhere he goes, everything grows splendidly. - Ivern has a deep understanding of the creatures that inhabit the natural world and he has the ability to communicate with them too, giving him quite the unique perspective on all living things, something we could all learn from. A few nuggets of wisdom from Ivern: - Snakes are overachievers. - Butterflies can’t keep a secret to save their lives. - Sassafras are very anxious. - Stingsalve Fungus is very punctual. - Moss is generally very keen on prettying things up. - Ivern was involved in something called “The Kumungu Affair” with the Brambleback. He’s pretty tight lipped about what happened though. - The chimeric creatures found around the God-Willow owed their forms to living near the Willow. What happened to them after it was felled remains a mystery. - If you’ve been paying attention (which I hope you have) then you’ll see we have numerous fonts of natural energies in the form of the Oasis of the Dawn found in Shurima, another that has since been corrupted on the Shadow Isles, and the God Willow. The connection remains unclear, but Riot’s told me that I’m on the right track when thinking about this stuff, so yeah. I’ll talk about that pool on the Shadow Isles further down, so don’t worry about it. - The last we saw of Ivern he was in the Aulderwood; a mysterious forest who’s location is unknown. --- #Mount Targon, your one stop centre for all things cosmic!# - Ok so to start off there are two Targons, the empire and the mountain. That’s an important distinction to make so I’m gonna explain it here before getting in to anything else. - Targon is a vast space faring empire. They currently hold dominion over Aurelion Sol, are the origins of power for every one of Mount Targon’s resident human champions, and had a civilisation on Runeterra a long time ago. Collectively the beings that make up Targon are known as “The Aspects”, a name shared with the humans they come to inhabit/possess when necessary. - Mount Targon is a huge, indomitable mountain, known for being the largest mountain on Runeterra period. It is well known for being a place of bitter death, but also insatiable mystery. Otherworldly ruins litter the mountain side and it is home to two main groups of humans, the Solari and the Rakkor. The Aspects use the mountain itself as a testing ground for worthy individuals, besetting them with visions and intense magic as they climb to the summit. - The origins of Targon, that being the empire, are unknown. Aurelion Sol first met them on Runeterra, but by this point they had already expanded beyond their homeworld, and as such it’s unclear if they were Runeterran natives or simply colonized the planet early in to their space faring days. - The Aspects are a species of non-physical beings of great celestial power. They’re unknowable in a Bard sense of the term and only seek out worthy hosts in times of need. Usually you only end up seeing one Aspect walking the mountain. The fact that there’s FOUR right now is indicative of how bad Targon things things are gonna get in the future. - Targon has constantly battled with the forces of the Void wherever they may appear, so they’re not really bad so to speak, but kinda hard to pin down regardless. Currently, there are four known Aspects, and they are all those who now inhabit Mount Targon’s champions. They are the Aspect of the Silver Moon, the Aspect of the Sun, the Protector and Pantheon. Each seems to have their own agenda and goals. - Right now conflict is brewing within Targon, which is the main reason why Aurelion Sol’s hightailed it back to Runeterra. What exactly is happening isn’t clear, but some voices among the Aspects have been silenced, which probably isn’t great. - Mount Targon’s history beyond it being once home to Targon and the Lunari is unknown, but at some point it was blanketed in forests and was home to a bustling civilisation that has since disappeared (presumably Targon itself). There was a great conflict here, one that, as described by Diana’s lore, almost tore apart Runeterra, and is probably why the mountain is so desolate to begin with. - Very few people have ever reached the summit of Mount Targon, and many are left empty handed when they reach the top, as just making it doesn’t mean you were chosen by somebody from Targon. Most folks die before reaching the top due to silly things like hypothermia, exhaustion, dehydration and all that stuff. - Tales of the mountain travel far and wide and countless men and women have made pilgrimage here to seek truth and wisdom, from far beyond the borders of Mount Targon itself. As I said before, most folks just die on the mountain. - Mount Targon’s slopes are populated by incredibly hardy people, with the main two groups inhabiting the land being the Rakkor and the Solari. - The Rakkor are a warrior culture that revere the sun, with the name Rakkor meaning “Tribe of the Last Sun” and is related to the belief that there have been countless worlds have existed before Runeterra, with each being destroyed by a calamity. They believe the sun is the only sun and that it must be protected from those who would wish to extinguish it. - The Solari are of course the religious order whose faith dominates Mount Targon. Their faith is incredibly strict, such that they denounced all forms of light that aren’t the sun as false. Their temple is located on Mount Targon’s eastern slopes. - The lands around the mountain are plagued with barbarians who provide constant threat for the rakkoran and solari. Pantheon and Leona’s Ra’horak are Mount Targon’s only line of defence. - Not only are there barbarians, but there are also glimmering mists that sometimes come down the mountain, bringing with them otherworldly entities in all manner of peculiar shapes and sizes. The Rakkor make it their job to dispose of them wherever they can, and while the Void has a presence around the mountain, these beings don’t seem to be voidborn. - Oh yeah, there’s a Void presence on Mount Targon. Given current naming conventions it’s unlikely that any of the current Void cast originate from Mount Targon (They all have ancient Shuriman names, indicating they appeared on the Southern Continent first), though Vel’Koz was killing Demacians last we saw of him, and we dunno where Urtistan is right now, so he could have popped up here maybe. Possibly. I dunno. - Runeterra has at least two moons. One of them is called the “Silver Moon” and is the driving force behind Diana’s powers. Among the Solari and Rakkoran the Silver Moon is seen as an ill omen and it is apparently not seen in the sky all that often. --- #The Chosen of Targon# ##Diana, Chosen of the Silver Moon## - Diana’s heritage is not of Mount Targon, though it was upon its unforgiving peaks that she was born. Her parents had journeyed to the mountain as many hopeful pilgrims do, and they both died here, with Diana’s mother’s last act being to give birth to her. - She was quickly found by Solari hunters, who rescued the newborn, named her and inducted her in to their order. She was raised as an initiate, but despite the Solari’s decedent teachings about the sun, it was the moon that drew Diana’s attention. This put her at odds with the Solari elders and her peers, which only worsened as she grew older and questioned more. All the while she desired to climb Mount Targon, though she knew the dangers all too well. - Eventually Diana came across a long forgotten book within the Solari’s library that, for what little remained legible, revealed to her the existence of a long dead order known as the Lunari. They spoke about a great cycle between the sun and the moon, one that was critical to ensuring stability and harmony. Almost immediately after Diana beheld an elderly woman climbing the mountain, and decided to help the woman with her ascent despite the impossibility of such a task, especially for an elderly woman. - Despite it being impossible to reach the peak in a single day, Diana and the woman did just that. The elderly woman was gone, and at the peak Diana beheld a vast, radiant city, one that offered her a place in something much greater. Light overwhelmed Diana as she was infused with the essence of the Aspect of the Silver Moon, becoming more than she had ever been before. - Diana stumbled back down the peak in a daze until she came across the ruins of an ancient temple, and within was a suit of armour and a crescent blade bearing the symbols she’d seen in the old tome. As she took hold of them and was gifted visions of the past, of an ancient history she wasn’t fully able to grasp, but with this knowledge and her new armaments Diana felt vindicated and returned to the Solari, eager to share what she had learned. - She was met by Leona and brought before the Elders, but they saw only heresy in her words, and decried her as a prophet of false gods, condemning her to death. Diana was enraged by their dismissal of the truth she knew, and lashed out, killing them and besting Leona easily. When she calmed down Diana was horrified by her actions, and fled in to the wilds. This is where she now dwells, pursuing a future she only knows from fleeting memories, and believing that the Lunari and Solari can come together. Where destiny will take her now is anyone’s guess. - Diana’s hair colour used to be Sable before she became an Aspect. - Diana spends most of her time searching Targon for clues about the past, remembering details from ruins scattered across the mountain. - She also spends her days fighting off Void Invasions. This puts her in a very small group of champions who’ve ever fought against or even encountered Voidborn creatures in the lore. ##Leona, Chosen of the Sun## - Leona was born to the Rakkor Tribe, and raised to be a warrior basically from birth. While she fought and killed any of the otherworldly entities that descended from the mountain in all their variations, she had always been intrigued by the glimmering mists that shrouded the summit and bore these strange beings in to Runeterra. - One day Leona encountered a being with the form of a young boy, but with golden skin, horns, bat-like wings and speaking in a tongue foreign to her. He appeared to be scared, lost and though her teachings dictated she kill him, she simply refused to, instead opting to escort him to safety. She led him on a path leading to the peak, where he promptly disappeared. Little did she know a Rakkoran warrior named Atreus had witnessed the event, and upon warning their tribe, Leona was greeted with accusations of heresy. Trial by combat was the ultimate punishment for such transgression, and so she fought Atreus to the death until a Solari elder intervened, speaking of ancient prophecy’s and how Leona was destined for a glorious future. Despite their apprehension the Rakkor bent to the Solari’s word and allowed Leona to go with him. - With the Solari’s teachings Leona thrived, having been driven by the prophecy spoken about her. She grew emboldened in the Solari’s faith and trained as a member of the Ra-Horak, eventually working her way up until she came to lead them in to battle. - Things changed in a major way when Diana went and became an Aspect. She came down the mountain to proclaim truths that would shake the Solari to their very foundations, and despite her trepidation Leona escorted her to the elders to speak her truth. Didn’t end well, and of course the elders and Leona completely rejected Diana’s words, given how hard line their religion is. She couldn’t stand up to Diana’s immense power when she went wild though, being knocked unconscious in the Aspect’s fury. She awoke to find the Solari’s leadership dead and Diana gone, and vowed to murder Diana, no questions asked. - Fuelled by anger alone Leona pursued Diana’s path, eventually leading all the way to the summit. She didn’t eat, sleep or stop on her journey until she encountered someone at the peak itself; the same golden boy she’d seen oh so long ago. Behind him was the true Targon in all of its grandeur. Speaking in the old Rakkor tongue the boy spoke of how he had waited for her and was going to show her the world of the gods. Leona took his hand and was blasted with insurmountable power, becoming an Aspect herself. - With the power of the Sun’s aspect flowing through her Leona now leads the Ra-Horak as she always had in the defense of Mount Targon while continuing her hunt for Diana. What she’ll do when she actually finds the Scorn of the Moon is anyone’s guess, given the knowledge granted to her by her newfound benefactor. - Leona’s sword and shield are actually called the “Zenith Blade” and “Shield of Daybreak”. Straight forward stuff. ##Taric, the Chosen of Outrageousness## - Taric was born in to an old military family of Demacia. While not nobility he still had expectations poured on him, and was expected to serve as a paragon of justice, wholly dedicated to serving king and country. Taric had other ideas though, as he didn’t feel the need to strictly define what he needed to protect. Anything could be seen as worth dying for. This led him away from the ideals of his comrades as he worked to preserve art and beauty while coming to understand simple things like love and life. - Taric was adored by the people for his charm and charisma, and could use it to get out of any confrontation with his superiors in the military. His skill with weapons was nothing to snuff at either. Despite this the higher ups grew tired of Taric’s shenanigans as time went on, and he went through constant demotions. Not even his old friend Garen could protect him here, having become disappointed in Taric’s deviation from their duty. - Taric’s demotions led to him leading a contingent of soldiers guarding a ruined keep in a far off corner of the kingdom. After weeks of basically nothing happening, Taric allowed his soldiers reprieve, and while they rested he went to explore a nearby temple. He returned to find the keep having been ravaged by an incursion of Voidborn, with none of his men having survived. Ashamed with his failure he returned to the capital and turned himself in for his negligence. - Taric was stripped of his rank and sentenced by his old friend Garen to undertake “the Crown of Stone”, which basically means “go climb Mount Targon”. Of course such a feat is impossible and everyone knows it, so such a sentence is treated as more of a banishment than anything else, but Taric wouldn’t see it the same way. He vowed that he WOULD climb the mountain and atone for his mistakes. - Taric braved the perilous mountain and was assaulted by vivids hallucinations of his dead compatriots, visions of horrific acts against not only his most treasured values of life and beauty, but against his home and Garen specifically. He met them all in earnest and eventually found himself at the peak of Mount Targon, having overcome its trials. - At the peak The Protector confronted Taric. A being of Targon it had viewed Taric as a potential avatar for its powers, and with his success imbued him with incredibly celestial powers. It spoke of truths Taric had always known, and warned of the threat of the Void; that Taric must stand against it. - Now Taric stands as a protector of life, of all things beautiful, be they men, beasts, art, concepts, whatever. While still exiled from Demacia he still loves it, and this whole exiling gig doesn’t really hinder him considering he wields power far beyond the realm of mere mortals. - Taric’s weapon and armour are creations of Targon, but where he got them from specifically is unknown, though if Diana’s lore is any indications he was probably guided in some way to them. - Taric’s magic is still classified as gem magic, but instead of being actual gems it turns out that you can condense starlight to such a degree that it crystallizes. ##Pantheon, the constellation who did the choosing## - Before we learn about Pantheon we must first learn about Atreus, because unlike Targon’s other Aspects, Pantheon is the denizen of Targon and not the Targonian human. - Atreus was born to the Rakkor and while he wasn’t the best warrior in any respect, he was determined and trained hard to be the best warrior he possibly could be. It was enough to become an Aspect so y’know, it worked out! - Atreus developed a rivalry with another Rakkoran boy named Pylas who despite being better at fighting and being able to constantly beat down Atreus, our little Rakkoran who could never backed down and always got back up, which earned the respect of his teachers but the enmity of his peers and Pylas. A battle against outsiders that almost killed both of them was what allowed the two a chance at fixing their rivalry, and they became friends over the course of a few months. - As Atreus grew he found himself detesting the Solari and the Ra-Horak’s new leader Leona for their more defensive approach to preserving their people as opposed to picking up arms and taking the fight to the enemy. Desiring power to protect his people Atreus, along with Pylas and several other Rakkoran warriors aimed to climb Mount Targon, and obtain the immeasurable power that lay beyond the peak. - As far as I can tell Atreus’s party might’ve ended up going through their climb during the time when Diana became an Aspect, though it’s more hinted at than explicitly stated because of the appearance of the Silver Moon (Diana’s the aspect of this). Never the less they pressed on, until finally Atreus and Pylas alone reached the peak to find no radiant city, no great power, nothing. At least not at first. Atreus held a dying Pylas in his arms as the heavens opened up and he was greeted by a figure who offered him the chance to enter the REAL Targon. Atreus left his fallen friend, happy that they had both seen this journey to the ultimate conclusion they had intended for, and wasn’t seen for a good year, being presumed dead. - Ultimately he returned, but different, much more so than any other Aspect currently on the mountain. Pantheon is an Aspect who, in stark contrast to the Protector (who I’ll talk about later), takes just about complete control over its host as opposed to simply guiding or influencing them. Pantheon’s ultimate goal is unknown, but he’s been going about alone killing invaders coming to the mountain. Many believe his coming is a signal of oncoming doom, but we’ll have to wait and see on that one. - Just about everyone thinks Atreus is effectively dead, having been pretty much booted by Pantheon, but word of god implies that Atreus is still around in some capacity. Can’t say much more than that other than I like to think about it in a Ling/Greed kinda way, though sod if I know if that’s accurate. Regardless Atreus isn’t done just yet, though given Pantheon’s reputation everyone Atreus knew and loved thinks he’s dunzo. - Pantheon has actually been to Runeterra numerous times before, usually alone. The last known time he appeared was when he took over a woman and commanded Aurelion Sol to deal with a void incursion. His physical form ended up getting destroyed in the process and it speaks to how much he and Aurelion Sol don’t get along that the Star Forger was totally ok doing that, and that the response was a star dying elsewhere in the cosmos. Exactly how many times Pantheon has appeared on Runeterra is currently unknown. - Pantheon is associated with a constellation of the warrior, which the Rakkor call “Pantheon”. Atreus is the name of one of the four stars that comprise this constellation. ##Aurelion Sol, the one who chose poorly## - Born when the universe first came to be, Aurelion Sol spent eons forging stars out of a simple desire, feeling great satisfaction and pride from his works. His forging allowed for the formation of star systems, planets and planetary life across the cosmos. - Eventually that planetary life began to build civilisations and looked up to the sky in wonder. They made their own self centered stories and philosophies about the stars, something that Aurelion Sol thought was a pretty bold thing to do, but regardless their admiration for his work intrigued the great being, and so he decided to make his way down to their level and introduce himself to those who he deemed worthy. - He looked for the civilisation that he thought was the furthest along in their development and found Targon, one that had expanded beyond their home planet. On the tiny world of Runeterra, at the peak of Mount Targon, he descended to meet them, and they were in awe. The Targonians showered him with praise and affection, giving him the name Aurelion Sol and a crown of Star Gems. So flattered was he that he couldn’t sense their deception, and upon putting on the crown he found himself succumbing to Targon’s will, and through the the threat of Targon extinguishing his stars as well as their magical control over him they forced Aurelion Sol to be their weapon, and with his power forged themselves in to a mighty empire that spanned the cosmos. - Saddened by his servitude and the dying of his stars to either Targon or simply their natural passing, Aurelion Sol fell in to despair, but eventually something changed in Targon; the voices he heard were no longer in unison. They squabbled and some had even vanished. Sensing his freedom was at hand he has flown back to Runeterra, the planet where he met Targon, in the hopes of finding his salvation there. - In the past, Aurelion Sol was beckoned to Runeterra by Pantheon to seal a Void Rift at Mount Targon. This was at a time when Shurima’s Sun Disc was being constructed. At roughly the same time the two sides we see on Summoner's Rift were actively involved in conflict with one another. An exact time scale is unclear but it’s assuredly many thousands of years removed from the present day. - Aurelion Sol imbues a piece of himself in to each star he makes, and as such feels a profound sense of loss far greater than any kind of suffering you can imagine when they die. His power could also have some other effects on how stars function, given that there’s been hints at a greater consciousness behind them, but such details haven’t been elaborated on in any great detail. - Aurelion Sol technically isn’t a dragon, he’s a celestial entity. Other beings like him exist and were born at the same time he was, but their powers and forms are vastly different, making him a very, very unique entity. It’s also not a case of him just looking like a dragon; dragons look like him. Their forms evolved to mimic his in a “matter imitating energy” kind of fashion. To use a real world example look at the logarithmic spiral and how we see it appear in nature in the way galaxies and snail shells appear. His low opinion of terrestrial dragons stems from the idea that they’re but mere imitations of his grandeur. - As one of the most powerful beings within the league of legends universe he is acutely aware of other beings of great power, such as Bard, Kindred and Nagakabouros, though it’s uncertain who among them he might have encountered in the past, with the exception of Nagakabouros, who he definetly hasn’t met; he’s not on that level. - While Aurelion Sol isn’t exactly all that beatable, he isn’t immortal. He can and will die one day, and as such will meet Kindred when he does so just like everything else does. What they’ll appear like to him is a mystery though. - While Targon’s the main thing on Aurelion Sol’s hit list, the bigger enemy for him right now is The Void. Their invasions are a threat to his work, and something he won’t tolerate. Targon’s had him deal with Void invasions in the past, and he’s happy to do it, though doing it for Targon rubs him the wrong way. - Aurelion Sol is aware of many entities that dwell in the cosmos, some of them terrible enough for him to warn us about, and powerful enough for him to suggest just praying that they ignore Runeterra rather than fight them off. In this he’s seemingly referring to Runeterra’s universe as opposed to The Void, indicating some truly nasty buggers dwelling in the dark corners of space we have yet to even see. - The Celestial Firmament is the thing Aurelion Sol is making, and comprised basically all of the stars. What its significance is in regards to the League of Legends universe is, and how it works in conjunction with other universal concepts such as the Magical Friction has yet to be explained. To most people that probably sounded like a load of gobbledy%%%% but I assure you I know what I’m talking about! - Aurelion Sol doesn’t really get along with Pantheon. He killed his human form at least one time and that wasn’t even the start of it. - Like Bard, Aurelion Sol seems to have a constellation linked with him. The significance of this is unknown. --- #Shurima, your lore has returned# _As a note before we begin, the beasts in the picture are called Ralsiji, and first appeared in the Rek’Sai story piece “Scourge of the Sands”. I was surprised they were that sodding big though jeez._ - Currently, news of Azir’s resurrection and raising of Shurima has travelled as far as Ionia. Many believe this “bird god” to be on the path to enslaving the people of Shurima for himself, which makes sense considering the only living witnesses to Azir abolishing slavery are Xerath and Azir; everyone else kinda evaporated. - In the modern era the majority of Shurima’s greater cities are found near the few fertile deltas close to the Shuriman coastlines. The desert is as barren as you’d expect. - Bel’Zhun, which we learned about from Rek’Sai’s journal thing a while back, is a coastal town found in Northern Shurima. People from across Valoran use this port, though it is currently ruled by Noxian occupation. Some Shuriman resistance to the Noxian occupation still exists here. - To the immediate west of Bel’Zhun is Tereshni, another city under Noxian occupation.They trade in Azirite or “Blood Glass” and have regular trade with Piltover. It takes six days to travel by boat between Tereshni and Piltover. - Nerimazeth is an ancient ruined city that Xerath now uses as his seat of power. Despite the Magus’s occupation it still sees regular trade with other parts of Shurima, having been repopulated at some point. - Vekaura, an ancient ruined city built by exiled Icathians, just on the border of the Sai. It was rebuilt somewhat by modern Shurimans trying to imitate the architecture of old, but it was recently brought to dust once again by Xerath. Nasus comments that the skill of the Icathians was so great that the buildings they made in Vekaura stood firm and solid without even needing mortar, having been cut down so precisely. In ancient times Nasus and Renekton once walked through this city in triumph, though it wasn’t long after that Shurima was in shambles. - Nashramae, a city long ago burned to the ground by Renekton and his warriors, which was long ago rebuilt and then made a place of reverence for Rammus. It sits on the northern coast of Shurima, and has regular trade with Piltover, being a week’s travel by boat. - Anyone remember Kalamanda? Well it’s still a thing; a city located on the north western coast of Shurima. It has some trade connections with Piltover, taking over two weeks to travel to from Piltover by boat. They trade in Gold and “Sing Stone”. This makes them bastards for reasons that'll become clearer when we get to Skarner. - Aurma is a city located on an island to the north east of Shurima. Their connection to Shurima is unknown, though trade routes of Clan Medarda of Piltover indicates they are an independent state. They trade in roe and leather and take twelve days to sail to from Piltover, less than it takes to get to Kalamanda, which is further east than Aurma. Makes you wonder what makes the trip to Kalamanda longer... - The Sai for those who remember is the arid desert populated by the Xer’Sai and ruled by Rek’Sai, and while it’s one of Shurima’s largest deserts it doesn’t even cover an eighth of what can be considered Shurima, being bordered by other named deserts and dried up lakes. - Kenethet is a city on the northern border of the Sai. Further details aren’t well known. - Sai Kahleek is an area within the Sai. Northerners tend to call it “The Bone Sea”, but this is a mistranslation. - “Sai” as a Shuriman word has no direct translation, but refers to expanses of sand with stone scattered across the land that are painful and slow to traverse. Sai means that tunnels can be found in this place, and where there are tunnels, there are Xer’Sai. - In ancient times the Ascended were much more populous since people of great renown, no matter their standing or profession, could be granted Ascension, and more often than not were, but as time wore on and people started not surviving the ritual, the practice became less and less common. By the time of Azir’s ascension such a ritual had not been undertaken in centuries. - Ascended are not immortal as they can be felled by the right weapons or simply just having enough people thrown at them. Currently it’s unknown how many Ascended if any still remain in the world beyond the four we can play as in League, though if any beyond our current roster do remain their numbers could very well be in the single digits. - How many Ascended came to be over the course of Shurima’s history isn’t known, but for a long time they were headed by an Ascended named Setaka, who led the Ascended Host as its Warrior Queen. She wielded the cross blade “Chalicar”, which Sivir now wields, but was ultimately killed in a war with Icathia, just as Shurima was about to win the conflict. She’d suffered from Hubris after she was foretold to be alive during an era when a Shuriman Emperor ruled all of Runeterra, and for this she paid the ultimate price. Nasus and Renekton fought alongside her for three hundred years before she fell, with Nasus being there with her as she died. - In the past it was usually the Sun Priests who would decide who became Ascended. Azir usurped this right to obtain his, and we all know how that went. Listen to your sun priests guys! Or rather don’t because now they seem to be shams, at least as far as Nasus is concerned. - Right now no information about how to actually perform Ascension is known to have survived in to the modern era. This could complicate the idea of making new Ascended. - Xerath’s ascension and immense powers actually drained just about all the magic from the Sun Disc, causing it to fall. Given its current state it’s safe to say the Sun Disc’s working at a much higher capacity than it has been for the last few thousand years. - The legendary Tomb of the Emperors is described as depthless, and given the fact that Nasus “discovered” it, the Tomb was likely ancient even when Nasus and Renekton were humans, dating back to the earliest days of the empire. Who constructed the tomb is unknown but the role was obvious; as the resting place of Shurima’s emperors. - A faith exists in Shurima concerning the “Great Weaver”, a mighty and powerful deity. Details about its power are unknown, but it is believed that the full moon is its manifestation, and that all things seem to fit in to the great tapestry of life it has woven. Taliyah’s tribe is known to have strong faith in the Weaver, but beyond that the extent of this religion’s reach is unknown, perhaps being limited to nomadic tribes. - There are numerous tribes scattered across Shurima, all of varying notoriety. Some ones we know only by name include Barbae, Zagayah, Laaji and Yesheje. - One often seen used tradition in Shurima is giving a piece of yourself if you plan to go somewhere, as leaving a piece of yourself behind will allow others to remember you. - Shurima has sand rabbits. The more you know. - There’s also Kmiros; beetles the size of dogs that travel in swarms and can easily devour people. Rammus finds them to be a satisfying meal and has been shown decimating entire swarms of them on a whim. - Creatures called Rhoksha exist in Shurima. Dunno what they are but they sound intriguing. - Shurima also has trees; Bhanavar Trees specifically, which dig their roots hundreds of meters in to the sands to find water. - In ancient Shurima, slaves were forbidden to have names. This rule could be considered a contributing factor as to why Shurima fell to begin with. More on that in a moment. --- #The Denizens of Shurima# ##Azir, Emperor Ascended## - Azir was born as the youngest son of a Shuriman emperor and as the youngest, he wasn’t destined for much greatness. Well greatness in a royal sense at least. - Azir met Xerath in the Library of Nasus as young boys and they shared an interest in ancient knowledge. They quickly became friends and Azir brought Xerath in to his life as his personal confidante, giving him his name which, in their ancient tongue, translated to “One who shares”. - During the yearly tour of the emperor Azir’s caravan was struck by assassins, and while Xerath saved Azir and Renekton saved the emperors, Azir’s brothers all died, leaving him as the sole heir to Shurima. You’d think this’d be great for Azir but his father HATED him and given the fact that the Emperor’s wife was young enough to sire more heirs, Azir’s life was forfeit in the situation of her having children, but she never did. More on that in Xerath’s bio. - Azir’s father went on a mad campaign trying to destroy those who had attack his sons, and the empire was gripped with paranoia. Eventually the Emperor died and Azir took his place. - Azir built up the structure of the empire and led great conquests in the name of Shurima, all while planning to abolish slavery and remake some of Shurima’s old traditions. He told no one, not even Xerath, as he had to work at this for decades to actually make this a reality. In hindsight, this tiny detail is what doomed everything. - Xerath suggested Azir ascend, something that would bring Shurima great glory, and when the time for Ascension came, Azir freed all of Shurima’s slaves before a crowd of thousands and proclaimed a new age of prosperity. His words came too late though as Xerath tossed him aside, casting him in to the sun which incinerated Azir in an instant. - We all know what happened next but Azir never saw it, and existed in oblivion for a while until Sivir’s blood resurrected him, but even then he returned only as a shade of his former self; a body of sand held together by his indomitable will. - He ascended as was intended after showing his selflessness in saving Sivir, and now works to bring Shurima to greatness again, having raised the empire from the dust. What Azir’s current goals are beyond restoring the empire and ending Xerath are unknown, and a lot of questions remain about the kind of age he’ll bring about; will it be an age of tyranny or prosperity? ##Xerath, Magus Ascended## - Xerath was born as a slave to slave parents and remained so for his entire life. His father died in an accident constructing a statue of the emperor’s horse of all things and Xerath’s mother worked to ensure he wouldn’t wind up in a similar fate. She was successful, sending him to work under a skilled artisan, but she would never see Xerath again as a result. - Xerath worked under an architect within the capital itself and brought many texts for him from the Library of Nasus. It was here he met Azir, they bonded, and Azir named the nameless slave “Xerath”, or “One who shares”. Having a name as a slave was forbidden so this was a critical point in Xerath’s life, and the two considered each other brothers. - Xerath was brought in to Azir’s life and worked as his aide. He did everything he could to protect Azir, even risking his own life to stop an assassin, but with Azir’s older brothers dead from the same attack both of them knew Azir’s own life was folly if the Emperor’s wife ever sired a new heir. - Azir and Xerath both sought out power and under Azir’s behest Xerath took whatever means were necessary for this goal, and delved in to great and terrible secrets. He learned the ways of dark magic and was more than prepared to use them to protect Azir. - To keep Azir safe from a potential usurping sire Xerath cursed every child that the Emperor’s wife ever tried to conceive right within her womb, forcing a -miscarriage. People wondered about a curse but Xerath promptly had them silenced one way or another. - Eventually his curses faltered and a sire was to be born, but Xerath would have none of it. On the night of the child’s birth Xerath conjured a thunderstorm through the power of the elemental spirits of the desert and brought lightning bolts upon the wife’s lodgings, killing her and the child. As the Emperor discovered this Xerath annihilated him and his guards, reducing them to smoldering skeletons. He made it look like an accident. - With Azir on the throne Xerath thought his freedom was assured, but Azir wouldn’t have it, and this fostered a burning hatred within Xerath. Eventually Xerath would bring his plans to bear by stealing Ascension for himself and the empire with it. He knew of the tales of Renekton’s ascension and was more than prepared to convince Azir to take the ritual so he could steal it. - To distract Nasus and Renekton on the day of the ritual he orchestrated the freedom of a long imprisoned Brand from his sarcophagus prison, a being so powerful that only the brothers could stop it. - When Azir actually freed the slaves Xerath came to regret what he was going to do, but resolved to do it anyway. With tears in his eyes he killed Azir and took the ritual and its powers, but it didn’t go as Xerath had planned, as the power wasn’t meant for him, and so not only did it warp his form and transform him in to an ascended being like no other, but it decimated the capital, killing everyone within. - Nasus and Renekton shoved Xerath in to the same sarcophagus that had bound Brand, but it didn’t work out too well. Eventually they hurled him in to the Tomb of the Emperors, where Renekton and Xerath battled for millennia. - Eventually Renekton was worn down and Xerath was able to torment him with illusions and falsehoods, twisting him to believe that Nasus had betrayed and abandoned him. They could do little to escape as the mausoleum was to fortified with magical seals that it was impossible to open without the blood of the emperor, even with their Ascended might, but they did escape thanks to Sivir and Cassiopeia. - Now freed Xerath’s power continues to grow and he sees a world ripe for the taking and remoulding with him as the helm as a god lording over it, but bitterness and regret still seems to grip his heart. Whatever the case Xerath is now poised to take Shurima, and perhaps all of Runeterra for himself. - Currently Xerath resides in the ruined city of Nerimazeth, and many people have flocked to serve him, calling him “Emperor Xerath”. - Xerath’s body is pretty much like a magical nuclear reactor, and a highly unstable one at that. Not only does that mean it takes Xerath a lot of effort just to keep himself together, but also it indicates just how devastating it would be if Xerath were to ever lose control or if he was killed. ##Nasus, Librarian Ascended## - Nasus, ancient protector of Shurima and all around good jackal, was not always jackal like. In ancient times he was human, and a capable one at that. Nasus was Renekton’s older brother and he was exceptionally skilled even at a young age. By the time he was ten he’d already come to read, memorise and critique some of the greatest works found within the Library of the Sun. - Nasus was close to Renekton, and did his best to look out for him, but higher powers in Shurima would call upon Nasus to do work with them, and he was welcomed in to the Collegium of the Sun, forcing him to leave his brother behind in favour of the pursuit of knowledge. - Nasus became the youngest general in the Shuriman army after he proved his knack for military strategy and logistics, and his skills quickly became well known across the land. Nasus was a brilliant strategist, always being able to outmaneuver any adversary with his own forces, and was well liked, as he made sure his soldiers were well rationed, paid on time and given fair treatment. When Renekton came in to the army the two became an unstoppable force of reckoning. - Nasus, while brilliant with military strategy, wasn’t a fan of war. He believed in preserving history wherver it could be found so that future generations could learn from the past, and to that end he ordered to have the history and scholarly works of the territories Shurima conquered preserved, so that the culture and records they kept would be available to educate and enlighten all of Shurima. - After a decade of military service, Nasus was stricken with a withering illness. Some suspected he had come across the mythical Amumu or been cursed by an Icathian cult leader, but regardless there was no cure for Nasus available. At the Emperor’s behest the Sun Priests discussed the matter, and the next day it was announced that Nasus would be given Ascension. - Nasus was so weak he couldn’t even climb the stairs to claim that power, but Renekton was there. Risking his own life he carried Nasus to the Sun Disc to be transformed, and though all including Nasus expected Renekton’s destruction, no such thing occurred. Instead both Nasus and Renekton were transformed, the brothers both being deemed worthy. - Nasus worried for his brother, as he seemed to be losing himself to bloodlust gained from his new form. At the culmination of the Siege of Nashramae Renekton and his soldiers slaughtered the defenders of the city and burnt it to the ground, including its great library and the records within, something Nasus wouldn’t stand for. The two almost came to blows until Renekton backed down, realizing his failure and feeling ashamed. - We all know what happened when Xerath stole Ascension for himself, and we all know how much grief Nasus had over leaving Renekton buried. He committed himself to self imposed exile as the empire fell to ruin, and forever more Nasus would be haunted by the ghosts of the past; hallucinations of his brother when he was but a child, while he slipped further in to depression. He donned a tattered shawl and wandered Shurima for thousands of years. - Nasus would like to see Shurima restored and bettered, but in the end his biggest concern right now is dealing with Renekton, and hopefully saving him. The two have yet to meet, but Nasus know’s it’s inevitable at this point. - Nasus isn’t too keen on Azir right now and isn’t ready to accept him as emperor of anything. He doesn’t know what Azir’s truly planning but he recently caught wind of what went down at the ritual between Azir and Xerath, making him one of only three people who know this. Right now Nasus is kinda ok with siding with the ascended emperor to fight the ascended magus, but beyond that? We’ll see. - Nasus, being a scholar first and foremost, has a deep resentment for those who would defile history, even with some good intent. He was disgusted by the people of Verauka’s attempts to rebuild the city in a makeshift way, viewing it as a mockery of Shurima’s legacy. - Nasus, like in game, has the ability to wither people, which isn’t some crippling slow that fades with time; you just age and die, becoming a dried up husk. He was even able to use this against Xerath, though it served only to bring pain to the magus and didn’t last. - Nasus can also use his ult by conjuring the Shuriman winds and enlarging himself. Apparently the most ancient of Ascended warriors were like this all the time, but those guys were from long before Nasus was born, so that’s likely something he only heard about and never saw for himself. ##Renekton, Ruffian Ascended## - Renekton, the crazy Ascended hero of Shurima, was once human like his brother Nasus, and he deeply cared for him for eons. When they were children Renekton always got in to fights with other children, and didn’t shy away from fights with those who were older than him. As time wore on these fights got more serious, and Renekton’s life was at risk. Nasus eventually found out and helped Renekton to get enrolled in the military to try and get him away from the thug life and get some structure for him. - Renekton thrived in the army and quickly became a famous and well respected war captain. He was known for his ferocity and brutallity, but also his courage and honour. Where Nasus planned wars, Renekton would win them and the brothers became legendary in their own rights. - Renekton’s claim to the title of “Gatekeeper of Shurima” came when he coordinated a small regiment of soldiers to defend a small mountain pass leading in to Shurima from fallen invaders. The city of Zuretta was found here, and if Renekton hadn’t intervened it would have been burnt to the ground. The mighty Shuriman and his soldiers battled for a full day until Nasus arrived with reinforcements, and in the aftermath Renekton was hailed as a hero. - Renekton Ascended with his brother and relished in the power he now had. So feared was he by foreign powers that they would surrender at the mere mention of Renekton entering the conflict, and he earned from them the title of “Butcher of the Sands”, a title he embraced. - His ruthlessness put him at odds with Nasus sometimes, but he worked for Shurima’s benefit constantly. He put the defense of Shurima first and foremost. - As we know he was imprisoned after sacrificing himself to seal away Xerath, and in the millennia that followed the darkness and Xerath’s words poisoned his mind. The magus worked to shatter Renekton, and he succeeded, driving him past the point of insanity. - Renekton now suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations, paranoia, amnesia and extreme bouts of rage, all of which is focused on who he believes to be the one who damned him; Nasus. Nasus’s death is Renekton’s primary goal. - Renekton has had bouts of sanity and some small recollections here and there, so perhaps he is not so wholly damned, but it’d take a miracle to mend his mind at this point. Here’s hoping because I kinda want him to be saved. - Renekton’s weapon was once an axe that belonged to a warrior king of Icathia, and was broken by Renekton in a battle. He then claimed the weapon and forged it to wield himself, but Renekton himself seems to have long forgotten this fact. It’s merely an extension of his rage nowadays. - Renekton is aware of an entity he refers to as The Whisperer who told him of Nasus’s betrayal. He is seemingly unaware this is Xerath and now that he is so wholly focused on killing Nasus he will not heed his tormentor's word. We’ll see how that develops. ##Amumu's still looking for a friend## - So we all know Amumu, the sad little mummy from Shurima, but who is he? What’s his origin? Sod if I know. No one knows; Amumu’s history’s long been lost to time, and his lore reflects this. So here I’ll just go over a few of the legends about Amumu that we know about. The essentials about Amumu as a character are that he’s an undead being who is incredibly sad all of the time, bears a horrific curse that causes anything he touches or is near to him to decay, and he’s just looking for a friend. - 1st Story: Dead Servant Girl - Shurima’s first ruling family is afflicted by a horrible flesh rotting curse. Amumu, the youngest child, is quarantined to his room where a servant girl tells him of events outside. As she tells him all of his family are dead and he is the new Emperor, he begins crying and she rushes in to comfort him. They hug, which immediately causes her to get the disease too. Her grandmother curses Amumu as revenge, forcing him to be trapped in his moment of despair forever. - 2nd Story: The Cruel Boy Emperor - Amumu, as child Emperor, believed he was chosen of the sun, and had the people revere him as a god. He was insanely cruel and sought the Eye of Angor; an artifact that could make him immortal. He found it, but then his servants entombed him inside with the artifact, where he went mad and ripped off all his skin, forcing him to wear bandages. Amumu eventually had a change of heart and realised what he had done to his people, and when the earth caved and he was freed, he sought to undo his past transgressions. - 3rd Story: The Yordle Emperor - The first and last yordle emperor of Shurima, Amumu believed in the good will of man and challenged his detractors that he would live as a beggar until he made one true friend, but no one came, despite the thousands who passed him by. Eventually he died of a broken heart, but he still searches for a true friend, even in death. - No one can say if any of these accounts are true, and there are even more myths about Amumu, but who’s to say really. In the end it doesn’t really matter does it? Who Amumu once was is irrelevant compared to the impossible task set before him now. - These many legends are spoken about in every corner of Shurima. His stories are almost as ancient as Shurima itself, as he was already a storied being when Nasus and Renekton were still humans. ##Sivir's still got no idea what to do with herself## - When Sivir was young her entire family was killed by Kthaons, and she spent her formative years scavenging and stealing to survive. She often plundered old Shuriman ruins to find things others had missed, and coerced other children to help her. - After a while things turned sour, and during a fruitless tomb search Sivir was betrayed by another lass named Mhyra and left to die. She didn’t of course but from that day on she vowed that she would never be betrayed again. Didn’t work out for her did it? - She joined a band of sellswords led by Iha Ziharo; a famous mercenary, with the intention of moulding herself in to a powerful and capable woman. She rose through the ranks over the years to become Ziharo’s sergant, and saw many conflicts between the various warring tribes, raiders and armies that litter the desert. - Eventually Sivir grew discontent with Ziharo’s leadership, as it was clear cockiness and greed were affecting her decisions in a detrimental way. She convinced many of the warband to turn against Ziharo, but before the coup could take place the she learned of the whole affair, and attacked Sivir in the night. The result was a brutal knife fight that Sivir won, but deciding not to kill her mentor since she took Sivir in when she had nothing, she let her live, and Ziharo escaped in to the desert, leaving Sivir to lead the warband. - Sivir’s band of mercenaries became infamous across Shurima, and people from all over paid her to fight their wars or find the treasures buried within long forgotten tombs. It was about as good a life as one would expect, but Sivir was undaunted. - Eventually the lord of Nashramae commissioned Sivir to recover a priceless artifact; a cross-shaped blade he claimed was a family heirloom of sorts. He sent his own personal guards with her to find it and, despite it taking many months, the blade was found, within the sarcophagus of a long dead Shuriman hero. Sivir was filled with a strange sense that everything she’d ever done had been leading to this, and she realised she couldn’t let anyone else have this weapon, so she killed her escorts and kept the weapon for herself. - Little did Sivir know that the blade she now wields is called the Chalicar; the ancient weapon of Setaka; leader of the Ascended host. Presumably the tomb was Setaka’s too. Sivir learned off this during Bloodline from Nasus, though she doesn’t really care much for the details. - As Sivir’s legendary status grew her name became known beyond Shurima, and Cassiopeia; Noxian noble woman and sister of Katarina, commissioned her to plunder the long lost city of Shurima. That being the former capital of course. - And we all know what happened after that; Blade + Sivir’s back = dead Sivir. But thankfully, Sivir’s blood sparked the city’s ancient magic, which then snatched Azir back from oblivion. He then rescued Sivir with the waters of the Oasis of the Dawn, and then Shurima rose and blah blah blah. Look you all know how Shurima rose by now I don’t need to restate it here. - Now with the knowledge that she is of Azir’s bloodline and that Azir seeks to rebuild Shurima, Sivir is at a cross road. She’s gotta decide what she wants to do; keep living her mercenary life or get involved in Shurima’s long buried conflicts. She’s still pretty averse to the idea of getting involved with the Ascended, and many people are forcing her to make a choice, but for now, where she’s going to go from here is unclear, other than that she’s keeping to her old mercenary ways for now. - Since leaving the capital behind over a year ago, she was attacked outside of the city of Verauka, but thankfully saved by Taliyah. Xerath came for her life, and Nasus told her that she had to make a choice, but Sivir was still against joining in with these ancient grudges. She left Verauka behind with Taliyah, and has since parted ways with her. Where she is now is anyone’s guess. ##Skarner's still missing his kind## - Skarner is one of the Brackern; a race of crystalline scorpions who were once renowned for their strength, wisdom and ferocity, can grow to the size of a truck and live within the Crystal Scar; a remote valley in the Shurima desert. To understand Skarner, we’ll have to talk about the Brackern first. - Early in to their development the Brackern discovered powerful crystals buried within the earth, and through a ritual of their own devising they bonded with the gems, bearing them within their crystalline bodies. This increased their already immensely long lives, granted them great magical power, allowed the Brackern to speak to one another via telepathy, and allowed their consciousness and strength to endure even after death, as the “life stones” were infused with the essence of all Brackern who had ever bore them, allowing the Brackern’s ancestry to endure for thousands of years. - When a Brackern died their life stone was buried by their kin for another to find. The stones would select individual Brackern and call to them, encouraging them in their search. When they would find the life stone that had chosen them it was time for the ritual, would bond with it via a magical ritual, suffusing them with the memories and magic of the stone’s former owners. With this, every generation would be stronger than the last. - Skarner spent a long time searching for his life stone and he almost gave up, but eventually it found him, and through the connection between the two Skarner was able to dig and dig until he found it, binding with it through the ritual. Skarner’s stone was incredibly ancient, and the power within granted him such strength that he stands as one of the mightiest of his kin. - The Brackern far predate humanity and lived in relative peace for eons, with many nations rising and falling before the Brackern found issue with humans. Shurima was founded and they respected the great scorpions enough to stay clear, but the Rune Wars were simply too dangerous for the Brackern to ignore. Fearing for their lives they buried themselves and went in to hibernation, hoping to wait out the calamity and humanity’s self inflicted extinction. - The Brackern were known to the people of ancient Shurima, but they mostly avoided them, likely out of respect, fear, or a bit of both. - Within the last few centuries denizens of Piltover found the Crystal Scar and stole the life stones of several Brackern. Skarner was the only one who managed to pull himself together, battling through the attacker's attempts to subdue him, and repelled the thieves, though he quickly found that those who had their stones stolen were quick to die if they were awoken, or simply never awoke. It is now Skarner’s mission to retrieve these stolen life stones and save his kin, while also watching over them as an eternal vanguard while they await their time to return to the world. - Brackern who are not chosen by a life stone would die quickly, as their bodies are too weak to survive without it. That is dying quickly in relation to other Brackern of course, who can live for thousands of years. - The life stones predate the Brackern, and they evolved along with them. The amount of lifestones is limited, and there probably aren’t any Brackern who know how to make new ones. - The Brackern communicate with one another through a telepathic link, sending images and emotions to each other, and as such have a more communal way of thinking and conversing than humans. This is most notably showcased in the way the Brackern find their life stones, with the stones themselves calling out to their chosen Brackern. This bond is incredibly strong, allowing Skarner to commune with the life stones of his beleaguered kin over vast expanses of land. - The Brackern liken their communication to singing, and it brings great harmony to them to converse in this way. Skarner, and likely the entirety of his species, cannot understand human discourse as the means of communication are so radically different.This doesn’t mean they’re incapable of comprehending human discourse at all, but that right now they haven’t learned how to understand it. - Skarner’s rage and violence against humans has made him very upset with himself, to the point where he believes he’s likely not worthy of returning to his kin to live alongside them. This hasn’t stopped him on his quest though. - Skarner retrieved a life stone not days after his departure from the Crystal Scar, and in the process he impaled a human woman, but allowed her to live. Thanks to this she heard his “dreamsong” and likely took this in to the desert to tell the people about Skarner. This was several hundred years ago now, so it’s anyone’s guess how far Skarner’s progressed with his goal. - Skarner seems to either know of or has interacted with Rek’Sai in recent times. That was probably very scary for everyone involved. ##Taliyah's still surfing on rocks## - Before we begin a time reference: The Bird and the Branch is about a year after the return of Azir and Shurima being brought back from the dust. The chronology for the current lore things Taliyah’s been in goes as follows: - The Bird and the Branch - Bloodline - Taliyah: Homecoming - Echoes in the Stone - Taliyah was born near Icathia, and spent her youth herding domestic goats (maybe Eka’sul) for her tribe of weavers. As nomads they travelled across the desert, following the various waterways and sold their crafted wares to any who cared to buy them. Taliyah was raised to see the beauty in the desert and stone, something only a Shuriman could truly appreciate. - As a six year old Taliyah used magic for the first time, to disasterous effect. Having lost a goat she scoured the sands for it, eventually finding it trapped on a rocky outcropping. She beheld the word and power of the earth and tried to call it out, but so young and inexperienced was she for such a task, and the cliff collapsed on top of her. Her father rescued her and the goat the next day after fervent searching. - She awoke to Babajan; the tribe’s grandmother, who filled her in on the situation. Taliyah spoke of how the stone called to her, and from that and the form of the woven stone that came down on her, Babajan held it as a sign that the Great Weaver was protecting her. Taliyah didn’t want to worry her parents, and so didn’t say a word that it was infact her power that brought the cliff down. - When children within Taliyah’s tribe grew to be old enough they performed a dance under the full moon; the manifestation of the Great Weaver, to show their skills and what they will bring to the tribe. Taliyah feared what her dance would reveal, and as expected, the stone wove around her, creating a large pillar that reached the sky. The people screamed and were shocked, startling Taliyah and making her lose her focus and with that gone, the stone crumbled. Taliyah’s mother rushed to protect her, but she was scratched by the stone. Only a small scratch, but enough so that Taliyah ran as far as she could, horrified that she’d brought harm to her family in any way. - As she cried her father consoled her, and brought her back home. She finished her dance the tribe, in unison, stood with her, putting their faith in Taliyah and her powers, but she couldn’t shake the doubt she felt in herself. Deciding it was best to learn how to control her powers, and left her tribe behind to find a suitable teacher. - Venturing past Mount Targon she eventually found her way to the northern border of Shurima, where Noxus is regularly seen. She had been raised to trust, and so when the Noxians told her that in their empire, magic is celebrated and she would find a teacher, she didn’t see that they intended to use her as a weapon. - She was taken through the Noxtoraa in to the bowels of the Empire, and joined a Noxian captain who set about using her for conquest in Ionia. When they laid anchor in the distant land he told her to crush a sleeping village or be cast to the sea to drown. Taliyah refused, and almost died for it, now being lost in a distant land she knew nothing about. - She tried to survive in the snowy covered land and eventually came to meet a warrior named Yasuo, whom she almost killed accidentally. It was Yauso who took her under his wing and taught her how to control her vast power, as he had learned himself to control his windblade. They grew close and she stayed with him for a time, but eventually she would have to leave Ionia. - After nearly a year since the resurrection of Azir and the restoration of Shurima, news of the event finally reached Taliyah. Fearing that this “Bird God” would come to enslave her family in his new empire she chose to leave Ionia behind so that she could protect her family. - At Yasuo’s behest she found passage from a fisherwoman to the Freljord, and after crossing that, sailed around the eastern side of Valoran to the port town of Bel’Zhun, hoping to make a trek around the borders of the Sai before plunging directly in to the heart of Shurima, towards the capital. - Before she reached the capital she found a bloodied Sivir dying outside of the city of Verauka, and spoke with the Ascended hero Nasus. At his behest she escorted Sivir away from the city while Nasus fought Xerath, who had come for Sivir’s life, and managed to use her stone weaving powers to save some of Verauka’s denizens, including Nasus, who had been literally buried by Xerath. - Right now, Taliyah has arrived at Shurima (the city), having parted ways with Sivir, and has entered it. She can hear the echoing screams of a long dead people in the stone, and is now looking for her tribe within the depths of the capital. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but a confrontation with Azir is definitely in the cards. - While Taliyah's powers are very unique, she is not the first person to have showcased such power in history, with Nasus having fought someone with her powers in ancient times. - Taliyah wears mostly Ionian clothes due to her time spent in the land, but still has Shuriman objects on her person. - Taliyah is around 16 years old right now. - Yasuo ties his hair back with a string given to him from Taliyah’s garments. It’s Shuriman tradition to give a piece of yourself when you leave somewhere. ##Rammus's still doing whatever the sod he's doing## - The legends around Rammus are numerous and inconclusive, with no one being 100% sure on what the sod he is. One thing however is clear though; he has had a profound impact on Shuriman culture for thousands of years, as legends of him predate any recorded history. - Rammus is often sought out by all manner of people seeking his wisdom. He is elusive, very rarely being seen with any degree of regularity, but people try none the less. - Statues of Rammus have been found in the most ancient of Shuriman ruins, leading some to wonder if the Shurimans of that time saw him as a god or whether other creatures like Rammus existed back then. Evidence is currently inconclusive. - Many a time Rammus has appeared to people and it has changed the very course of their lives; he once saved the heir to a great nation, only for said man to then renounce his heritage and become a goat farmer. One elderly mason was so inspired by his brief chat with Rammus that he built a marketplace and this then would become the heart of a great city known as Nashramae. - Whether the mason built the marketplace before or after it came under Shuriman rule is unclear, but now the city of Nashramae has become a place of worship to Rammus, where devout worshippers will roll and somersault in the streets as part of a yearly ritual to attract Rammus and gain his blessing. They will also go out in to the far corners of the desert to search for him as a part of this ceremony, bringing treats such as goats milk and ants trapped in wax, with the hopes of having one single question answered by him. - Gonna restate that for emphasis. People literally roll in the streets of Nashramae in worship of Rammus. The best part is that those folks who go look for him sometimes find their packs of food empty after having slept. Rammus literally rolls in, eats the gifts of his worshippers and sods off. He’s basically a Shuriman meme. - Rammus is known for his feats of endurance more so than anything else, with several strange but amazing stories abounding about him. He brought down the Fortress of Siram within an hour after having wandered in for seemingly no reason, he crossed the great Imalli lake in just two days to kill the queen of a giant ant hill during a year of great flooding, and he turned the tide against invading Noxians by bringing an entire temple down around them with his strange powers. - Whatever the truth about Rammus is he is beloved by the people of Shurima, and is the subject of so many stories that he’ll be remembered by them for ages to come. --- #This is Noxus son; winner takes all# - A long long time ago, when Mordekaiser ruled most of Valoran, an alliance of tribes eventually brought him down. This alliance was headed by the progenitors of Noxus, who then went on to take over his keep “the Immortal Bastion”. - Noxus Prime is the capital of the Noxian Empire. The Immortal Bastion’s here and many champions such as Katarina, LeBlanc and Swain can be found living in Noxus Prime. It is located near the east coast of Valoran, and has been built around for a long time. The area that was part of the Immortal Bastion originally is usually referred to as “Old Noxus”. - A large amount of territory that is a part of the Noxian Empire is comprised deserts and badlands, effectively meaning it’s a vast empire with a lot of shitty land. This in itself is the main contributing factor as to why Noxus became such a huge nation in the first place, which makes even more sense when you consider they decided to hole up in the keep of an undead overlord whose lands were presumably the worst in all of Valoran on account of necromancy corrupting it over time. - Because of the empire’s vast nature it’s difficult to control or defend, and relies on a bureaucracy under the military and government to keep things in check. Thankfully the Noxian bureau is extremely well equipped for this task, perhaps the best in all of Runeterra. This doesn’t stop there from being a lot of inner turmoil within Noxus since it’s a boiling pot of culture and clashing ideologies, but it certainly helps. - Ur-Nox is the native language of Noxus. This adds it to the current pool of known languages which include three Ionian dialects, ancient Yordle, modern Shuriman, ancient Shuriman, Rakkoran and Buhrun. - The Noxtoraa are immense gates of of dark stone that border Noxus, built onto areas that the empire has conquered before. They cover every possible road leading in to a territory or city and are basically the biggest symbols Noxus uses to stamp its authority over an area. The word Noxtoraa simply means “gateway to Noxus” in Ur-Nox. - Noxus has extensive control over Valoran and areas of the Southern Continent. Territories under the control of Noxus include, but are not limited to: - Glorft, a city located in central coastal Valoran, claimed during a siege involving Kled - Bel’zhun, a recently claimed Shuriman port town - Tereshni, a recently claimed Shuriman city known for exporting Azirite (a.k.a. Bloodglass) - Uzeris, a Shuriman city that often exports Uzeris Salt. - Quolthola, claimed during a siege involving Kled - Rokrund, a city on the southern coast of Valoran - Bloodcliffs, a coastal city due east of Noxus Prime - Drakengate, a coastal city located on the eastern side of Valoran - Basilich, a coastal city located on the eastern side of Valoran known for trading in spider silk related goods - Vindor, a coastal city on the far eastern side of Valoran - Trannit, a coastal city on the south eastern tip of Valoran known for trading in a fish species named Bolbo - Ironwater, a city basically a days trip east of Grannit - Fallgren, a city located on a large island due east of Valoran - Racism and classism are apparent in Noxus, especially among the nobles of Noxus Prime, but these aren’t values well liked among those within the military, where a person’s social standing is related to their worth as an individual more than anything else. Physical and mental strength, sacrifices made by oneself and family for the empire, birthplace within the empire’s reaches and military accomplishments are all contributing factors here, and while race can affect this too it can be a positive if you’re of a different race depending on the situation and the people asking. - In relation to the cultural acceptance of those that become a part of the empire Noxus’s armies are well structured and showcase a wide variety of tactics, weapons and soldiers brought in from across the empire. Folks are allowed a certain degree of freedom with how they arm themselves, and go in to battle with their own specified amount of armour and weapons, ranging from axes and swords to crossbows and grenades. Needless to say the legions of Noxus are the largest and most diverse armies in modern Runeterra. - Bloodrunners are a kind of Noxian Soldier with some form of magic. Presumably blood, but don’t quote me on that. - Noxians spies go by the name of “warmasons”, and work in pairs to infiltrate the holdings of potential adversaries or invasion targets for the empire. They are very good at their job. They are also responsible for the transition process of bringing conquered or willingly submitted territory in to the empire, which includes the construction of the Noxtoraa. - Noxus has an affinity for canines, and one particular species they like to have in their armies are Drake Hounds. They also have pet hounds and have used hounds as mounts in some cases. --- #Kled, the hootinus, rootinus, tootinus, axe wielding Yordle in all of Noxus# - Kled is a yordle of Noxian blood and fame, being reputed throughout the empire as a folk legend of sorts. Riding upon his cowardly lizard Skaarl, epic tales have been spun about his feats and the battles he’s been a part of, and while none can be considered 100% reputable, Kled’s actions have been engraved in to the history of Noxus. - Skaarl is a drakalops; a desert wind spirit that embodies the loneliness of the barren planes. Skaarl’s weird because she physically manifested such that she embodies Noxian ideals, the desert environments of Noxus, and Kled to a degree, making her a perfect foil for him. Despite being effectively immortal and invulnerable Skaarl is easily spooked, and often runs from battle when things get a tad too rough. She always comes back for Kled though. Skaarl’s confirmed to be female, but Kled doesn’t know that, so he switches between he, she and it without much consideration. - While the legends about Kled among Noxians are numerous the earliest dates back to the time of the early days of the Empire, the Battle of Drugne and the first Legion, who were engaged in conflict against a barbarian horde. Wholly outnumbered, far from any safety and with cowardly nobles as their leaders, things looked lost for the soldiers, and then Kled arrived, riding his un-trusty steed Skaarl. Without hesitation and with a lot of foul language the duo charged in to battle, and the Noxians, upon seeing the yordle’s insane bravado, went wild and followed him in to battle. A bloody battle followed, where Skaarl left and then returned to save its master, all the while the Noxians did their best to fight too. In the end most of the first legion was dead, but the day was won, and the land warred upon was claimed for the empire. - Kled is described at the time as already having lost his eye, his axe being rusty and his clothes being torn and worn, indicating that Kled has a sordid history that started out much earlier than this. The Battle of Drugne marks the first point in human history where Kled made an appearance. - Some other battles Kled has involved himself in include the time when Noxus sieged a place called Qualthala, the Dreckon Campaign, the siege of Rugg, the sacking of Trevail, the assault on Glorft and the Invasion of Ionia. - Kled, being a yordle, is timeless and has existed since before the founding of Noxus, though the reason he appears as he does now is because of Noxus, given he embodies the Noxian way of life. It’s said that Kled has been a part of every major campaign waged by the Noxian legions which, given the way yordles can traverse the world, is probably a solid fact despite how ludicrous it may seem. - We haven’t seen any magic from Kled specifically, as he prefers his axe and gun, but he will almost certainly be able to use it thanks to the innate magic all yordles possess. - Kled seems to be mentally unstable, possibly stemming from having consumed some very volatile and dangerous mushrooms. The brain badgers and weasels can attest to this, I asked them myself. - While Kled is admired and sung about among the common folk and soldiers of Noxus, high command and the nobility have no patience for him. This is shared by Kled, who has no time or care for those “fancy pants”. - Kled has his own opinions about what Noxus is, and he is more focused on the idea of the Noxian way of life rather than the empire or city. To Kled, strength is what makes a Noxian, and how one uses that strength. In that way he respects Noxians like Riven and Sion who utilise their strength to bring about change and do what was necessary. Conversely, folks like Darius are weak in his eyes since they aren’t using their strength to its fullest; Darius is a paragon of Noxus, and yet lets Swain take the reins? - Kled fought alongside Sion when the former Hand of Noxus was alive. Kled’s not so keen on the man now that he’s a walking abomination though. --- #Yordles are weird.# _DISCLAIMER/WARNING: Yordles are going through a huge overhaul right now, and a lot of details aren’t clear. I’ll be detailing stuff that we do actually know, but please understand that I’m as much in the dark here as anyone else when it comes to yordles right now, so bear with me. _ - Yordles are an innately magical people unaffected by the ravages of time and regarded almost as folk legends in Runeterra. Their innate magic makes them difficult to perceive for humans, such that you could walk by a yordle and not even notice you just walked by a sodding yordle. - Yordles like the vibrancy of mortal cultures and manifest themselves around certain ideals and concepts. Kled is the kind of yordle who embodies the rough and tough Noxian way of life, while someone like Poppy embodies the honour bound culture of Demacia. The ways in which yordles appear mean that it’s not easy for people to see yordles for what they truly are just from the outset, and the way you might see a yordle appear would be different to the way other people do. Things like your own ideals and magic have influence in this. Kled’s shown this well: in a meeting with a pretty nasty Noxian captain the Noxian didn’t see Kled as a yordle riding a drakalops, but rather as an old man riding a donkey. This speaks to how that captain viewed the ideals that Kled embodied, and as such it literally coloured his perception of Kled. - Yordles can traverse the world through special pathways known only to them, that extend far beyond what humans could perceive. Bandle City exists in a manner similar to this, being pretty much unreachable by humans unless they can get their hands on some magic. - Yordles and demons are seemingly diametrically opposed beings that embody human qualities in different ways, with demons taking the form of vices while yordles embody ideals. It’s likely for this reason that Tahm Kench hates almost every yordle champion. --- #Shadow Isles 2: Necromantic Boogaloo# - To recap on what the hell happened to make the Isles a thing: The Ruination happened. The Ruined King plops his wife’s dead body in the sacred pool at the heart of the isles, corrupting it and reviving her as a rotten corpse. King enacts a ritual to bind their souls together eternally and succeeds, creating the Black Mist. Magical artifacts stored across the Isles react to the spell, amplifying its power and causing the Mist to grow and consume all living things on the island. - The Ruination and the Shadow Isles as a whole as the first and only large scale necromantic catastrophe to occur in Runeterra’s history. Necromancy and similar dark arts have been dabbled in before, as Amumu’s existence is testament to, but the Ruination was the first event of its kind and will hopefully not be repeated. Hopefully. - The Shadow Isles is a large collection of Isles, and given its size and scale, some of the champions who live there have never met each other. Yorick’s the main example here; he lives completely isolated from just about every other champion from the Isles. - The Ruined King is within the Mist somewhere, though his current fate is unknown. On a seemingly related point there is SOMETHING keeping the Mist from going crazy and rolling across all of Runeterra, but what that is hasn’t been elaborated on. Speculate away with this one. - When beings are consumed by their Mist, they generally lose a part of their consciousness and will as they become a part of the hive mind of the Mist. A person’s willpower has a strong effect on how much of themselves they retain when trapped, with perhaps the best example of this being Kalista. - The entities of the Shadow Isles are generally formed by a bunch of Mist taking shape and form. This Mist is comprised of multiple souls at once, so these monstrosities aren’t one person brought back so much as a liquid solution of souls being poured in to a body and giving it the ability to move, think on a rudimentary level and kill. - The Black Mist can manifest anywhere on Runeterra, and so the souls trapped within are from all over the place. As such Harrowings are a global threat, not just something Bilgewater has to deal with. There’s also no indication of when they could happen; no early warnings. It could happen anywhere at any time. - Yordles are just as vulnerable to the Mist as anyone else, and as such there could be yordles trapped within. Ascended beings are mostly able to resist it unless they’re immensely weakened, and Voidborn are also vulnerable to the Mist. This means that a Void/Shadow isles champion is totally a possibility as unlikely as it may seem. - Currently, Mordekaiser is the most powerful of the Shadow Isles champions given his immense control over the Black Mist. This could change with time considering Kalista, Karthus and Yorick also have influence over the Mist to varying degrees. - “The Princeling’s Lament” is a poem existing in universe often told by the same fellow who did the Harrowing puppet show as we saw during the 2014 Harrowing. While the legitimacy of the story is debatable, it serves as a warning about the dangers of the Shadow Isles, and of the dark fate that awaits any who venture to its misty shores. - The poem tells of a princeling who poisoned the princess of a kingdom in order to get the resources from the king to venture to the Shadow Isles, where he believed he could find eternal life. His men were slaughtered by the monsters of the Isles and so he ran until he met Yorick, and the two of them repelled the forces coming after them. Kalista, who had been summoned by the betrayed princess, then went after the princeling, killing him with a single spear. His soul was then claimed by Thresh to be tormented for an eternity. --- #The Lost Souls of the Shadow Isles# _DISCLAIMER: I'll only be detailing the lore of Yorick, Maokai and Elise because Hecarim, Thresh, Mordekaiser, Karthus and Kalista got updated lore last year and Evelynn has no bio right now._ ##Yorick Mori, the last man standing## - Yorick was born in a fishing village on one of the Blessed Isles, and was an outcast his entire life on account of his ability to speak to the dead. This led to a very depressing childhood for him as lost souls sought him out, hoping to find guidance and solace since only he could hear them, and every time he helped them it meant losing a friend forever. - Yorick was eventually taken in by the Brethren of the Dusk, who had learned of his abilities. They bore a spade as symbol of their duty to give the dead a proper burial, and they each carried a vial of waters from the sacred pool at the heart of the Isles, which they used to save the living. They thought their religious order could benefit from his abilities, but instead they came to shun him as his ability to commune with the dead proved and disproved things that really weren’t supposed to be known, and he could do with no effort what it had taken years for any of the other monks to do. Even here Yorick faced solitude and loneliness. - Eventually the Ruination occurred, and it swept over Yorick’s island with incredible speed. The other monks, driven by the Mist’s words, were compelled to discard their vials, and in doing so were instantly consumed. Yorick resisted, and thanks to that he was spared; he was overtaken by the Mist, but it couldn’t kill him thanks to the sacred waters. - The Mist came to latch itself around Yorick, eager to consume him, but unable to because of the waters. Yorick hadn’t lost his knack for speaking to the dead, and by communing with the Mist he discovered a new and terrible power; to command them. - Slowly Yorick managed to piece together the story behind the Ruination, and set himself to the task of ending the Isles’ suffering and bringing all of the dead trapped in the Mist to the afterlife where they belong, a task which he continues to push towards to this day. - The Maiden of the Mist isn’t a single person, but a conglomeration of souls bound together, like just about everything else born from the Mist. Think of it more like the Mist’s voice given form rather, and more of an it than a she. - Yorick understands how horrid his work is, and it is part of the reason why he has little control over the Mist Walkers he commands; he’d rather them do their own thing than enforce his will over them. It’s the little things that give you solace when you’re an anti-hero, y’know? - On the Mist Walkers; they too are not a single person, but instead Mist poured in to a lifeless corpse, giving it motion, function and direction. The Mist blends souls together and so when that Mist is taken out to form a Mist Walker it’s the bits and pieces of numerous souls at once. - Yorick has a great disdain for just about everyone and everything from the Isles, especially the Ruined King, though Kalista and Maokai are folks he would at least tolerate, though he hasn’t met them as far as we know. He’s fairly isolated in his position on the Isles. - Yorick has precious little water left in his vial, so little that he can’t really share any. He’s seemingly at the end of his rope. ##Maokai, the last tree standing## - Maokai is a nature spirit manifested in the form of a treant, born when the Blessed Isles first erupted from beneath the sea countless eons ago. He scoured the barren islands, hoping to bring life to them, and eventually came across fertile soil and a wellspring of life giving waters. Plunging his roots deep down in to the waters he was able to use the energy to grow countless seeds that he distributed across the isles, creating verdant forests that attracted nature spirits and animals alike. - Inevitably, humans would discover the islands, and though Maokai was wary of them, they respected the natural beauty around them, choosing to live away from the forests so as not to disturb them. They built a scholarly society and Maokai eventually came around and told them of the Isles secrets, including the blessed pool. - Maokai’s trust in humans was shattered when the Ruined King corrupted the pool by placing his wife’s dead body in it. Desperate to save the waters Maokai plunged his roots down, absorbing as much as he could without taking in the corruption, which infused his heartwood with great power. When the Black Mist consumed the Isles his bark was warped and twisted, but his empowered heartwood couldn’t be tainted, saving from from a dire end. - Maokai was besieged by the monsters of the Isles, and though the waters had given him the power to fight them directly, he was quickly overwhelmed and forced to retreat. Now he works tirelessly to restore the Isles to their former glory, using his newfound gift to cleanse corruption wherever he can. He has in the past cleansed entire groves for a time, though nothing would grow. More recently _life_ has emerged on the Isles thanks to Maokai’s efforts, so hope is definitely still remains for him and the Isles themselves. - Maokai, while twisted by the Mist physically, isn’t bound to it and is still a living being. The waters, having empowered his form, have also granted him the ability to directly fight the undead, bringing them great harm and being able to purify the Mist itself, though in a pretty violent manner. - Because Maokai’s bark and body is twisted as it is, he goes by undetected by the beings of the Mist, as they cannot see the life within him beyond the corrupted outer bark. ##Elise, the new lass on the block## - Elise is a Noxian noble born to House Kythera, and was well known for her beauty. She was quick to use this as a weapon for her own ends, and managed to bring about a marriage between her and the head of House Zavaan in order to improve the power and standing of her own house, all with her own wiles, charms and manipulation. Eventually he came to resent being what essentially amounted to Elise’s puppet and poisoned her with a disfiguring draught, holding the cure for it in exchange for control of his house. She tricked him again, killed him and saved her life, but couldn’t save her body, which was grossly disfigured. - While the people of Noxus cheered for the new head of House Zavaan for disposing of such a weakling, Elise would never be the same, becoming a recluse who only ventured beyond her home at night until the Black Rose invited her to meet the “Pale Lady”. She bargained with Elise; return a magical anathame from the Shadow Isles, held within the lair of a horrific spider god that we know of as Vilemaw, and she would use its power to restore Elise’s beauty. Elise immediately accepted and took a team of Black Rose faithfuls to the Shadow Isles to find it. - When those among Elise’s band who hadn’t be snatched by the Mist eventually found Vilemaw’s lair, the spider wasn’t happy to have visitors. It slaughtered everyone in sight, and when Elise grabbed the Anathame, Vilemaw bit her. She fell on the dagger, piercing her own heart, and the result was a transformation; Vilemaw’s poison and the blade’s power made her both beautiful and a part spider monster. - Both Elise and Vilemaw found their newfound bond intriguing, and so she was able to leave safely, with the spider’s power making the Mist’s spectres stay clear of her. Elise returned to Noxus and once again headed House Zavaan, becoming even more prestigious as time went on. Rumors abound about her private life and have done for centuries, but she remains mysterious and dangerous. - Unfortunately for Elise such a transformation wasn’t permanent, and as such she’ll make treks back to the Isles every now and again when the signs of age start to show. She now has a permanent arrangement with the Black Rose; as long as she brings back an artifact from the Isles, of which there are many, she’ll get a group of worthless lives to take to Vilemaw as a sacrifice to him, and from Vilemaw she then gets rejuvenated. - Vilemaw didn’t exist on the Blessed Isles; he found his way on to Runeterra after, and perhaps because of the Ruination. What he actually is we don’t know, though he is tremendously powerful, and exists above the common ghouls and wraiths of the land. --- #Piltover, a revolution in the making# - Piltover is a city of incredible industry and sits at the heart of the economic trading world of Runeterra. The influence Piltover holds comes through commerce and trade, which has only hastened the city’s growth and has helped the new revolutionary field of techmaturgy to get off the ground. - Various merchant clans hold the cards when discussing the economy and politics in Piltover. Currently named clans include Clan Arvino, Kozari, Ferros, Giopara and Medarda. - The Medarda Clan is headed by a Mr. Jago Medarda, who has spent a great deal of time charting trade routes across the seas to various locales across Valoran and the Southern Continent, such as Nashramae, Rokrund, Krexor, and more recently Aurma, Kalamanda, Uzeris and several others. - The Ferros clan is the one Camille was born in to, and was headed by her brother until fairly recently. Centuries ago they discovered the Brackern’s lifestones and applied them to use as literal fuel for hextech, while eventually transitioning in to other fields after realising the obvious limitations of using the Brackern. - Piltover, like Zaun, was built on to the only land bridge that existed between Valoran and the Southern Continent. At an unknown point in history Piltover’s government opted to increase their potential for trading through the destruction of this landbridge. They were successful, completely destroying a large section of the land and allowing the eastern and western seas to be connected for the first time, and the tradition of “Progress Day” came to be, where Piltovians celebrate the ideals of progress and inovation. - While they were destroying the land Piltover also built the Sun Gates, a set of immense gates that blocked passage between the east and western seas unless Piltover opened them. This act made Piltover the absolute centre of trade between eastern and western Valoran as it allowed for ships to travel the length of Valoran without going all the way north. The amount of ships that would from then on come through here brought great riches to the nation. - As a side effect of this newfound sea route was that Bilgewater and Noxus were able to thrive; Bilgewater’s pirates were able to pillage ships coming around the eastern sea while Noxus could go by sea to trade across its own empire and also expand its own influence in to areas previously unreachable. This would have a knock on effect later of allowing Noxus to pool together the necessary resources from across its empire to then invade Ionia. - Because of its reputation across the world Piltover has attracted a wide variety of people that now inhabit it, but the city’s culture demands self sufficiency from its people, and with the ever flowing and shifting markets it’s seen as a city where anyone can make fortune for themselves. - In Piltover hextech augments are all the rage, though are usually only used in a small capacity for specific tasks. Some folks are augmented out the wahzoo, though this is more common in Zaun than Piltover, where augmentations for basic survival can be much more necessary. - There’s some folks found in the twin cities known as Chimerics; people with augments that basically make them out to be a mechanical, anthropomorphic animal. They’re seemingly not all that common or all that welcome of a sight. Kinda want a champion like that now. - One incredible work of hextech is Zindelo’s Incognium Runeterra, an impressive spherical device with an as of yet unexplained function considering Zindelo himself disappeared about a year before the events of the short story “Progress Day”, leaving no one around to operate the bloody thing. - Piltover, as a city of great wealth and trade, of course has many banks. Its greatest is the Ecliptic Vaults, which is stated to be the most secure bank in the city. --- #Hextech, the instrument of that revolution# - Hextech is a new, emerging field of technology made possible through the usage of exceptionally rare magical crystals. Though we see many champions wielding hextech in some form or another, they are a rarity, as techmaturgical tools are difficult to make and are rare to come by, fetching for ludicrously high prices. - When I say “emerging field”, I mean it. Techmaturgy is new to the world and its birth is the beginning of what could potentially be a new age in Runeterra’s history. While many places and nations have a deep history going back hundreds or thousands of years, hextech is only a few decades old, and folks like Viktor, Camille, Jayce, Vi and Ekko are on the cutting edge of this technology. - These magical crystals, known by some as “hex crystals” have varying origins, with the first having been the life stones of the Brackern, ripped out of their slumbering bodies. Artificial crystals have also been made, but they are not as potent, and some consider them as having contributed to the blight known as the Zaun Grey. - Because the means for actually getting started with hextech are a heavily guarded secret, there being no set method to go about creating techmaturgical objects, and there is no reliable way to mass produce such products, hextech creations are exceptionally varied and often very personal, as they are usually crafted by artisans over the course of months or years of work. As such every individual piece often has its own design choices, and some hextech works are completely unique, such as Vi’s gauntlets and Ekko’s Zero Drive. - Despite hextech’s potential, it’s still limited because magic is hard to come by in Valoran, and having a finite resource as fuel. As such hextech is usually built to be exceptionally efficient in how it works. - Hextech’s unprecedented growth as an industry and a profession is in no small part thanks to its implications regarding magic; humans with a natural aptitude for magic are a rarity across Valoran and the southern continent, and hextech allows for ANYONE to use magic. As such any kind of hextech development sees investors drooling to dump money in to it, and has attracted the attention of the Noxian empire, who’re eager to use this newfound power for their own goals. (While his lore might not be updated yet, look to Urgot as a potential example of Noxian dabbling in hextech.) - Beyond Piltover, Zaun and Noxus, the only other nation that has shown interest in hextech is Ionia, entirely in part due to the Noxian invasion. Ionia’s dabbling in the field is aided in that their land is rich in natural magics, and as such they don’t have to worry about using up the magic needed to power their creations. This allows them to make up for a technological deficiency with raw power, as seen with Jhin’s gun Whisper, which, despite it not being as technologically advanced as some other devices we’ve seen, is perhaps more powerful than any other hextech weapon ever created. - Another technology seen as commonly in Piltover and Zaun as hextech is “chem-tech”, which presumably utilises chemical concoctions to power and enhance machinery. The details behind chemtech aren’t well explained or understood yet, though I’d expect some more Zaun related lore to give further insight in to this. For now, just know that it exists. --- #The Residents of Piltover# ##Camille; all legs## - To understand Camille let’s first look at her family. Clan Ferros gained its reputation many years before Camille was born when they discovered the sleeping Brackern and began harvesting their Lifestones. Camille’s Great Great Aunt Alicia has extensively wounded, but not killed, during these expeditions (likely because of Skarner), but through her sacrifices Clan Ferros prospered, not only affecting the Clan’s family culture but also Piltover, as the lifestones, which were known as hex crystals by the Piltovians, became instrumental in developing Hextech as a science. - The Brackern and their Lifestones were of course a finite resources, and so eventually Clan Ferros had to look to other methods to secure their status and wealth. Through some shady dealings in runic alchemy and chem tech they were able to make synthetic hex crystals, which were less powerful but easier to make than getting Lifestones. These crystals though have been suspected to be a large contributor to the Zaun Grey. - Camille was born as the sixth child of Rhodri and Gemma Ferros, the leaders of Clan Ferros. She and her younger brother Stevan were the only children who survived in to adulthood, and were groomed from a young age to undertake important roles in their Clan. - As the eldest child Camille was to become the new head of the Clan, while her brother was to become the principal intelligencer, though Stevan’s frail body meant he was never going to succeed in the role, and as such she would take his place while he was then groomed for the role of Clan leader.Camille was well educated and trained during this time, learning the intricacies of multiple languages such as Ur-Noxian, the Zhyun Ionian dialect and even ancient Shuriman, while also becoming well versed in martial combat, the ways of the Shon-Zan foot glaive and grappling techniques. - At the age of 25 Camille and her fathered were attacked by a gang of augmented thugs, leaving her wounded and Rhodri dead. Gemma followed soon after through her grief, Stevan would become head of the Clan and from then on doubled down on investment and research in to hextech augmentations. - When Stevan brought in a Shuriman from Bel’Zhun to serve as the Clan’s chief artificer, Camille immediately requested a hextech augmentation from him so as to better protect her family. Hakim Naderi as he was known became infatuated with Camille, and while he agreed, the blossoming romance between the two would cause complications for both of them. After many months that led in to a mutual love for each other, Hakim couldn’t keep his worries in check as he knew their relationship would end following the surgery on Camille, and he was concerned for the damage it would do to her humanity. He begged her to run away with him, but Stevan, hearing of this, orchestrated his own bludgeoning, which immediately set Camille away from Hakim and back to the house. - Her surgery was a complete success, and with a new mechanical heart and bladed legs she was ready for her work as principal intelligencer, though Hakim was long gone by the time she awoke from the procedure. Over the years Camille took on further upgrades to her already powerful augments as well as other, minor additions, such as having her eyes worked on. One unforeseen boon of the procedure was that the power of her new heart kept her body nourished and unaffected by the ravages of time, allowing her to keep her figure and refined looks for years. Camille’s somewhere in her eighties now, which speaks volumes of Hakim’s work. - Eventually her brother’s self brutalization became known to her, but it was not that which made her put him down. In more recent times Stevan had sought out the work of Hakim’s nephew in order to obtain a heart like Camille’s, as age had not done him any favours. She discovered from him that Hakim was long dead, and when she committed her former lover’s work to the fire, Stevan’s employee Aviet and a gaggle of hired thugs attacked Camille and tried to abduct his nephew. Camille made short work of them, tried to reassure the young man, and only after that killed Stevan, seeing his own selfishness and greed as poison to their Clan. - Camille has returned to her work and instated her favourite Grand-niece as the new head of Clan Ferros. Hakim’s nephew might be working as their new artificer, otherwise he’ll be dead. Right now Camille’s efforts are focused on ensuring her house’s stability and integrity. ##Caitlyn; all class## - Caitlyn was born in to a renowned family of artificers, though she spent much of her youth away from Piltover, hunting in the lands to the south. Armed with her father’s repeater musket straight from Bilgewater she grew to be an exceptional hunter despite her age. Caitlyn had a good relationship with her family, and was both taught of high moral standards and of not trusting all people to adhere to such standards, though Caitlyn never truly learned what the latter meant until years later. - On a Progress Day five years after her mother’s initial warnings, Caitlyn returned home to find it ransacked, the family’s retainers dead and her family missing. She secured her house and immediately set out to find her parents, adapting her hunting skills to find the men who had invaded her home. All of them had been working under a fellow who went by the name “C”, but none of the men knew who “C” truly was. - Eventually Caitlyn’s hunt led her to a secret laboratory, with her parents held captive there, being forced to work for a rival Clan’s benefit. She quickly saved them, alerted the wardens, who then set out and brought the Clan’s head to justice. The family tried to rebuild their lives, but Caitlyn wasn’t the same after it all. - Having seen Piltover’s darkness Caitlyn had been spurred to end the suffering of the people who were suffering in the city through the greed and corruption of others. She built herself up quickly as what could be considered a private investigator, and quickly became renowned as someone to go to to find lost people and possessions. She often found herself on peculiar cases, dealing with a colourful array of situations that often involved uncontrolled hextech and chemtech, but if anything it only made her a better investigator. - At the age of twenty one Caitlyn’s parents showed their support of her career path by gifting her an exquisite hextech rifle. It was made to be exceptionally accurate and could utilise various forms of ammunition, giving it flexibility in its applications. The rifle hasn’t left her side since. - Caitlyn eventually found her way in to the Piltover Wardens through a pretty nasty case involving a warden with an affinity for finding cases like those Caitlyn worked on, a crazed chemtech researcher, a gaggle of chimerics and a host of missing children. The warden was impressed by Caitlyn’s skill and quickly offered her a position among the Wardens, and though a bit off put at first she decided to enlist, hoping that this new position could help her find the mysterious “C”. - Caitlyn is now one of the most respected among the ranks of the Piltover Wardens, and recently has found herself working with a new recruit; a Zaunite named Vi. You may have heard of her. While the circumstances behind their partnership remain a mystery, the duo has long since proven how effective they are. ##Vi; all fisting## - Vi’s birth and earliest childhood are a mystery even to her, and the identity of her parents has also eluded her. Some have said they died in a factory accident, some say Vi was once a resident of Hope House; a Zaunite orphanage, and at least one man proclaimed he found Vi as a baby resting in a bassinet large enough for two in the ruins of a chemtech laboratory. It didn’t take long for Vi to give up on discovering her own origins, though if Camille’s anything to go by there was perhaps more to Vi’s parentless upbringing than what may be first apparent. - Vi spent her youth going along with sumpsnipe gangs, and was known for being audacious, boisterous and quick to get in a fight. As she grew older she began to do even more wild and daring things, eventually forming a gang of her own. Vi always had a strict code of never bringing harm to folks who didn’t deserve it, which was reinforced thanks to her friendship with one bar owner who came to grow a liking to her. He also managed to help her temper her anger and deal with some of her more violent and sometimes self destructive behaviour, which would be critical for her later in life. - Vi’s sense of morality put her at odds with her life as a criminal, which eventually culminated when a joint operation with the Factorywork Fiends gang ended up with them using a mining golem to trap several miners underground. The Fiends turned tail with their share of the dosh from the job, while Vi took matters in to her own hands, ripped the Golem’s hands off and bore them herself, digging the miners out of their literal grave despite the immense pain from wearing such dangerous equipment. - Vi later went and payed the fiends a visit, giving them the biggest beat down of their lives, a beat down which would become legendary in Zaun. Vi would from then on never let her gang work with anyone she didn’t fully trust. She kept the gauntlets, having them modified such that they didn’t burn her when she used them to rob banks or beat the snot out of people who got in her way. - During a point of great turmoil when both Piltover and Zaun were at each other’s throats, Vi disappeared. Many thought her dead, but the cities finally saw her once again when she, as the newest recruit of the Piltover Wardens, working directly with Caitlyn, beat down the Old Hungry’s Scars gang. This is where she’s remained, working to keep the streets of both cities safe. While the story behind how Caitlyn and Vi came together remains to be seen, some speculate it has something to do with a recent crime wave instigated by a blue haired felon from Zaun. Yeah I know you know who it is quit trying to act smart. - While Vi’s original gauntlets were chem-powered as a result of coming from a chem-powered golem, her current ones are proto-type hextech devices of unknown origin. Probably something paid for by Caitlyn. ##Orianna; all clockwork## - While Orianna Reveck now is a technological marvel of clockwork and hextech, originally she was a human girl born as the daughter of Corin Reveck, a famous inventor known for her elaborate and ornate designs, crafted in both hextech and clockwork. Thanks to his wealth Orianna was able to live a sheltered life, training under her father in the ways of engineering such marvels. She often worked with customers as her father was quite the recluse. -Orianna had always been fascinated by theatre, and the elaborate productions inspired a great curiosity about the world beyond Piltover. She would make her way to plays under the cover of darkness to behold the fanciful displays, and then return home, creating figurines to capture the essence of the works she had witnessed. - One day Orianna received word of a terrible accident in Zaun; an explosion had released a wave of chemicals in to the air, poisoning any who inhaled them. Such fumes were fatal, and Orianna wanted to help in any way she could, hoping to bring esophilters and respirators to aid those who were afflicted, but her father forbade her from doing so. Under the cover of darkness she went regardless, coming back to the city time and again to help those in need, repairing broken breathing apparatus and installing that equipment in to those who needed it most. - Eventually she came across a young boy who was clearly afflicted. With no more respirators to spare she ripped off her own mask to allow him easier breathing, using a handkerchief to save away the noxious air from her own lungs. It was futile of course and within days Orianna grew deathly ill, barely able to breathe even in the clean air of Piltover. - Devastated, her father refused to let Orianna die. Using his finest, most expensive materials he crafted her a pair of clockwork lungs. He also created a key that he installed in to the lungs themselves that only he could wind, hoping that such a deterrent would keep Orianna from getting in to harm's way. The operation was a success, and with her new mechanical lungs Orianna recovered quickly, but the illness returned. Time and again her body would be blighted but Corin would work to create gorgeous works of clockwork to replace her failing organs until only her heart, which had managed to elude the sickness, remained flesh and blood. With a new body often comes questions about identity, and Orianna began to change, with her personality undergoing great shifts with time. She retained much of her memories, but the seeming loss of his daughter sometimes drove Corin to tears. - With Corin’s work neglected in favour of saving Orianna, they eventually had to leave Piltover for lack of funds, and moved in a small dwelling in Zaun. They found work repairing filtration devices used to repel the Zaun Grey, and with her enhanced mechanical body and senses Orianna found the work effortless, being able to know measurements without the need for measuring based solely on observation, and not needing rest. Despite this she grew frustrated with the seeming lack of passing time, as she saw her father age but she remained the same. - Business wasn’t great in Zaun as folks were generally accustomed to the poor air, but her father wasn’t, developing chest spasms that forced him to rest often. Orianna eventually came to save the day through making mechanical figurines. She hoped they could perhaps bring some happiness to Zaun, and they must’ve been successful as they sold faster than she could make them. In a place of function, having such simple toys turned out to be a great business strategy. - With success in business came new funds, such that they were able to buy a rare hextech crystal, though with renown came notoriety, and thugs employed by a Chem-Baron named Petrok Grime came to offer a deal; money for unwavering protection from thieves. Corin turned them down, which turned out to not be a great idea regardless since their shop was raided soon after. Orianna created a mechanical protector, a floating orb to protect against such intruders in the future, having a bond with her creation that wasn’t so readily apparent. - Despite Orianna’s best efforts, Corin’s health only grew worse, and his death was seemingly certain due to his heart having finally been poisoned by the noxious air. Orianna wanted to help, but despite all she and her father knew of their bio-mechanical clockwork, they had never been able to replicate the intricacies of the heart with it. She concocted a plan; with her skills and the hextech crystal they had purchased, she would create a new heart for herself, and transfer her own, still organic heart to her father. Despite the heart being her only connection to her past, Orianna felt she wasn’t that girl any longer, and after knocking out her father and replacing her heart and Corin’s key with the intricate mechanical replacement, she gave the last of her old self to her father, stitched him back up, and left her old life behind, looking to a new future and a new world for her to explore. - Corin, having been given a sleeping draught by Orianna, awoke to a house filled with mechanical figurines that all did their own wondrous little dances and displays. With the money he could gain from selling him he could return to Piltover easily. One figurine he never sold was a golden dancer without a key that would endlessly pirouette. Corin’s ultimate fate remains unknown, though it’s probably he died long ago, as Orianna is likely extremely old herself. ##Ezreal; all skill## - Ezreal was born to parents well versed in trade and required by their work to venture in to exotic, dangerous locales. Much of his youth has been spent living with his uncle Lymere in a prestigious university, who didn’t take kindly to such a rash nephew. Lymere had renowned tutors teach Ezreal, who took on what they taught easily, but the allure of adventure was strong in him, such that he often explored the many nooks and crannies of Piltover, evading authority figures, discovering the most hidden of vaults and gaining a good knack for lockpicking to boot. - Ezreal’s father was determined to find the tomb of a Shuriman sorcerer named Ne’zuk. Within was said to be a gemstone that would allow the user to effectively teleport around, and he often joked about it when he and his wife returned to Piltover. Ezreal desperately wanted to join them, but they refused time and again, and eventually they never returned from their work, with many speculating they had died. - Ezreal refused to believe they were dead and, with his knowledge of the university’s layout, stocked up on supplies such as diagrams, translation materials, maps and goggles, before finding passage to the Shuriman city of Nashramae by boat. For months Ezreal explored derelict tombs, mapping their contents and narrowly evading the things that guarded them. Eventually he came to the tomb of an ancient emperor, and within came across a mosaic styled in the form of Ne’zuk’s face, with a sandy sink hole in the face’s mouth. After a daring dive in to the sands he came out with a bronzed gauntlet that bore the gem his father had often spoke about. - Ezreal made a narrow escape as the tomb collapsed around him and set off to continue his exploration, though he couldn’t shake the feeling that if he could have found the gem, his parents would have long before he did. While the fate of his parents remains ultimately unknown, the gauntlet he wears is part of a pair that was excavated long before Ezreal had arrived. For now, Ezreal continues his parents work of exploring and uncovering ancient treasures, as he always dreamed of. - As for who has the other gauntlet, it’s not certain, though if Ezreal knew about the existence of the other gauntlet, he’d be very invested in finding it. - The gauntlet allows for teleportation on Ezreal’s part, albiet with a huge limiting factor in its need to recharge. Ezreal was able to also figure out how to use it as a weapon; manipulating magical light with it such that he has a reliable defense mechanism if any tomb guardians wanna take a bite out of him. ##Jayce; all douche## - Born as a Piltovian and with a natural knack for invention, Jayce had grown to be an artisan at a young age and is credited as the youngest apprenta ever to be offered a position in one of Piltover’s most prestigious clans: Clan Giopara. He quickly went to work constructing prototypes for potential hextech devices and designing transforming multi-tools. - Jayce’s skill and expertise meant his works often surpassed those of his peers and, for a lack of understanding and sympathy on his part, Jayce couldn’t understand why his fellow artificers struggled where he easily succeeded. This, coupled with Jayce’s attitude, wore down the relationships with his contemporaries, leaving Jayce impatient and his colleagues annoyed. The only person who seemed to match him was a man named Viktor, whom he met at a mandatory Progress Day party that both scientists would rather not have been attending. - Jayce and Viktor started working together immediately, and Viktor challenged Jayce in ways no one else had before. The two had the same overall goal with slightly different approaches; the betterment of mankind through versatile technology was Jayce’s path, while the betterment of mankind through fixing problems inherent to humans themselves was Viktor’s. This shared ultimate goal helped them bond, along with their empathy for one another’s ostracisation by their peers. - The two invented a mechanized construction suit for use in dock work, which had to enhance the user’s strength but also ensure a not so quick death by drowning if the user fell in to the sea. Jayce took issue with a revision of the concept done by Viktor, where a chemtech implant was added that would enhance the user’s strength tenfold, but prevented them from becoming tired, panicked or even disobeying orders from superiors. For Viktor this was a great way to reduce the risk of construction accidents, but Jayce took great offense to how the implant would strip the user of free will. This ideological conflict almost brought them to blows, leading Jayce to warn the academy, which led to Viktor’s immediate expulsion and further ostracisation from the scientific community. - The loss of his only friend shook Jayce, and he ended up becoming more insular and spending more time in his work than ever before. Clan Giopara found a blue crystal in the sands of Shurima, and while Jayce immediately volunteered to experiment on it, his rudeness in doing so led the Clan to hand it over to his colleagues instead, who after months of research couldn’t figure out a thing, handing it over to Jayce as they assumed he wouldn’t be able to do anything either. They were oh so wrong. - This was the first time Jayce felt challenged by his work, and he came to understand, in some small part, the frustrations of his colleagues, in their work and in himself, and while it may have humbled him a tad, it only fuelled his desire to crack this mystery. He decided to try separating a piece from the crystal to examine as a more evasive experiment, which worked to great success, as the shard he had immediately responded to his experiments in a relatively violent way. It was progress, and that’s what mattered. - The next day, Viktor appeared, having felt the disturbance produced by the crystal shard as it radiated energy. Viktor made a proposition to Jayce, speaking about his Glorious Evolution, and how with it they could solve all of mankind’s problems; hunger, disease, hatred, all of it. For this he only needed a power source such as the crystal, though Jayce coldly dismissed his old colleague, prompting Viktor to knock him out with the crystal and take it for himself. - Jayce worried about what Viktor was going to do to achieve his goal, and, realising the shard hadn’t been taken, used it to power an old invention of his; a hammer that transformed in to a demolishing beam, the same one we see him use today. The shard longed to return to the original crystal, and so Jayce was able to use its energies to find Viktor’s lab, where he met his old friend before a great machine powered by the crystal, with a horde of robots connected to it. Within those robots were the brains of people whose dead bodies were scattered around the area, their heads lobbed open. - Jayce tried to reason with Viktor and apologised for his own brashness, but Viktor, despite not wanting to kill his own friend, ordered his legion of robots to kill Jayce. Despite his panic and having never used his hammer before, he did his best to fend off the attackers, but under a hail of metal fist he eventually just let loose and thrashed about, smashing them all with the hammer. He rushed for the crystal and smashed it, destroying the warehouse and nearly killing himself in the process. - Viktor’s body was never found (obviously) and when Jayce returned to Piltover and alerted the masters of Clan Giopara, word quickly spread of his deeds and he was heralded as a hero. While he cares little for the people’s adoration, he understands Viktor’s probably coming back (obviously), and it probably won’t be a nice meet and greet. For now he continues his life as an artificer, and a symbol of progress and hope for all of Piltover. - While the origins of the crystal are not made clear, it’s strongly implied to have been a brackern lifestone based on the way the crystal shard sings to Jayce on occasion and his apparent relationship with Skarner. The crystal was likely uncovered from the earth instead of from a brackern’s body, or perhaps having been stolen from a brackern, but having been lost or traded hands outside of Piltover. Either way I imagine Skarner won’t take kindly to finding out Jayce is slinging around that crystal shard as a weapon. --- #Zaun, coming soon# - Zaun, like Piltover, was built on the only existing land bridge between Valoran and the Southern Continent, and was seemingly built along the cliffside and nearer the sea itself. When Piltover decided that they could control ocean based trade routes by making them all run through their little city they willing sacrificed Zaun to do so; destroying the land bridge and sinking large parts of Zaun. For this reason Progress Day, which is a great national holiday in Piltover celebrating this event and Piltover’s culture and accomplishments, is remember by Zaunites as a day of great loss. - Zaun has power distributed between individuals known as “Chem-barons”. They keep tenuous alliances with each other in the name of profit and control over Zaun. - Zaun is blighted by the “Zaun Grey”, a smog that can be lethal when inhaled in areas where the smog has concentrated. It stems from the overuse of magical technology within both Piltover and Zaun. It manifests as black, spider like veins covering the afflicted’s skin, which, should it reach a person’s chest, quickly results in death. - Within Zaun a religion can be found called the “Glorious Evolved”, which emerged as its own independent religion due to inspiration from the works of Viktor. They revere a deity known as the “Grey Lady”, who seems to be well known in Piltover and Zaun, as a symbol of transcending humanity via technology. While the Evolved are distrusting of the un-augmented, they are willing to put aside those grievances to help the needed, bringing in the sick and helpless to augment and improve their lives. Many sufferers of the Zaun Grey have been helped in this way. --------- ------ --- Ok I think I'm done. I think. Alright, so that was the lore of 2016! This year's probably been the best for lore thus far considering the amount of content released, and the new platform in Universe to distribute new lore! Keep your eyes there folks as there's more lore to come! So thanks everyong for reading, this year's been a blast for me in terms of chronicling this stuff, and I wanna shout out to the community for being awesome as they always are, as well as Riot for deliviring on some good lore. Now as a message for both Rioters and Boards goers, I have to ask: DID I MISS SOMETHING?!?! DID I SCREW SOMETHING UP SOMEWHERE?!?! PLEASE TELL ME IF I DID and I'll ammend this thread ASAP. Also if anyone's got any questions about the stuff I brought up here, or any lore questions in general just ask; I'm more than willing to read 'em and answer where I can, though do remember I'm no rioter, so I can only give insight in some areas and speculation in every other area. Well now that 2016's winding down I'm looking to 2017 and wondering about lore. Of course Zaun's on the agenda with the Piltover site basically confirming it, and Warwick's rework coming, but beyond that? Will Galio bring us back to Demacia? Will we pass by the Noxtoraa and see some Noxian embellishment? Will we answer the ever burning question of what the sod's up with yordles?! Not a clue but I'm eager to see! What do you guys think we'll see going in to 2017? Thanks so much if you made it so far, and if you just skipped here than don't worry, I understand. This is long as hell. Stupidly long. Nearly 30'000 words. Thank god boards threads don't have a character limit! So thanks again, and cya in 2016 for a new year of more League lore! ######P.S. Riot, get to yordles soon. Ever since Poppy yordle lore's been killing me. PLEASE I BEG YOU.###### --- _tl;dr: hehehehehahahahahahahahaahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA sorry friend, but there's 30,000 words up there and I didn't title this post TL;DR lore just so you could skip to the end expecting a tl;dr!_
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