Skin (Series) Concept

So, as someone who probably spends **way **more on skins than the world needs to know, I've had a gnawing thought that I wanted to get out there. I'm kind of over sexy skins. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for female body empowerment and that uteran pride, but there are so many more things we can showcase with female champs. I would just love to see strong figures and not just more popstars with extensive cleavage, y'know? I'm sure the fellas disagree, but as someone with cleavage it just gets to be a bit much. I don't know if anyone else will agree with these or if Rito will even look, but these are just a few ideas for skins that I felt could be fun while being less flirty and even a bit factual. *Disclaimer* These aren't all going to mesh well or even at all with current lore, but it's the best I've come up with after a bit of pondering. Vi - Rosie the Riveter Kayle- Joan of Arc Karma - Maya Angelou Zyra - Beatrix Potter Sona - Florence Nightingale Morgana - Queen Elizabeth I Lissandra - Madame Marie Curie Evelynn - Freddie Oversteegen Diana - Billie Jean King Leona - Zenobia Sejuani - Jane Goodall Syndra - Mata Hari Quinn - Amelia Earhart Caitlyn - Annie Oakley Again, it's a lot and I get that not everyone would be on board with it, but just a change would be nice! And like I said, some of them are pretty good sized stretches, but thought it'd be worth seeing if anyone else agreed in this general concept.
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