Should Kumungu Have Gotten Some More Art ???

Lemme start out by saying that the art we got is excellent and I mean no disrespect to the artists, but just for me as a personal bias I prefer artwork that fleshes out the environment over the 6 narrative stills we got for the Noxus short story, Neeko color story and Nidalee color story. What we got instead are more like "Visual aides" (good ones but still) more there for the stories and not really "Wallpaper Worthy" art like what we see from Targon, Freljord, Demacia Ionia and Noxus. I guess what I am most disappointed about is Riot not telling me why Kumungu belongs in League Universe and what makes it unique? What makes the Kumungu Jungle a strictly League of Legends jungle? Based on what we have it just seems like an ordinary jungle not unlike the ones we have on Earth. That and it getting absorbed into Shurima makes it feel like Kumungu isn't getting the attention it deserves. Even if the region only has 4 champions, so what? That kinda just makes sense seeing as how inhabitable it is, but it should still be it's own thing. Just give it it's own region page on the map/universe and say that Kumungu doesn't have a centralized government of any kind and is just tribes and ports trying to survive. If the Shadow Isles can be it's own region with no society there then so can Kumungu, at least it has living people on it. To me it seems like Riot didn't really bring the thunder here and had to attach Kumungu to Shurima because it couldn't stand on it's own two feet. Any chance we could get more over the coming days as we have in the a past or is this just a day one lore drop
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