Welcome one. Welcome all. **This. Is. LORE BATTLE!!!** It has been written in stone summoners! LORE BATTLE! is now a weekly series. But, it looks different... and shorter...! Well, yeah! This week I'll be trying a new format for the series. Tell me what you think of the shorter format in the comments! I thought it would be more accessible and allow for more open discussion. Now, let's get going! --- # Last Week's Winner: **Darius!** With his faster and more tactical movement, the Hand of Noxus has a good advantage at the slower yet stronger and bulkier Might of Demacia. His Noxian Guillotine however could probably cut right through his enchanted armor and his aim for critical points of the human body would probably make Garen bleed a lot, nullifying his above average regeneration. If you missed it, feel free to check out [last week's battle](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/HHbfjAFy-garen-vs-darius-lore-battle). --- # THIS WEEK: ZED V SHEN http://i.imgur.com/JaGirzs.jpg **Today, we decide who's the best ninja!** --- # LORE BATTLE! RULES * These battles are not based on gameplay, but on the characters. That means we're not discussing whether X is a counter to Y or anything, but rather who would win if they fought in say, a movie or something! Think Batman V Superman. Gameplay is our main gateway to know a champion's skills however, so we take it into account either way. * Both of them are to be considered at the level of power they are at now. Whether they would win in the past or with more training is a discussion for another day... * These battles are to the death! Or at least until a TKO. All character moral values are nullified, in order to accommodate this rule. * If you want to vote based on who you're rooting for to win, you can do so! If you think rules should be tweaked or added, let me know in the comments. --- # Zed, **The Master of Shadows** http://i.imgur.com/tFbnAX4.jpg # *"The merest shade of me... is enough to defeat you!"* - Zed ***Birthplace:*** - Unknown ***Residence:*** - Ionia ***Faction:*** - The Order of Shadows ***Occupation:*** - Master of the Order of the Shadows - Flippin' Ninja ***Equipment and Weapons:*** - Retractable scissor blades on both armguards - Very light iron armor - Two big shurikens ***Abilities and Skills:*** - Shadow manipulation - Shadow duplicate creation; Teleporting to shadows - Highly-trained ninja ***Loves:*** - Shadows - Secrets - Forbidden Arts ***Hates:*** - Shen - What has been done - Secrets ***Wishes for:*** - Perfection of the Dark Arts - More Shadows **Signature moves:** - ***Death Mark:*** Zed quickly dashes to his target enemy, summoning multiple shadows to assist him, marking his target with the "Death Mark" which explodes shortly after, worsening any wounds applied to the enemy in the meantime **Overview:** Zed is a flippin' ninja. Naturally, he is pretty quick moving around in battle and sneak-killing enemies. His mastery over the forbidden arts would probably give him an advantage, as his shadow warriors and control over his shadows, would allow Zed to outnumber the opposing duelist and have an unlimited supply of shuriken ranged attacks, before closing in for a fatal Death Mark. --- # SHEN, **The Eye of Twilight** http://i.imgur.com/EwHM5kM.jpg # *"You're already dead, you just haven't caught up yet."* - Shen ***Birthplace:*** - Ionia ***Residence:*** - Ionia ***Faction:*** - The New Kinkou Order - Formerly: The Original Kinkou Order ***Occupation:*** - Leader of the New Kinkou Order - Eye of Twilight - Flippin' Ninja ***Equipment and Weapons:*** - Two shorthand katanas - Medium Iron Armor ***Abilities and Skills:*** - Mastery over the blade - Outstanding swordsmanship - Ability to imbue his sword strikes with magical properties - Access to a magical shield - Quick dashing - Teleportation - Highly-trained ninja ***Loves:*** - Balance ***Hates:*** - Unbalance ***Wishes for:*** - Perfect Balance **Signature moves:** - ***Ki Strike:*** Shen empowers both his swords, to deliver a swift scissor slash on his opponent, restoring his own power - ***Stand United!:*** Shen teleports to an ally while giving them a magical shield, effectively saving him **Overview:** Shen is also a flippin' ninja. Although, a different one at that. Shen, unlike most ninjas, doesn't rely on sneak-killing his opponents, rather, when it's the time to fight, Shen is always ready. His Ki Strike attacks can be very deadly, but require some power from Shen, not being able to use them in quick succession. Shen is very fast at striking with his swords, and usually keeps them sheathed even while in combat. Shen's ancient Kinkou abilities allow him to imbue his swords with an extra kick and to protect himself with a shield ever so often. --- # Now it's up to you! **Who will be victorious?** **Who will fight in the next LORE BATTLE!?** **YOUR CHOICE!! YOU DECIDE!** The winner will be announced in next week's round of **LORE BATTLE!** --- If you want to know when that'll happen, just follow me on Twitter [**@dialMARK4acti0n**](https://twitter.com/dialMARK4acti0n), where I'll keep you updated on everything I post. Or just search for the Lore Battle hash tag: **#LOREBATTLE.**
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