Meanwhile there are still no black female champions

League of Legends director: LGBT characters will appear in the game 'at some point'
A couple of weeks ago at the Game Developers Conference, League of Legends design director Greg Street gave a talk on the constant struggle to balance an incredibly complex game like League. Before that talk, Polygon spoke with Street on a wide variety of topics, from class updates to upcoming champion redesigns.
I already know all of the racist trolls will be here to argue that race is irrelevant but that does not negate the fact that there is representation of every race for both genders except a black female champ. It may not matter to you but it does matter to someone and I personally don't care if you don't like black women and don't care about how black women/people feel. Black women deserve a champion, it is long overdue and can be done tastefully with respect. There is absolutely no excuse at this point. If they are aware that they have a following with the LGBT community, they are fully aware that they also have following that would celebrate a completely diverse and inclusive champion pool.
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