The next Ultimate Skin: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune

So a few days ago I posted about the new MF skin teaser. We all got hyped with hurrahs (and the odd "Hol up how many skins has she got now") all around. I mean we were all discussing on the possibility of it being a legendary with new VO. **WEEELLLLL AS IT TURNS OUT IT'S AN ULTIMATE SKIN** Gun Goddess Miss Fortune! [Surrender@20mirror]( Here's the important details and pretty pictures. Available Date: March 22, 2018, 8AM PST Base Gun Goddess, 2775 RP, includes: Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Skin Scarlet Fair Icon Zero Hour Icon Royal Arms Icon Starswarm Icon Availability: This icon set will be permanently available for GGMF purchasers, BUT, the icons are not available outside of purchasing this skin (or the below bundle). Premium Bundle, 3500 RP, includes all of the above plus: Portrait Icon Loading screen border Gun Goddess Ward Skin Availability: After 14 days, the loading screen border and Portrait Icon will no longer be in bundle and the price will drop to 3250 RP " In-game appearance: Conception: Social Media Teasers:
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