"The swimming city" Origins/theory

Pyke has been out for a while now, I love him he fills a certain hole in my heart I didn't know need to be filled with being a assassin support, and one of my favorite parts about him is his mystery surrounding his undeath, his supposed resurrection by some thing, and the lines he says about a place called the swimming city. my own take on it when i first heard him talk about it, mention its name, was that it was a real place, that it was a flowing underwater city of atlantis that perhaps is where the Jaull fish that ate him came from. But after hearing more and more and putting pieces together (especially the fact that whatever brought pyke back is most defidently still inside him) it seems as if whatever the ghostly power was, is some how tied to the city, and is not really "making" pyke murder everyone on his list, but rather, i think provoking him, warping his mind, and tricking him into thinking that pyke needs to keep killing and that those he encounters betrayed him. (even though they werent actually their in the first place) so besides pyke himself being at least in my opinion, sort of possessed by some thing, that SOME THING is from the swimming city. But what is it? my theory with the stuff iv seen at least is that the city is there... But actually isnt there. let me explain what i mean by this: i have a feeling that the "swimming city" isnt a physical place that you can go to as it may sound, i now believe that, while i dont think pyke is a liar per say, i DO think he may not even fully grasp what the swimming city actually is, and since all we have to go off of is pykes memory, it could actually be some thing very different. The way i said the city is there, but not ACTUALLY there is because, i think the "swimming city" is actually a type of purgotory. imagine being pyke, drowning and dying inside a giant jaull fish, and whatever bringing him back. All of a sudden he comes back to the living world out of seemingly no where and starts killing people, but yet he talks about the swimming city as if it was a huge part or a place he was in while he died. i think, at least maybe in pykes case, he died in such a way that he DID go to a "swimming city" but that swimming city is where sailors/fisherman go to die in bilgewater due to magic perhaps. pyke dies, appears in this Purgatory of some sorts, swimming around, wondering where the hell he is then boom, gets revived, sent back to the living world and continues. Heres some further evidence to support unless im completely wrong: A city is usually assumed to be a place filled with lots and lots of visible people right? well if pyke calls it the swimming city, wouldnt it make sense for a purgatory like state to have lots and lots of lost souls? maybe the "drowned ones" are actually just other lost souls in that "swimming city" like pyke, but they some how got him back to life. I remember ( im pretty sure correct me if im wrong) that when pyke gets a good ult on an enemy he has a quote where he says "welcome to the swimmin city" and his taunt he even says "im gonna send you to the swimming city" which further supports my purgotory idea, since obviously, what he means when he says that to an enemy is that he is going to KILL them and as a result when they DIE they will go to the swimming city. another lost soul. another drowned one back into the abyss, but instead of coming back up like pyke, they are down there for good, just floating and always drowning in a never ending purgotory where lost souls go to stay the rest of eternity. pretty edgy i know, but i think it makes sense, let me know what you think {{champion:555}} <3
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