Riot, What Happened to Champion Insights?

The Champion Insight articles were extremely interesting and gave a lot of depth to not only the Champion as a whole, but also the development process on making a Champion. Personally, it was these articles that made me the most excited for a new release as I absolutely love hearing the stories on how Champions are developed as well as deeper looks into the goals in making them. For instance, [Urgot's]( is a personal favorite of mine because of how it details Riot knowing that Urgot had to keep his 'grotesque' feeling but with a more horrifying tone to it, as well as explaining why Urgot has a meat grinder, more legs and of course Shotgun Knees. [Kai'Sa's]( was nice because it detailed more on sound design, as Kai'Sa has very unique sounds in her kit to pass off a sci-fi Void Hunter. And lastly, [Galio's]( is incredibly interesting by how it details Riot's definition of 'gargoyles' and the inspirations in Demacian culture that translated into Galio's design. Meanwhile, all Neeko got was a small bit of "Ask Riot" that included a bit of concept art. Speaking of which, Sylas's concept art is no where to be found either. So what gives? Why not bring these articles back?
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