Champions whose skins are long overdue

Riot you release a new ahri or Lee sin skin every 4 months, but these champions are left in the dusty shelf: -Zilean -Shaco -Veigar -Warwick ( I know he got his VGU but thats doesnt mean he doesnt have the right to get a new skin) -Xerath -Rammus -Amumu -Heimerdinger -Rengar ( along with his Revert) -Urgot -Galio (same as WW) -Malphite -Vladimir -Dr Mundo -Jax -Cho'gath -Swain ( holy shit) -Yorick ( holy moly) -Mordekaiser -Malzahar -Viktor ( !!!) -Jarvan IV -Fiddlesticks -Aatrox -Skarner -Udyr -Zac
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